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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.

Scotland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden: Vols. VI–VIII.

Introductory to Scotland
Caledonia by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Gathering of the MacGregors by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Gathering of the MacDonalds—Anonymous
Gathering of Atholl—Anonymous
Pibroch of Donuil Dhu by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
My Heart ’s in the Highlands by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Scotia’s Glens by James Hogg (1770–1835)
The Tears of Scotland by Tobias George Smollett (1721–1771)
Deirdrè’s Farewell to Alba from the Gaelic
A Farewell to Abbotsford by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Abbotsford by Horace Smith (1779–1849)
May-Eve; Or, Kate of Aberdeen by John Cunningham (1729–1773)
Jean of Aberdeen by Alexander Laing (1787–1857)
Barclay of Ury by John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)
The Birks of Aberfeldy by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Afton Water
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Ailsa Crag
In the Frith of Clyde, Ailsa Crag by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
To Ailsa Rock by John Keats (1795–1821)
Ailsa Crag by John Nichol (1833–1894)
Airly Beacon by Charles Kingsley (1819–1875)
Allan Water
By Allan Stream I Chanced to Rove by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Birthplace of Robert Burns by Thomas William Parsons (1819–1892)
Burns by Fitz-Greene Halleck (1790–1867)
Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Annan Water
Mary Halliday by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
On the Frith of Clyde by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
The Golden Island: Arran from Ayr by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1826–1887)
Cathair Fhargus by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1826–1887)
The Lass o’ Arranteenie by Robert Tannahill (1774–1810)
Cam Ye by Athole? by James Hogg (1770–1835)
The Braes of Auchinblae by George Menzies (1797–1847)
The Folk o’ Ochtergaen by Robert Nicoll (1814–1837)
Auchtertool by Alexander Wilson (1766–1813)
Avon, the River
Avon Braes by David Wingate (1828–1892)
The Avon by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Awe, the River
To the River Awe by James Cochrane
Ayr, the River
Highland Mary by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
To Mary in Heaven by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Brigs of Ayr by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Farewell to the Banks of Ayr by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Burns by Joaquin Miller (1837–1913)
Farewell to Ayrshire by Richard Gall (1776–1801)
Roy’s Wife of Aldivalloch by Mrs. Elizabeth Grant of Carron (c. 1745–c. 1814)
Farewell to Ballochmyle by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Bonnie Lass o’ Ballochmyle by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Summer Memories by Andrew James Symington (1826–1898)
The Braes o’ Balquhither by Robert Tannahill (1774–1810)
Robert Bruce’s March to Bannockburn by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Bonnie Lass of Barr by Hamilton Paul (1773–1854)
Bass Rock
The Bass Rock by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Ben Arthur
The Cobbler by Charles Mackay (1814–1889)
Ben Cruachan
Song of Ben Cruachan by John Stuart Blackie (1809–1895)
Ben Dhu
Mary by Maria Dorothea Ogilvy (1823–1895)
Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
To Ben Lomond by James Cochrane
Ben Lomond by John Mitchell
O, Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins! by John Imlah (1799–1846)
Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis by John Keats (1795–1821)
Coir-Nan-Uriskin by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Berwick by Attributed to William Dunbar
Go to Berwick, Johnnie by John Hamilton (1761–1819)
The Seven Sisters; Or, the Solitude of Binnorie by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Blaavin by Alexander Smith (1830–1867)
Blackford Hill
Blackford Hill by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Bothwell Castle
Bothwell Castle by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Gordon of Brackley by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
Branksome Hall
Branksome Hall by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Bruar Water
The Humble Petition of Bruar Water to the Noble Duke of Athole by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Bushby Braes
The Braes of Bushby by James Hogg (1770–1835)
Bute, the Isle
Lines Written in the Isle of Bute by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Cadzow Castle
Cadzow by Henry Glassford Bell (1803–1874)
The Lassie o’ Carmyle by Hugh Macdonald (1817–1860)
Carrick by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Castell Gloom
Castell Gloom by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766–1845)
Mary of Castlecary by Hector Macneill (1746–1818)
Castle-Gordon by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Young Highland Rover by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Cayla, the River
The River Cayla by Thomas Pringle (1789–1834)
Ca’ the Yowes to the Knowes by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Clyde, the River
The Clyde by James Cochrane
The Clyde by John Wilson (1720–1789)
The Clyde by Alexander Smith (1830–1867)
Sailing up the Firth by Robert Leighton (1822–1869)
The Vale of Clyde by John Struthers (1776–1853)
Composed at Cora Linn by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Cora Linn, or the Falls of the Clyde by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
Coire Cheathaich
Coire Cheathaich; Or, the Glen of the Mist by Duncan Macintyre (1724–1812)
The Lass o’ Colinslee by Hugh Macdonald (1817–1860)
Coquet Water
Coquet Water by Andrew Scott (1757–1839)
Bonnie Coquet-side by Robert White
Ann o’ Cornylee by John Crawford (1816–1873)
Phemie Irving by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
The Broom of the Cowdenknows by John Crawford (1816–1873)
Craig Elachie
Craig Elachie by Eliza A. H. Ogilvy (b. 1822)
Craigcrook Castle
Craigcrook Castle by Gerald Massey (1828–1907)
Craigcrook Roses by Gerald Massey (1828–1907)
Craigieburn Wood by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Craigie Hill
The Lass o’ Craigie Hill by James Macdonald
Craigie Lea
The Bonny Wood of Craigie Lea by Robert Tannahill (1774–1810)
Written on Cramond Beach by Frances Anne Kemble (1809–1893)
Farewell to Crawfurdland by John Ramsay (b. 1802)
Cree, the River
The Flowery Banks of Cree by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Crichton Castle
Crichton Castle by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Crichton Chapel by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Crockston (Crookston, Cruxtoun)
Through Crockston Castle’s Lanely Wa’s by Robert Tannahill (1774–1810)
Crookston Castle by John Wilson (1720–1789)
Cruxtoun Castle by William Motherwell (1797–1835)
Lochiel’s Warning by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
Lochiel’s Farewell by John Grieve (1781–1836)
The Old Seaport by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Doun Fair Dalmeny’s Rosy Dells by James Smith (1824–1887)
Dee, the River
The Banks of the Dee by John Tait (1748–1817)
On the Banks of the Dee—Anonymous
The Bonny Lass of Deloraine by James Hogg (1770–1835)
Devon, the River
On a Young Lady by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Sing on, Fairy Devon by John Crawford (1816–1873)
Doon, the River
The Banks of Doon by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Don, the River
Address to the Don by William Thom (1798?–1848)
The Braes o’ Drumlee by Richard Gall (1776–1801)
Dryburgh Abbey
At the Grave of Sir Walter Scott by Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791–1865)
Dumblane (Dunblane)
Jessie, the Flower o’ Dumblane by Robert Tannahill (1774–1810)
Near Dunbar by Robert Leighton (1822–1869)
The Birkie of Bonnie Dundee by Clementina Stirling Graham (1782–1877)
The Watch-Tower of Duniquoich by James Payn (1830–1898)
The Maid of Dunmore—Anonymous
Dunmore by George Gilfillan (1813–1878)
Dunolly Castle
Eagles by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
On Revisiting Dunolly Castle by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Dunoon by Thomas Lyle (1792–1859)
Dunsinane Castle
Dunsinane by William Shakespeare (1564–1616)
Dunstaffnage Castle
Dunstaffnage Castle by Cora Kennedy Aitken
Earlsburn, the River
Sweet Earlsburn, Blithe Earlsburn by William Motherwell (1797–1835)
Earn, the River
To the River Earn by Thomas Pringle (1789–1834)
Address to Edinburgh by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Edinburgh by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
A Sunday in Edinburgh by Robert Fergusson (1750–1774)
Edinburgh by Alexander Smith (1830–1867)
Edinburgh by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Written in Edinburgh by Arthur Henry Hallam (1811–1833)
Edinburgh by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585–1649)
Holyrood by Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791–1865)
The Martyrs’ Hill by Robert Allan (1774–1841)
Wearie’s Well by William Motherwell (1797–1835)
The Wells o’ Wearie by Alexander A. Ritchie (1816–1850)
Arthur’s Seat—Anonymous
The High Street by Sir Alexander Boswell (1775–1822)
Thomson’s Birthplace by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
To the Shade of Thomson by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Tower of Ercildoune by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Esk, the River
The Esk by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Sonnets on the Scenery of the Esk by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
The Hundred Pipers by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766–1845)
Ettrick Forest
On Ettrick Forest’s Mountains Dun by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Ettrick, the River
The Palmer by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Ettrick by Lady John Scott (Alicia Ann Spottiswoode) (1810–1900)
Evan, the River
Evan Banks by Helen Maria Williams (c. 1762–1827)
Fife, an’ a’ the Land about It by Alexander Douglas (1771–1821)
Maggie Lauder by Francis Semple
Maggie Lauder by Charles Gray (1782–1851)
Forth, the River
The Forth by John B. Greenshields
Foyers (Fyers), the River
Verses Written While Standing by the Fall of Fyers, near Loch Ness by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Fall of Foyers by William Leighton (1841–1869)
Gala Water
Gala Water by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Galla Brae by Eliza Cook (1812–1889)
The Hills o’ Gallowa’ by Thomas Mounsey Cunningham (1776–1834)
The Braes of Galloway by William Nicholson (1782–1849)
Gareloch Head
The Old Soldier of the Gareloch Head by John Stuart Blackie (1809–1895)
The Auld House by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766–1845)
The Banks o’ Glaizart—Anonymous
Glammis Castle
Within the Towers of Ancient Glammis by Agnes Lyon (1762–1840)
Glasgow by Alexander Smith (1830–1867)
Glasgow by Alexander Smith (1830–1867)
Glen Almain (Glen Almond)
Glen Almain; Or, the Narrow Glen by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
A Farewell to Glenarbac by Arthur Henry Hallam (1811–1833)
On the Massacre of Glencoe by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Glencoe by William Leighton (1841–1869)
Glencoe by George Gilfillan (1813–1878)
Lament for Glencoe by Mary Maxwell Campbell
At the Head of Glencroe by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Glenesland, the River
The Lass of Gleneslan-Mill by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
The Braes o’ Gleniffer by Robert Tannahill (1774–1810)
Glenisla Mary by William Wilson (1801–1860)
The Lily o’ Glenlyon by William Wilson (1801–1860)
Glen-Messen by Robert Leighton (1822–1869)
The Bard’s Incantation by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Glen Moriston
Glen Moriston by Cora Kennedy Aitken
Farewell to Glen-Shalloch by James Hogg (1770–1835)
The Shepherd of Glenshee by William Thomson (b. 1797)
Kate o’ Gowrie by William Reid (1764–1831)
The Lass o’ Gowrie by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766–1845)
Bonnie Greenlaw by Hugh Macdonald (1817–1860)
Greenock by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
The Maid of Grishornish by John Stuart Blackie (1809–1895)
Harden Castle
Harden Castle by John Leyden (1775–1811)
Hardmoor by William Shakespeare (1564–1616)
Hardmoor by Cora Kennedy Aitken
Sonnet on Hawthornden by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585–1649)
Hawthornden by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Hawthornden by Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791–1865)
Jock o’ Hazeldean by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
St. Cormac the Navigator by Thomas D’Arcy McGee (1825–1868)
Huntingtower by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766–1845)
Inch Cailliach
Inch Cailliach by Andrew James Symington (1826–1898)
Inchcape Rock
The Inchcape Rock by Robert Southey (1774–1843)
The Bell at Sea by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Inchkenneth, the Island
A Wraith in the Mist by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Inverary by James Payn (1830–1898)
The Birks of Invermay by David Mallet (c. 1705–1765)
Inverness Castle by William Shakespeare (1564–1616)
The Lovely Lass o’ Inverness by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
The Lovely Lass of Inverness by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
To a Highland Girl by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Inversnaid by Alexander Smith (1830–1867)
Inversnaid by Andrew James Symington (1826–1898)
Iona by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
The Maid of Isla by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Islands of Scotland
Islands of Scotland by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
The Flower of Keir by Francis Bennoch (1812–1890)
Kelburn Castle
Kelburn Castle by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Kelvin Grove
Kelvin Grove by Thomas Lyle (1792–1859)
Kelvin Water
To Kelvin Water by James Cochrane
Verses by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Kilbrandon, the Sound
Kilbrannon by Robert Dwyer Joyce (1830–1883)
Kilchurn Castle
Address to Kilchurn Castle, upon Loch Awe by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Kilda, the Island
Kilda by David Mallet (c. 1705–1765)
In the Pass of Killicranky by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Killin by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Kilmaronock by Andrew James Symington (1826–1898)
Kilravock Tower by Charles Mackay (1814–1889)
Kinrara by Robert Couper (1750–1818)
The Lass o’ Kintore by William Thom (1798?–1848)
Fair Helen—Anonymous
Coila by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Lammermoor by Lady John Scott (Alicia Ann Spottiswoode) (1810–1900)
The Lass of Lammermoor by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
Lanark Mills by Stuart Lewis (c. 1756–1818)
Langside by John Hutcheson Millar
Rural Scenery by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Were Ye at the Pier o’ Leith?—Anonymous
Leven, the River
Ode to Leven Water by Tobias George Smollett (1721–1771)
The Bonny Lass o’ Leven Water by Alexander Balfour (1767–1829)
To Leven Water by James Cochrane
Loch Leven’s Gentle Stream by Eliza Cook (1812–1889)
Liddel, the River
The Liddel River by John Armstrong (1709–1779)
Lock the Door, Lariston by James Hogg (1770–1835)
Lincluden Abbey
A Vision by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Lincluden Abbey by George Gilfillan (1813–1878)
To the Ruins of Lincluden Abbey by Ascribed to Robert Burns
Lindores Abbey
The Folk at Lindores by James Stirling
Linlithgow by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Lochaber by Allan Ramsay (1686–1758)
Loch Achray
Loch Achray by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch Corriskin (Coruisk)
Loch Corriskin by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch Coruisk by Robert Williams Buchanan (1841–1901)
Loch Erroch
Loch-Erroch Side by James Tytler (1745–1804)
Loch Etive
The Glen of Loch Etive by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Loch Fyne
The Herring-Fishers of Lochfyne by Richard Chenevix Trench (1807–1886)
Loch Goil
Lord Ullin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
Loch Katrine
Loch Katrine by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch Cathrine—Anonymous
Loch Leven
Queen Mary’s Escape from Lochleven Castle by Robert Allan (1774–1841)
Loch Leven Castle by Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791–1865)
Loch Leven Castle by Amanda M. Corey Edmond (1824–1862)
Loch Lomond
The Brownie by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Loch Lomond by Andrew James Symington (1826–1898)
The Lomond Braes by William Chalmers (1779–1843)
Loch Lomond by Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791–1865)
Loch Long
Loch Long by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
Loch Maree
The Well of Loch Maree by John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)
Loch na Garr by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Loch Ranza
Loch Ranza by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch Ranza by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch St. Mary
St. Mary’s Lake by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch Skene
Loch Skene by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Loch Turit
On Scaring Some Waterfowl in Loch Turit by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Loch Vennachar
Loch Vennachar by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
O, Leeze Me on the Bonnie Lass by Robert Allan (1774–1841)
Logan Water (Glencorse Burn)
Logan Braes by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Logan Braes by John Mayne (1759–1836)
Habbie’s How by Allan Ramsay (1686–1758)
The Wedded Waters by William Thom (1798?–1848)
Lass of Logie by Alexander Laing (1787–1857)
Manor, the River
Manor Braes by Robert Gilfillan (1798–1850)
Mar (Braemar)
The Braes of Mar by John Stuart Blackie (1809–1895)
Annie Laurie—Anonymous
May, the Island
We ’ll Go to Sea No More by Miss Marion Corbett
Melrose Abbey
Melrose Abbey by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
On Visiting Melrose by James Grahame (1765–1811)
Melrose Abbey by John Wilson (1720–1789)
The Monks of Melrose by Old Song
Inscription on a Gravestone in the Churchyard of Melrose Abbey—Anonymous
Mosgiel Farm
Mosgiel Farm by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Mull, the Island
Mull by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
In the Sound of Mull by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
In the Isle of Mull by Richard Chenevix Trench (1807–1886)
The Same by Richard Chenevix Trench (1807–1886)
An Evening Sketch by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Neidpath Castle
The Maid of Neidpath by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Nith, the River
The Banks of Nith by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
My Nanie-o by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
The Nith by Francis Bennoch (1812–1890)
Nithside by John M’Diarmid (1790–1852)
The Lily of Nithsdale by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
Nine-Mile Burn
Barthram’s Dirge—Anonymous
Halcro’s Song by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Ochil Hills
Where, Braving Angry Winter’s Storms by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Ora, the River
Ora by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585–1649)
Madrigal by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585–1649)
Ordie, the River
Ordé Braes by Robert Nicoll (1814–1837)
Orkney Islands
Orcadia by Robert Leighton (1822–1869)
The Lovely Maid of Ormadale by Robert Allan (1774–1841)
Oronsay, the Island
The Maid of Oronsey by William Glen (1789–1826)
The Field of Pinkie by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
In Plockton by Cora Kennedy Aitken
Margaret and Mary by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
Preston Hill
The Lovely Lass of Preston Mill by Allan Cunningham (1784–1842)
Preston Pans
The Thorn of Preston by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Keith of Ravelston by Sydney Dobell (1824–1874)
Ravenscraig Castle
Ravenscraig by William Thom (1798?–1848)
Rivers of Scotland
Rivers of Scotland by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585–1649)
Rockall by Epes Sargent (1813–1880)
Rosabelle by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Sonnet Composed During a Storm by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
At the Linn-Side, Roslin by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1826–1887)
From Scotland’s Skaith by Hector Macneill (1746–1818)
Elegy Written in a Wood near Roslin Castle, 1762 by William Julius Mickle (1734–1788)
Ross Dhu
To Ross Dhu by James Cochrane
Rothesay Bay
Rothesay Bay by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1826–1887)
The Ruins of Seton Chapel by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
Seaton Vale
The Rose of Seaton Vale by John Imlah (1799–1846)
The Souters of Selkirk—Anonymous
Selkirk and Peebles (The Forest)
The Flowers of the Forest by Jane Elliot (1727–1805)
The Battle of Sheriff-Muir by Robert Burns (1759–1796)
Shetland Islands (Ultima Thule)
A King in Thule by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832)
The Lords of Thule—Anonymous
Staffa, the Island
Cave of Staffa by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Flowers on the Top of the Pillars at the Entrance of the Cave by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Staffa by William Sotheby (1757–1833)
Fingal’s Cave by John Keats (1795–1821)
Lines Addressed to Ranald Macdonald, Esq., of Staffa by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
King James’s Ride by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
The Battle of Stirling by William Sinclair (b. 1811)
Coming Hame by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1826–1887)
Bonnie Strathnaver by John Stuart Blackie (1809–1895)
Tantallon Castle
Tantallon by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Tarf, the River
The Banks of Tarf by William Nicholson (1782–1849)
Tay, the River
Bonnie George Campbell—Anonymous
The Tay by Thomas Smibert (1810–1854)
The Banks of Tay by Robert Carmichael
The Banks of Tay by Robert Nicoll (1814–1837)
The Bonny Bowers o’ Tealing by George W. Donald (b. 1820)
Teviot, the River
The Teviot by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
The Emigrant’s Farewell by Thomas Pringle (1789–1834)
Song of the Western Settler by William Wilson (1801–1860)
The Bush aboon Traquair by Robert Crawford (c. 1700–c. 1750)
The Brides of Quair by Isabella Craig Knox (1831–1903)
Trosachs by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
The Trosachs by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Tummel, the River
The Tummel and the Duck—Anonymous
Turrit Hall
The Lass of Turrit Ha’ by Robert Nicoll (1814–1837)
Tweed, the River
To the River Tweed by William Lisle Bowles (1762–1850)
Tweedside by Robert Crawford (c. 1700–c. 1750)
Sonnets on the Scenery of the Tweed by David Macbeth Moir (1798–1851)
The Inundation by Walter Thornbury (1828–1876)
Suggested at Tyndrum in a Storm by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Weirdlaw Hill
The Sun upon the Weirdlaw Hill by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
The Desolate Village by John Wilson (1720–1789)
The Bonnie Lass o’ Woodhouselee by Robert Allan (1774–1841)
The Braes of Yarrow by John Logan (1748–1788)
The Dowie Dens of Yarrow by Henry S. Riddell (1798–1870)
Yarrow Unvisited by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Yarrow Visited by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Yarrow Revisited by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
The Flower of Yarrow—Anonymous
Willy Drowned in Yarrow—Anonymous
Ballads: Airly
The Bonnie House o’ Airly—Anonymous
Ballads: Binnorie
The Twa Sisters—Anonymous
Ballads: Caldon Low
The Fairies of the Caldon Low by Mary Howitt (1799–1888)
Ballads: Cheviot
Ballads: Cromdale
The Haws of Cromdale—Anonymous
Ballads: Dunfermline
Sir Patrick Spence by Percy’s Reliques
Ballads: Highlands of Scotland
A Wraith in the Scottish Highlands by Henry Morford (1823–1881)
Ballads: Netherby Hall
Lochinvar by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
Ballads: Roslin
Gilderoy by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
Ballads: Stirling
Young Waters—Anonymous
Ballads: Usher’s Well
The Wife of Usher’s Well—Anonymous
Ballads: Yarrow, the River
The Braes of Yarrow by William Hamilton (1704–1754)
Introductory to Denmark
The Bard by Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger (1779–1850)
The King of Denmark’s Ride by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah (Sheridan) Norton (1808–1877)
King Christian by Johannes Evald (1743–1781)
The Love of Our Country by Thomas Thaarup (1749–1821)
The Women of Denmark by Knud Lyne Rahbek (1760–1830)
To My Country by Jens Baggesen (1764–1826)
Denmark: Copenhagen
Description of Winter at Copenhagen by Ambrose Philips (1674–1749)
Denmark: Elsinore
The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father by William Shakespeare (1564–1616)
Battle of the Baltic by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
A Legend of Elsinore—Anonymous
Denmark: Huen, the Island
Huen by Pierre Daniel Huet (1630–1721)
Tycho Brahe, or the Ruins of Uranienborg by Peter Andreas Heiberg (1758–1841)
Denmark: Kallundborg
Kallundborg Church by John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)
Denmark: Karisegaard
Dame Martha’s Fountain by Bernhard Severin Ingemann (1789–1862)
Denmark: Odensee
Denmark: Rykdal
The Dole of Jarl Thorkell by John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)
Denmark: Svolder, the Island
King Olaf’s War-Horns by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Einar Tamberskelver by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
King Olaf’s Death-Drink by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Denmark: Thurlston
The Erl-King’s Daughter by Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744–1803)
Denmark: Vordingborg
King Volmer and Elsie by Christian Winther (1796–1876)
America to Iceland by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Iceland by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
Iceland-Moss Tea by Ferdinand Freiligrath (1810–1876)
Thangbrand the Priest by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
The King’s Welcome to Thingvalla by Matthías Jochumsson (1835–1920)
Introductory to Norway
King Oluf the Saint—Anonymous
Song of Harold Harfager by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
A Norwegian Popular Song by Johan Nordahl Brun (1745–1816)
Norway by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
The Norseman’s Ride by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Old Norway by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Norway by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen (1848–1895)
Norway: Angvalds-ness
The Skerry of Shrieks by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Norway: Dovre-Fjeld
St. Olaf’s Fountain by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen (1848–1895)
Norway: Drontheim (Trondhjem)
King Olaf’s Christmas by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
The Crew of the Long Serpent by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Norway: Frederickshall
Peter Colbiornsen by Knud Lyne Rahbek (1760–1830)
Norway: Graven, the Lake
Lake Graven by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Norway: Guldbrandsdal
Thoralf and Synnöv by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen (1848–1895)
Norway: Hardanger
Hardanger-Fjeld by Henrik Wergeland (1808–1845)
A Bridal Party on the Hardanger-Fjord by Andreas Munch (1811–1884)
Norway: Kleven
Kleven by Jörgen Ingebrektsem Moe (1813–1882)
Norway: Lindesnaes
Lindesnaes by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Norway: Loffoden Islands
Winter in Norway by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
Norway: Mere
Iron-Beard by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Norway: Nidarholm
Thora of Rimol by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Norway: North Cape
The Discoverer of the North Cape by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Norway: Romsdal
Romsdal by George Gilfillan (1813–1878)
Sinclair’s Song by Edvard Storm (1749–1794)
Norway: Salten-Fjord
Bishop Sigurd at Salten-Fiord by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Norway: Tellemark
Tellemark by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Norway: Torrisdell
The Bride of Torrisdell by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen (1848–1895)
Norway: Ulvik
Ulvik by Bayard Taylor (1825–1878)
Introductory to Sweden
Scandinavia by James Thomson (1834–1882)
Swedish Charles by Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)
The Veteran by Esaias Tegnér (1782–1846)
The King of Sweden by William Wordsworth (1770–1850)
Gothland by Pierre Daniel Huet (1630–1721)
Sweden: Dalecarlia
Scene in a Dalecarlian Mine by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
Sweden: Drottningholm
Autumn Farewell to Drottningholm by King Charles XV. (1826–1872)
Sweden: Lapmark
Love-Song of a Laplander by Ewald Christian von Kleist (1715–1759)
The Laplanders by James Thomson (1834–1882)
Kulnasatz, My Reindeer—Anonymous
Sweden: Upsala
The Dial of Flowers by Felicia Hemans (1793–1835)
King Erich’s Faith by Johann Gabriel Seidl (1804–1875)