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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.
Scotland: Vols. VI–VIII. 1876–79.


Gathering of the MacDonalds

By Anonymous

COME along, my brave clans,

There ’s nae friends sae stanch and true;

Come along, my brave clans,

There ’s nae lads sae leal as you.

Come along, Clan Donuil,

Frae ’mang your birks and heather braes;

Come with bold Macalister,

Wilder than his mountain raes.

Gather, gather, gather,

From Loch Morar to Argyle;

Come from Castle Tuirim,

Come from Moidart and the isles.

Macallan is the hero

That will lead you to the field:

Gather, bold Siolallain,

Sons of them that never yield.

Gather, gather, gather,

Gather from Lochaber glen:

Mac-Mic-Rannail calls you;

Come from Taroph, Roy, and Spean.

Gather, brave Clan Donuil,

Many sons of might you know;

Lenochan ’s your brother,

Auchterechtan and Glencoe.

Gather, gather, gather,

’T is your prince that needs your arm:

Though Macconnel leaves you,

Dread no danger or alarm.

Come from field and foray,

Come from sickle and from plough,

Come from cairn and correi,

From deer-wake and driving to.

Gather, bold Clan Donuil;

Come with haversack and cord;

Come not late with meal or cake,

But come with dirk and gun and sword.

Down into the Lowlands,

Plenty bides by dale and burn,

Gather, brave Clan Donuil,

Riches wait on your return.