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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.
Scotland: Vols. VI–VIII. 1876–79.


From Scotland’s Skaith

By Hector Macneill (1746–1818)

(From The Waes o’ War)

SAFT the southland breeze was blawing,

Sweetly sughed the green aik wood;

Loud the din o’ streams fast fa’ing,

Strack the ear wi’ thundering thud:

Ewes and lambs on braes ran bleating;

Linties chirped on ilka tree;

Frae the west the sun, near setting,

Flamed on Roslin’s towers sae hie.

Roslin’s towers and braes sae bonny!

Craigs and water, woods and glen!

Roslin’s banks unpeered by ony,

Save the Muses’ Hawthornden!

Ilka sound and charm delighting,

Will,—though hardly fit to gang,—

Wandered on through scenes inviting,

Listening to the mavis’ sang.

Faint at length, the day fast closing,

On a fragrant strawberry steep,

Esk’s sweet stream to rest composing,

Wearied Nature drapt asleep.