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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Difficult to Easy

  if it is only d., it is done, 1183
  we do at once, 1183
  we do immediately, 1183Difficulties
  A man’s worst d. begin when he is able to do as he likes, 646Dig
  the grave of the United States, 2043Dignified
  quiet and d. simplicity, 108Dignity
  assaults upon human d., 85
  each person respects the feelings and the d. … of his neighbor, 54
  inferior in eloquence, science and d., 279
  solid rock of human d., 1693Diminished
  rights of every man are d., 219Diplomacy, 437439
  patriotic art of lying for one’s country, 437
  qualities of an ideal d., 439
  shall proceed always frankly and in the public view, 1027Diplomatic
  definition of d. life—Protocol, alcohol, and Geritol, 1858
  relations are merely practical conveniences, 627Diplomatist
  qualities of my ideal d., 439Disagrees
  then everybody d., 266Disarm
  Once upon a time all the animals in the Zoo decided that they would d., 440Disarmament, 128, 440Disaster
  tried to spare effort, and met d., 2063Discipline
  more than number, gives one army the superiority, 1182
  neglect of d., 1182
  one’s habits and efforts and wishes, 1289Discords
  free from ruinous d., 915Discrimination
  equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without d., 866 racial d., 117
  without d. because of sex, 550Disease
  combating the d., 847
  enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, d., 516Diseases
  Publicity is … a remedy for social and industrial d., 1572Disenthrall
  ourselves, 1300Disgrace
  not d. my sacred arms, 100Dish-watery
  utterances, 1487Disobey
  our inner selves that hurt us when we d. it [truth], 1833Disparaged
  [Senate has been] unreasonably d., 296Dissent, 441446
  men who do not respect d., 444
  we witness is a reaffirmation of faith in man, 1144Dissenters
  suppress the d., 1613Dissents
  series of protests and d., 1717Disservices
  One of the greatest d. you can do a man, 385Dissidents
  demands that d. are making of the universities, 153Dissolution
  germ of d. of our federal government, 941
  then will begin the rot and d., 60Dissolve
  this Union, 1267Dissolved
  in a universal confusion, 1097District
  that is best represented, 283District of Columbia.
  See Washington, D.C.Diversity
  make the world safe for d., 436Divide
  and conquer, 634Divided
  we ever have been, 1620
  world d., 2036Divine
  human form d., 1464Divinest
  music has not been conceived, 111Divinity
  written … by the hand of the d. itself, 865
  See also GodDixie
  Covers D. like the dew, 1244Dixiecrats, 811Do
  all the good you can, 452
  ask not just what government will do for me, 771
  Ask not what your country can do for you, 769
  ask what you can do for your country, 769
  being constrained to do what we ought not to will, 1055
  difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes, 646
  don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses, 895
  for a community of people whatever they need to have done, 780
  for my city, 767
  justly, and to love mercy, 947
  nothing, 560
  Presidency … offers a chance to do something, 1501
  so much for so many on so little, 449
  something, 899
  State, has a right to do exactly as it pleases, 1761
  that which befits a king, 956
  that which is just, 956
  to ourselves what we have done unto others, 1612
  To see what is right and not to do it, 1635
  the very best I know how, 110
  watch what we do instead of what we say, 9
  well if well done by, 79
  what are you going to do with all these things, 51
  what can I do for myself, 771
  what we can do for our country in return, 768
  What we do belongs to what we are, 1676
  what you can do for your country, 766
  what your country can do for you, 766
  your own thing, 447Dr. Facts (Bernard M. Baruch), 1262Doctrine
  that d. believe and cling to, 105Does
  He who can, d., 1800Dog, 446
  rather be a d. and bay at the moon than stay in the Senate, 295
  stands highest as man’s friend, 90Dogmas
  obsolete d., 2095
  of the quiet past, 1300Dogs
  as true of men as of d., 1129
  No d. or Chinese allowed, 204
  Sichaun d. bark at the sun, 203Dogwood
  never again shall the d. tree grow large enough to be used as a cross [legend of d.], 918Doing, 447449
  Be not weary in well d., 450
  for people what they can and ought to do for themselves is a dangerous experiment, 1983
  for them what they could and should do for themselves, 1117
  instrument of d., 1679
  Joy’s soul lies in the d., 12Doing good, 460463Dollar
  man before the d., 1068
  Nothing can happen to the almighty d., 811Dominating
  and enslaving the whole world, 2040Domination
  cloaked itself, 2039
  See also World dominationDomitian (Titus Flavius Augustus) (51–96 A.D.), 1457Done
  the best you can, 109
  do to ourselves what we have d. unto others, 1612
  gets things d. he wants d., 1400
  a hundred things / You have not dreamed of, 603
  if it is only difficult, it is d., 1183
  it couldn’t be d., 1841
  it ourselves, 1020
  make undone whatever hath been d., 1291
  so much with so little, 2060
  tackled the thing / That couldn’t be d., 1841
  they would have been d. by others, 1679
  Things won are d., 12
  what in hell have you d. for me lately, 1897
  what our country has d. for each of us, 768
  what we have d. for others and the world remains, 887
  What we have d. for ourselves alone dies with us, 887Donkey
  emaciated Austrian d., 2054Don’t
  give up the ship, 990
  take No for an answer, 2088Doomed
  race which does not value trained intelligence is d., 505Doomsday, 464466Doones
  are in the valley, 515Dorothy Q., 1090Double
  our numbers every 20 years, 92Double-cross
  that bridge when he comes to it, 1399Douglas, Stephen Arnold (1813–1861), 1110, 1313Douglas, William Orville (1898–1980), impeachment resolution, 893Drachma
  not make his estate a single d. greater, 1022Draft. See Military service.Drag
  my soul down to the regions of darkness and despair, 1638Dream
  American D., 463
  America’s everlasting, living d., 67
  dare to d., 54
  fade like a d., 1220
  freedom of man and mind, is nothing but a d., 463
  I have a d., 462
  never dies the d., 457
  Nothing happens unless first a d., 464
  Out of a misty d., 460
  realization of the American d., 220
  republic is a d., 464
  that one day this nation will rise up, 462
  then [our path] closes / Within a d., 460
  things that never were; and I say “Why not?” 465
  to d. the impossible d., 459
  What happens to a d. deferred?, 461Dreamed
  I have always d. of a country, 267Dreamer
  The d. dies, but never dies the dream, 457Dreams, 467466
  believe in their d., 2096
  confluence of d., 1866
  live his d.—not in fear, but in hope, 54
  of these earlier generations of Americans, 621
  Say nevermore / That d. are fragile things, 457
  will begin to take on flesh and reality, 621Dregs
  at bottom, 536Dreyfus, Alfred (1859–1935), 958Drinks
  wine d. the man, 34Drum
  hear the farthest d., 811
  hear the most distant d., 811
  you can muffle the d., 642Drum case, 446Drummer
  he hears a different d., 905Drunk
  My mother, d. or sober, 345
  Winston, you are d., 2004Drunkards
  habitual d. as a class, 36Drunken
  men are [as apt] to think themselves sober enough, 2087Duck
  bird that walks like a d., 1278Due
  to the lack of experienced trumpeters, 455Dumb
  people are too damned d., 76
  people criticize something they do not understand, 76Dungeon
  Himself is his own d., 563Duration
  of power, 765Durkin, Martin Patrick (1894–1955), 1510Dust
  dry d., secure of change, 377
  earthly frame has crumbled into d., 1752
  long years that … turn the growing spirit back to d., 2099
  of centuries, 1753Duties
  and responsibilities of citizenship, 57
  of life, 1098
  one of the high d. of a good citizen, 1009
  public d., 1764
  teach new d., 1838Duty, 467474
  And to my d. haste, 470
  Do your d. in all things, 469
  he always declares that it is his d., 472
  his [the President’s] d. to do anything that the needs of the Nation demanded, 1505
  is to preserve what the past has had to say for itself, 1295
  know our d. better than we discharge it, 471
  neglected in its season, 1830
  of being happy, 473
  of government to make its citizens happy, 786
  of governments, 776
  of the persons whom they have appointed, 468
  of those serving the people in public place, 796
  performing a public d., 467
  Science of Government it is my d. to study, 481
  strenuous performance of d., 11
  then is the sublimest word in our language, 469
  to accomplish humble tasks, 2029
  to find ourselves, 474
  to give him the full rights of an American, 883
  to make money and still more money, 1207
  to oppose him [the President] when he serves it badly, 1506
  to sacrifice his repose, his pleasure, his satisfactions, to theirs [constituents], 280
  to support him [the President] when he serves the United States well, 1506
  to tell the truth about the President, 1506
  which you must fulfill, 1605
  writer’s d. is to write about these things, 1145Duty-first, 58Dwarf
  add to the stature of a d., 142Dwelling
  make this thy d. place, 955Dying Words. See Last Words.E, is for her eyes, 1226E pluribus unum, 1867Eagle
  flies in the air as well as a little gnat, 1744
  has ceased to scream, 1913
  not the oyster, is the emblem of America, 70Eagle
  has landed, 1737Early
  and provident fear, 595Earn
  Now you must e. them [the good things] again, 1605
  over again for yourselves or it will not be yours, 666Earned
  everything I have got, 1564Ears
  having e., hear not, 1834Earth, 475478
  as it truly is, 1742
  as we now see it, 1742
  belongs as much to those who are to come after us, 1608
  belongs in usufruct to the living, 1298
  but cloaks your heaven, 1467
  Cultivators of the e., 29
  gets its price for what E. gives us, 2072
  God has lent us the e. for our life, 1608
  is a great entail, 1608
  is degenerate in these latter days, 456
  is heaven, and we are gods, 1132
  last, best hope of e., 1701
  make room upon the e. for honest men, 665
  materials of wealth in the e., 478
  no security on this e., 1672
  on e. peace, 1315
  our fragile craft, 477
  peace on e., good will toward men, 662
  people who know about the e., 541
  riders on the e. together, 1742
  shall slumber, lapt in universal law, 2038
  slipped the surly bonds of e., 603
  uses up the fat and greenery of the e., 833Earth Day (1970), 543Earth Day (1971), 521East
  no E., no West, no North, no South, 267Eastward
  I go only by force, 657
  to realize history, 658Easy
  You have lived the e. way, 1605