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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Eat to Episcopalian

  he that will not work shall not e., 2031
  People don’t e. in the long run, 1336Eaten
  We never repent of having e. too little, 1116Economic
  forgotten man at the bottom of the e. pyramid, 1154
  infantry of our e. army, 1154
  national e. problem, 1763
  one e. lesson, 142
  social and e. experiments without risk, 1755Economies
  simplicity and prudential e., 796Economists
  American wage earner and the American housewife are a lot better e., 714Economy, 479480
  among the first and most important of republican virtues, 383
  and liberty, 381
  favor the policy of e. … to save people, 798
  is idealism in its most practical form, 798
  justice and equity of its [society’s] e., 1935
  must be conservative, 801
  of the United States could well be destroyed, 811
  reduce the government to the practice of a rigorous e., 803
  See also Budget; Government spendingEdison, Thomas (1847–1931), 65Educate
  a man in mind and not morals, 500
  a menace to society, 500
  most folks e. their prejudices, 1266Educated
  world is full of e. derelicts, 1355Educating
  long, slow process of e. mind and character, 783
  the young generation along the right lines, 488Education, 481505
  benefits of e. and of useful knowledge, 489
  has for its object the formation of character, 501
  is a good thing generally, 1266
  is the cheap defence of nations, 483
  is the great equalizer, 498
  isn’t how much you have committed to memory, 486
  liberal e., 168
  military instruction a regular part of collegiate e., 1187
  need e. in the obvious, 925
  no nation has ever borrowed largely for e., 1919
  race between e. and catastrophe, 858
  shall forever be encouraged, 55
  Upon the e. of the people of this country the fate of this country depends, 485Educational
  national e. needs, 50Effete
  corps of impudent snobs, 1876Efficiency
  model of horrible e., 1372
  Northern charm and Southern e., 1972Effort
  inevitable comes to pass … through e., 1842
  no e. without error and shortcoming, 10
  We tried to spare e., 2063Efforts
  Extremes that fence all e. in, 659Egg
  little bird that has broken out of the e., 2085Egghead
  The way of the e. is hard, 503Egocentric
  quality, 1406Eighteenth
  amendment, 37Einstein, Albert (1879–1955), 65Eisenhower, Dwight David (1890–1969), 1510, 1514Elder
  man [marry] not at all, 1163Elderly
  those who are in the twilight of life, 724Elect
  tax and tax, and spend and spend, and e. and e., 1793Elected
  Bad officials are e. by good citizens, 1905
  because he was a reformer, 1583
  because no one knew him, 1583
  spokesmen represent the Establishment, 1891Election
  day approaches, 1281
  is coming. … foxes have a sincere interest in … poultry, 509
  of intelligent, honest, earnest trade unionists, 983
  of new men, 506
  of representatives, 1906
  preceding an e. to call in help from the neighboring States, 511
  shadow of the Presidential and Congressional e. is lifted, 510
  value of debates in a presidential e., 508
  a well-contested American national e., 514
  What is it we all seek for in an e.?, 507
  See also Voters and votingElections, 506514Elective
  officials shall not lead but merely register the popular will, 1018Electorate
  dismissed by the British e., 1419
  suspects and distrusts men of superb intellect, calmness, and serenity, 1391Electric
  light the most efficient of policemen, 1572Electrical
  energy too cheap to meter, 1256Electricity, 1790Elegy
  national e., 1693Elephant
  I’ve seen the e., 577
  prate about an E. / Not one of them has seen, 879Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland (1533–1603), 97Eloquence
  inferior in e., 279
  should be opposed by a serious and logical argument, 1401
  was the protection of the poor and wronged, 549Emancipates
  but not the slaves / The Union, 1853Emancipation
  manner of American e., 1698
  of mind, 639Emancipation Proclamation, 1269, 1698, 1853Emblem
  of America, 70Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803–1882), 1297, 1528Empire
  of laws and not of men, 991
  poison into the vitals of the e., 1647Employees
  nation of e. cannot be free, 1081Employment
  opportunities in this country for members of all races and creeds, 1577Encroachment
  by men of zeal, 1048Encroachments
  and usurpations of their superiors, 1052
  gradual and silent e. of those in power, 523
  on the public liberty, 496End
  absurdly sacrificing the e. to the means, 1009
  everything is necessarily for the best e., 112
  a good E. cannot sanctifie evil Means, 564
  great e. of all human industry, 839
  If the e. brings me out wrong, 110
  improved means to an unimproved e., 1540
  in itself, 787
  in the disease-soaked ruins of a slum, 1162
  is more than worth all the Means, 392
  justifies the means, 707
  of all our exploring, 579
  of making many books there is no e., 456
  of the State was to make men free, 1049
  of the world has been postponed for three weeks, 455
  of the world is evidently approaching, 456
  one e. in view, 1481
  that justifies itself, 1115
  valued liberty both as an e., 1049
  world is speedily coming to an e., 456
  World must be coming to an e., 456
  worth of an e., 869Endowment
  concurrent e., 1368Ends
  finding a balance between means and e. that is the heart of foreign policy, 631
  of peace and security, 631
  struggle with limited means to achieve these unlimited e., 631Endurance
  evils of war are great in their e., 840Endure
  in silence, 1694
  man will not merely e., 1145
  the misfortunes of others, 1773
  pillars to help him e. and prevail, 1145
  test anew whether a nation organized and governed such as ours can e., 730Endured
  all and gave all, 1733Enemies, 515520
  all our e. having surrendered unconditionally, 1419
  naked to mine e., 705
  never attempt to buy the favor of your e., 1373
  no e. to reward, 1407
  no perpetual e., 42
  of man, 85, 516
  political e., 519
  struggle with the one third than with all our foreign e., 1620
  what he [Lincoln] was going to do about his e., 689
  will not believe you anyway, 686Enemies from within, 334, 521–525, 1646, 1896Enemy
  advances, we retreat, 1933
  best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become his e., 446
  camps, we harass, 1933
  carrying the war to the e., 2062
  charm that conquers the e., 1131
  close e. of most men who wish you well, 1745
  defeat this new e. as we defeated the old, 1968
  disciplined, proud, and pampered e., 688
  Every action of the e. is judged by one standard, 933
  of the people of the world ferocious common e., 2040
  for a general about to fight an e., 1365
  greatest e. that ever confronted man—public opinion, 1555
  guard even his e. from oppression, 1072
  is loose on the other side, 2034
  Japan is the one e., 2057
  met the e. and he is us, 521
  met the e. and they are ours, 518
  of entrenched privilege, 1499
  of the truth,… not the lie … but the myth, 1268
  overtaken and slain by the e., 1240
  put your e. in the wrong, 520
  reads the list of their names he trembles as I do, 1184
  reconciled unto his e., 517
  retreats, we pursue, 1933
  sleeping e., 2069
  struggle against a powerful and resourceful e., 580
  tires, we attack, 1933
  to the victor belong the spoils of the e., 1314
  we can penetrate any e. defenses, 407
  would benefit the public e., 1506Enemy’s
  know the e. philosophy, 1365Energies
  distressed by our own ungoverned, undirected e., 474
  release of all the splendid e., 1081Energy, 526527
  About as much e. as is now available can be derived from the new sources, 309
  and malaise, 1486
  hydrogen bomb releases a greater amount of e., 126
  million different centers of e. and daring, 8
  Our decision about e. will test the character of the American people, 526
  relentless single-minded e., 18
  uranium may be turned into a new and important source of e., 124
  we must proceed with our own e. development, 527Enforce
  now let him [John Marshall] e. it, 939Engels, Friedrich (1820–1895), 244Engineer
  Hoover was the greatest e. in the world, 1519Engineering
  [The Presidency] is more than an e. job, 1504Engineers
  more wisdom in such planning than we have when we leave it to the e., 541England, 528536, 1071
  always wins one battle–the last, 529
  and America are two countries separated by the same language, 539
  champion of justice and right, 533
  common laws of E., 1001
  conduct of E. towards Ireland, 530
  corner of a foreign field / That is for ever E., 1720
  has saved herself by her exertions, 534
  Hitler … will have to break us in this Island, 2055
  if E. had made peace in, 1917, 2046
  King of E. cannot enter, 861
  message sent out by Oxford University in the name of Young E., 2089
  New E. will be as thickly peopled as old E., 1847
  once more possess a free Monarchy, 2090
  policy of E., 533
  Twenty-seven millions, mostly fools, 606
  We shall fight on the beaches, 1354
  will have her neck wrung like a chicken, 2056
  will not only of Parliament but of the whole nation, 1276England’s
  But we were E., still colonials, 475English
  By his father he [Churchill] is E., 1352
  judges look like rats peeping through bunches of oakum, 927
  still go on their knees to … successors of those princes, 1598
  Their will was resolute and remorseless, 1276
  This is the sort of E. up with which I will not put, 538English language, 537540Englishman
  does everything on principle, 535
  if I were an E., 202
  ill beseem any E. [to speak unkindly of America], 45Enigma
  mystery inside an e., 1652Enlighten
  the people generally, 490Enlightened
  most e. body of men in the world, 262Enlistment
  incentive for e., 1186Ensign
  behold the gorgeous e. of the republic, 1855Enslave
  all races, 1482
  fight not to e., 665Enslaves
  you on imperial principles, 535Enslaving
  the people, 1703Entail
  [the earth] is a great e., 1608Entangling
  alliances with none, 619Enter
  by this gateway, 238Enterprise
  encouragement to industry and e., 1547Entrances
  exits and their e., 1158Envied
  trophies … will never be e., 778Envious
  of the good time that is coming to us, 24Environment, 541545
  disfiguring of the e., 1896Epaminondas (c. 410–362 B.C.), 826Ephebic Oath. See Athenian Oath.Epidemics. See Disease.Episcopalian
  if you wish to go to Heaven as a gentleman with gentlemen you must be an E., 897