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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

AUTHOR: Signpost, Shanghai
QUOTATION: No dogs or Chinese allowed.
ATTRIBUTION: Signpost, found in European sections of Shanghai pre-1927. A source at the Mainland China desk, Department of State, said in 1972 that this sign existed in the mid-1920s in the garden of the Bund. This seems to be confirmed by Manley O. Hudson, “The International Settlement at Shanghai,” Foreign Affairs, October 1927, p. 83: “The question of admitting Chinese to the public parks, maintained out of public funds, has recently become acute. The Land Regulations empower the Council to create and maintain roads and public gardens, ‘provided always that such roads and gardens shall be dedicated to the public use, and for the health, amusement and recreation of all persons residing within the Settlement.’ This is taken to mean all foreign persons, and the parks are closed to Chinese—old residents say that the prohibition formerly read ‘Chinese and dogs.’” A published photograph of such a sign has not been found.