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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

NUMBER: 2040
AUTHOR: Lin Biao (1908–71)
QUOTATION: Since World War II, U.S. imperialism has stepped into the shoes of German, Japanese, and Italian fascism and has been trying to build a great American empire by dominating and enslaving the whole world. It is actively fostering Japanese and West German militarism as its chief accomplices in unleashing a world war. Like a vicious wolf, it is bullying and enslaving various peoples, plundering their wealth, encroaching upon their countries’ sovereignty, and interfering in their internal affairs. It is the most rabid aggressor in human history and the most ferocious common enemy of the people of the world.
ATTRIBUTION: LIN BIAO, minister of defense, People’s Republic of China. Text released September 2, 1965.—Samuel B. Griffith, Peking and People’s Wars, p. 99 (1966).
SUBJECTS: World domination