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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

NUMBER: 1744
AUTHOR: John Wilkins (1614–72)
QUOTATION: Yet I do seriously and on good grounds affirm it possible to make a flying chariot in which a man may sit and give such a motion unto it as shall convey him through the air. And this perhaps might be made large enough to carry divers men at the same time, together with food for their viaticum and commodities for traffic. It is not the bigness of anything in this kind that can hinder its motion, if the motive faculty be answerable thereunto. We see a great ship swims as well as a small cork, and an eagle flies in the air as well as a little gnat…. ’Tis likely enough that there may be means invented of journeying to the moon; and how happy they shall be that are first successful in this attempt.
ATTRIBUTION: JOHN WILKINS, A Discourse Concerning a New World and Another Planet, book 1, chapter 14, pp. 238–39 (1640). Spelling modernized.
SUBJECTS: Space exploration