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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Death to Different

Death, 363378
  any man’s d. diminishes me, 134
  casting of the dice of d. and birth, 1542
  cause of d. has been either War or Class, 228
  claims the light of my brow, 1217
  faithful and true even to d., 446
  give me liberty, or give me d., 1061
  hath not touched it at all, 1751
  How beautiful is d. when earned by virtue, 1304
  judgment of d., 934
  life and d. are parts of the same Great Adventure, 1121
  Love has power that dispels D., 1131
  nothing perpetual but d., 885
  only dies, 375
  pursue his principles unto d., 356
  rendezvous with d., 373
  report of my d. has been greatly exaggerated, 378
  shall call the whirlwind to his aid, 457
  the shatterer of worlds, 123
  steps in in the end, 86
  ’Tis after d. that we measure men, 366
  with Christian Hope, 549
  would spoil our appetite and make the world seem empty, 364
  Your d. and my d. are mainly of importance to ourselves, 374Deaths
  and resurrections, 1752
  pass unchanged through countless d., 1752Debate
  before we float farther on the waves of this d., 1286
  endorse tumultuous confrontation as substitute for d., 1389
  free d. are indispensable to ultimate unity, 634
  in the absence of d. unrestricted utterance leads to the degradation of opinion, 677
  It [freedom of speech] can be maintained only by promoting d., 677
  one possible explanation of unlimited d. in the Senate, 1281
  principle of free d., 678
  surrender of free d., 634Debates
  value of d. in a presidential election, 508Debt, 379388
  growth of that d., 387
  increasing, by every device, the public d., 382
  must not let our rulers load us with perpetual d., 381
  My country owes me no d., 349
  national d., 382, 388
  origin of that d., 387
  public d. as the greatest of the dangers to be feared, 383
  public d., increasing by every device, 382
  public d. should be reduced, 795
  reasonable internal d., 388
  was not d. but investment, 379Debts
  men are least willing to pay the taxes, 1789
  of the United States, 1202Decalogue of Canons for Observation in Practical Life, 1116Decay
  ancient civilizations in the years of their d., 226
  architect of d., 184
  discover in the public felicity latent causes of d., 1647Deceitfulness
  of our hearts, 53Deceive
  a jay will d., 305Decency
  and propriety of conduct, 884
  climate of d. and civility, 54
  no sense of d., 1171
  politics of d., 1424
  security and liberty, 793Decide
  Not to d. is to d., 389Decision, 389391
  before the D. was completed, the poor snake died with thirst, 265
  John Marshall has made his d., 939Decisions
  become law by precedent, 940
  great d., not easy d., 85
  mistake the deliberations of the Congress for its d., 269
  others seek to turn their d. to political purposes, 944
  Some men can make d. and some cannot, 1513
  to let someone else decide are really our d., 389Declaration of Independence, 392397
  author of the D. of American I., 546
  find their most famous expression in the American D. of I., 394
  is my birth certificate, 65
  it will cost Us to maintain this D., 392
  noble D., which ought to be hung in the nursery of every king, 393Dedication
  were we truly men of d., 1604Deed
  If a good d. I may do, 453
  which in our guilt we today call weakness, 836Deeds
  bad d. are necessary and justified, 933
  Doer of d. could have done them better, 10
  good d. by the enemy, 933Defeat, 398399
  first d. in its [America’s] 190-year history, 1885
  first President to preside over an American d., 1885
  in D.: Defiance, 1958
  is an orphan, 1872
  man is not made for d., 398
  messenger of d., 32
  this new enemy, 1968
  through deficit, 52
  turn d. into victory, 1087Defeated
  destroyed but not d., 398Defend
  and we build a way of life, 56
  relax our readiness to d. ourselves, 409Defense, 400412
  Education is the cheap d. of nations, 483
  expenditures, 400
  is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty, 1069
  machines of d., 409
  Millions for d., but not one cent for tribute, 804
  owes not only a portion of his property, but even his personal services to the d. of it [free Government], 1192
  power of d., 412
  slashes in their [defense budget] estimates, 1178
  strong d. is the surest way to peace, 404
  trusted for their d. to a mercenary army, 1647Defenses
  enemy d., 407Defensive
  weapons, 440Deficit
  defeat through d., 52
  Mr. Roosevelt apologized for each annual d., 379Deficits
  continues to pile up d., 809Deflation, 1204Degree
  of civilization, 1527
  to which justice is carried out, 957Dehumanization
  instruments of d., 1448Deity
  Perfect happiness … was never intended by the D., 841
  See also GodDelay
  till to-morrow what ought to be done to-day, 1290
  without undue d., 1758Deliberate
  all d. speed, 1758Delicate
  extremely d. matters, 40Delights
  the Eye … of every observing Traveller, 59Delightsome
  fruitfull and d. land, 189Demagogue
  Expect to be called a d., 2025Democracy, 413426
  always collapses over loose fiscal policy, 424
  an attitude of mind, a spiritual testament, and not an economic structure or a political machine, 414
  be ready to die for it [d.], 1340
  cannot exist as a permanent form of government, 424
  collisions and conflict that tear d. apart, 154
  cure for the evils of d. is more d., 422
  in order to have a revolution, 416
  is baffled, 1170
  is cumbersome, slow and inefficient, 426
  is the theory that the common people know what they want, 423
  is the worst form of Government except all those other forms, 417
  make real the promise of d. 1693
  means freeing intelligence for independent effectiveness, 639
  must prove its capacity to act, 678
  never lasts long, 413
  no man has the right to strangle d. with a single set of vocal cords, 678
  No one pretends that d. is perfect or all-wise, 417
  of the dead, 368
  pure and perfect d. is a thing not attainable by man, 425
  revolution in order to establish ad., 416
  soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself, 413
  unsatisfied cannot long survive, 418
  we are called a d., 1568
  Were our State a pure d., 1591
  which economically was largely socialist, 414
  will prevail when men believe the vote of Judas as good as that of Jesus Christ, 415Democracy’s
  opportunity, 419Democrat
  I am not a member of any organized party—I am a D., 429
  might almost be suspected of being a D., 1385
  public servant third and a D. fourth, 1396
  resist the concentration of power, 1458
  You’ve got to be [an] optimist to be a D., 431Democratic
  government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it, 1797
  institutions purely d. must, sooner or later, destroy liberty, 420
  Legal process is an essential part of the d. process, 1005
  no. D. or Republican way of cleaning the streets, 1383
  paint, 64
  politicians rarely feel they can afford the luxury of telling the whole truth, 1563
  purely d. government, 421
  society is outraged, 1170Democratic party, 427431
  ain’t on speakin’ terms with itsilf, 427
  however bad the Republican party was, the D. p. was much worse, 1600Democrats
  southern D. are in the saddle, 428
  stop telling lies about the D., 1387
  tell the truth about the Democrats, 1387Denial
  slays the life of the people, 672Denounce
  them for things that we ourselves do every day, 1509Depart
  I say; and let us have done with you, 1035Dependence
  back again to bondage, 1238Depravity
  Law cannot give to d. the rewards of virtue, 783Depression, 15
  that will curl your hair, 1795Deputies
  Two d., one of whom is a radical, 1031Descendants
  remember your d., 1732
  who boast of ancestors, 121Desert
  convert it [a garden] into a d., 1550
  Nor d. my comrade, 100
  oasis in the d., 766
  those who make the d. bloom, 912Deserts
  civilization always results in d., 833“Desiderata,” 1114Desire
  deep within the soul, 1229
  to do right, 1307Despair
  as old as your d., 2099
  black night of d., 59
  hope in the midst of d., 863
  never d., 1357
  winter of d., 1818Desperate
  From the d. city you go into the d. country, 1124Desperation
  men lead lives of quiet d., 1124Despotic
  reality of universal suffrage, 1595Despotism
  arrested the course of d., 676
  bureaucratic d., 1646
  can only end in d.,… when the people become corrupted, 322
  Commerce between master and slave is d., 1062
  not a government of laws, 756
  of ill health, 1615
  protection against political d., 652
  seeds of d., 1069Destinies
  just God who presides over the d. of nations, 1061
  of half the world, 2045
  of the world, 488Destiny, 432433
  by d. rather than choice, 662
  fabric of human d., 432
  face to face with our d., 11
  grow towards the stars of my greater d., 1480
  if we are to achieve our d., 132
  of the state is in the hands of the many, 912
  our d., with the aid of God, remains in our own hands, 433
  rendezvous with d., 1607
  There is a d. that makes us brothers, 136
  where the meaning of our lives matches the products of our labor, 691Destroy
  begetting the very thing it seeks to d., 1893
  necessary to d. the town to save it, 1888
  power to tax is not the power to d., 1792
  power to tax is the power to d., 1798
  we exercise the right to d. him [the president], 1509Destroyer
  subtle d. of the human spirit, 1984Destruction
  If d. be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher, 522
  seem’d to be threaten’d with absolute d., 59Detente
  Strength makes d. attainable, 404Determination
  to make the right things happen, 1636Developing
  help the d. nations of the world, 611Devil, 434436
  benefit of law, 434
  courage to treat with the d. in person, 435
  from the d. himself, if he wore a crown, 614
  himself cannot make him say yes, 1272Devil’s
  brew, 38Devils
  doctrines of d., 1457Devise
  to boys, 192
  to children, 192
  To lovers I d., 192Dew
  Covers Dixie like the d., 1244Diamonds
  are only chunks of coal, 1356Dice
  casting of the d. of death and birth, 1542Dictator
  only d. that freemen acknowledge, 1196Dictatorial
  not bow his neck to any d. government, 1671Dictators
  people reach for d., 1774Dictatorship
  of ignorance, 1615Dictatorships
  do not grow out of strong and successful governments, 750Dictatress
  of the world, 613Die
  Be ashamed to d., 1875
  be ready to d. for it [democracy], 1340
  but once to serve our country, 1304
  danger that he may d., 1106
  for one’s country, 367
  for our country, 367
  happy, 1655
  Old soldiers never d., 1727
  on the gallows or of the pox, 372
  so it [my epitaph] can be carved, 1155
  taught us how to d., 1222
  time to be born, and a time to d., 1810
  To d. will be an awfully big adventure, 988
  when we come to d. even the undertaker will be sorry, 1125
  who are not afraid to d. 1121
  who do not fear to d., 1121
  Who lets his country d., lets all things d., 348
  who’ve no retreat, 1871
  without a vision, 43
  without hard practical sense, 43Died
  foolish and wrong to mourn the men who d., 1730
  gloriously on the field of battle, 370
  Let me not mourn for the men who have d., 1730Dies
  anyone who d. for his country is a fortunate man, 1721
  never d. the dream, 457
  nobody d. to get it [liberty], 1045
  the same, 1223
  when a great man d., 371Difference
  of opinion is not a difference of principle, 1596Differences, 436
  between men and women, 2013
  let us not be blind to our d., 436Different
  laws, 1631
  manners, 1631
  prudent without having my mind closed to anything that is new or d., 1396
  right to be d., 645
  [tasks] from those which our fathers faced, 697