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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

NUMBER: 2096
AUTHOR: Richard Milhous Nixon (1913–94)
QUOTATION: Nothing matters more to the future of this Nation than insuring that our young men and women learn to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams, and that they develop this capacity—that you develop this capacity, so that you keep it all of your lives…. I believe one of America’s most priceless assets is the idealism which motivates the young people of America. My generation has invested all that it has, not only its love but its hope and faith, in yours.
ATTRIBUTION: President RICHARD M. NIXON, remarks at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, January 14, 1971.—Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Richard Nixon, 1971, pp. 31, 33.