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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Gangrene to Gods

  that corrupts the entire body, 958Garcia
  message to G., 6Garden
  lease of a g., and he will convert it into a desert, 1550
  possession of a bleak rock, and he will turn it into a g., 1550
  refuge of a disappointed politician, 1395Garibaldi, Giuseppe (1807–1882), 915Gates
  are mine to close, 2014
  are mine to open, 2014Genealogy
  worthy of their g., 45General
  for a g. about to fight an enemy, 1365
  No g. can make something out of nothing, 1726
  was doing more for victory by writing a poem, 1589General Motors
  sign in plant, 604
  what’s good for G. M. is good for the country, 352Generals, armchair, 1928Generation
  another g. may renew it, 755
  before us was inspired by an activism, 697
  best g. of mankind in the history of the world, 546
  character of the next g., 2086
  each g. wastes a little more, 833
  educating the young g. along the right lines, 488
  freedom has to be remade and re-earned in each g. of man, 666
  great unfinished tasks of our g., 558
  height of absurdity in one g. becomes the height of wisdom in the next, 2001
  history of this g., 179
  hope and faith, in yours [g.], 2096
  in our day and g., 13
  in this g. those with the courage to enter the moral conflict, 1212
  it is not every g. that is given the opportunity to shape a new international order, 624
  my clients are the next g., 698
  My g. has invested all it has … in yours, 2096
  my g. knows from four very bitter experiences, 404
  new g. of Americans, 77
  of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny, 1607
  of mankind is formed which will be adequate to this supreme combat, 488
  one g. of men has a right to bind another, 1298
  opinions of the g. that is vanishing, 1264
  task of our g., 1714
  this g. … [is the watchman] on the walls of world freedom, 662
  turn over to the next g. [natural resources] increased … in value, 310
  which is going off the stage has deserved well of mankind for the struggles it has made, 676Generations
  celebrated, by succeeding G., as the great anniversary Festival, 896
  dreams of these earlier g. of Americans, 621
  future g. of your sons and daughters, strike, 2061
  only a few g. have been granted the role of defending freedom, 661Genius
  fire of g., 1535
  unrewarded g. is almost a proverb, 1355Gentle
  tame the savageness of man and make g. the life of this world, 1864Gentlemen
  do not read each other’s mail, 1531Geographic names
  Africa, 182, 406, 1609, 1927, 2064
  Alaska, 33, 65
  Albany, New York, 1745
  Algiers, 614
  Alleghenies, 557
  America, 4370
  Antarctic regions, 1092, 1739
  Arizona, 298
  Asia, 182, 247, 406, 1618, 1887, 1927, 2064
  Assateague Island, 308
  Athens, Greece, 643, 1000, 1022, 1404
  Austerlitz, Czechoslovakia, 1964
  Australia, 2059
  Bataan, 2058, 2060
  Bermuda, 108
  Birmingham, England, 1847
  Bohemia, 122
  Boston, Massachusetts, 75, 1620, 1630
  Brazil, 614
  Buchenwald, Germany, 1093
  Calais, 838
  California, 148149, 577, 1592
  Canada, 1495, 2014
  Cape Cod, 1667
  Caribbean area, 1657
  Ceylon, 1147
  Chesapeake Bay, 189
  China, 201204
  Constantinople, 614
  Corregidor, 65, 2059
  Costa Rica, 1944
  Cuba, 6, 1657
  Dantzig, Poland, 1654
  England, 475, 528–536, 792, 838, 861, 1001, 1071, 2090
  Europe, 556559, 2053, 2067
  France, 343, 559, 698, 890, 897, 1559, 1897, 2089
  Georgia, U.S.S.R., 1653
  Germany, 558, 883, 1349, 1372, 2046, 2064, 2089
  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1964
  Greece, 643, 755, 1000, 1022, 1071, 1404
  Haiti, 838
  Hawaii, 65
  Illinois, 149, 163
  India, 202, 1768
  Indian Ocean, 1526
  Ireland, 530
  Israel, 912914
  Italy, 915, 1721, 2046, 2089
  Japan, 2057, 2066
  Kansas, 65
  Kentucky, 399, 554, 964
  Korea, 65, 1968
  Latin America, 1927
  Lebanon, 1366
  Lexington, Massachusetts, 1619
  London, 864
  Los Angeles, California, 1974
  Macedonia, 1928, 1941
  Maine, 1540
  Manchester, England, 1847
  Massachusetts, 475, 1494, 1623, 1848
  Mississippi, 1985
  Mount Everest, 1741
  Netherlands, 890
  New England, 350, 1241, 1620, 1847
  New Hampshire, 1848
  New York, 1620
  New York City, 806
  Niagara River, 731
  North Carolina, 1253
  Oakland, California, 148
  Ohio, 285
  Oregon, 577, 658
  Pacific Ocean, 476, 2057
  Palestine, 914
  Panama, 834
  Paris, 75, 88, 2007
  Pennsylvania, 65, 1620
  Peru, 351, 834
  Philadelphia, 817
  Philippine Islands, 2059, 2061
  Poland, 165
  Rhine, 2064
  Rocky Mountains, 476
  Rome, 1071, 1646–1648
  Russia, 16521668, 1857
  San Domingo, 1484
  San Francisco, California, 1092
  Scotland, 554
  Siberia, 1093
  Sichuan, 203
  South America, 725
  South Carolina, 300, 559, 1969
  Soviet Union, 16521658, 1857
  Stettin, 234, 1654
  Szechwan, 203
  Texas, 1540, 1974
  Tombstone, Arizona, 1515
  Trieste, Italy, 234, 1654
  Troy, 575, 1951
  Tunis, 614
  Verdien, France, 1964
  Vermont, 65, 888, 1848
  Virginia, 65, 475, 546, 669, 1620
  Washington (State), 1974
  Waterloo, Belgium, 1154, 1964
  West Virginia, 65
  Ypres, Belgium, 1964
  See also Europe; Russia; United States; Vietnam War; Washington, D.C.George III, King of England (1738–1820)
  today’s Establishment is the new G., 1614Georgia
  trampling down the peoples of G., 1653Geritol
  Protocol, alcohol, and G., 1858Germ
  invisible g. of life, 1752German
  Army, 2067
  blood of a single G. soldier, 864
  require the man of G. blood … to give up allegiance to Germany, 883
  tramp of two million G. soldiers, 2053Germany
  American Army has trod the soil of G., 2064
  contempt upon the lips of the manhood of G., 2089
  give up allegiance to G., 883
  the most perfect political creation known to history, 1349
  Nazi concentration camp system in G., 1372
  nazi-ism in G., 2046Get
  to g. along, go along, 284Get-rich-quick theory, 58Gettysburg Address, 1487Giant
  cutting off the legs of a g., 142
  leap for mankind, 1738
  power wielded by pigmies, 706
  sleeping g., 2069
  United States of America, acts like a pitiful, helpless g., 1886Giants
  Make no more g., God, 1142
  war of the g. is over, 1913Gift
  of a common tongue, 537
  Outright, 475
  Strange is the g. that I owe to you, 1090Gifts
  as will rival the hues of the peacock and the harmonies of heaven, 921
  judging its g. by their covering, cast them away, 1467Give
  have more than we wanted to g., 2063
  in the same measure as I have received, 1603
  light and the people will find their own way, 971
  me a child for the first seven years, 199
  me liberty, or g. me death, 1061
  me matter, and I will construct a world out of it, 2033
  me my roses now, 1217
  me your tired, your poor, 1770
  Never g. in, 1353
  the public what it wants, 1803
  them the flowers now, 1218
  us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind, 1475
  us the tools, 2051
  you are called upon to g. much, 1102Give-and-take policy, 257Given
  to some generations much is g., 1607
  to whom much is g., 1604Gives
  who g. in friendship’s name shall reap what he has spent, 684Glad
  be g. that such heroes have lived, 1730Gladness
  not in sorrow, but in g. of heart, 843
  See also Happiness; JoyGloat
  isn’t right to g. over the dead, 365Global
  conquest, 247Globaloney, 625Gloom
  of the world is but a shadow, 1467Glorious
  it is to die for our country, 367Gloriously
  died g. on the field of battle, 370Glory
  Boasting of g. does not make g., 1836
  glimpses of his Fathers g. shine, 919
  greatest G. of a free-born People, 644
  my g. was I had such friends, 690
  of the people of America, 82
  Old G., 1364
  paths of g. lead but to the grave, 1216
  rest in honored g., 1734
  to God in the highest, 1315
  Vain pomp and g. of this world, I hate ye, 1103
  wars are the g. and the agony of the young, 1920Glow
  from that fire can truly light the world, 770
  her g. has warmed the world, 448Glows
  world-wide welcome, 1770Glue
  that holds government together, 255, 1831Go
  desired them to go away, 1035
  forward and give us victories, 1873
  forward now together, 1863
  In the name of God,—go, 1035
  on or go under, 1340
  placidly amid the noise and the haste, 1114
  to Hell, 327Goal
  is nearer than / It seems to a faint and faltering man, 1358
  riders in a race do not stop short when they reach the g., 1115
  walk consciously only part way toward our g., 1786Gold
  crucify mankind upon a cross of g., 27
  standard, 27God, 699705
  acknowledgement of G. in Christ, 700
  As the Will of G. is in Heaven, 402
  at least, has a degree of forgiveness, 1408
  be at peace with G., whatever you conceive Him to be, 1114
  bless us every one, 1465
  chance is the pseudonym of G., 173
  divine spark leaps from the finger of G. to the finger of Adam, 898
  event is in the hand of G., 340
  for in thee do I put my trust, 1827
  fresh from the burning creative hand of G., 59
  fulfils himself in many ways, 181
  give me the serenity to accept things which cannot be changed, 1472
  governs in the affairs of men, 703
  grants liberty only to those who love it, 1079
  Had I but serv’d my G., 705
  hath created the mind free, 667
  higher Power, by whatever name we honor Him, 761
  hold you in the palm of His hand, 1478
  human folly, and laughter, 1095
  I know there is a G., 907
  is forgotten, 1731
  is living there [in space], 1743
  is the author of this law, 1000
  jealous G., 1804
  just G. who presides over the destinies of nations, 1061
  love of liberty which G. has planted in our bosoms, 1069
  made the oyster, 70
  not even G. can change the past, 1291
  not even G. can do, 1291
  of the hidden purpose, 1474
  One Great Scorer, 1993
  only G. and Robert Browning understood it, 2074
  our destiny, with the aid of G., remains in our own hands, 433
  Our shelter and our shield is G., 1721
  Perfect happiness … was never intended by the deity, 841
  power to make money is a gift from G., 1207
  Put out my hand, and touched the face of G., 603
  receive his reward from G., 517
  reigns and the government at Washington still lives, 718
  reigns over you, 978
  rules over the universe, 87
  solves for thee / All questions in the earth and out of it, 700
  Standeth G. within the shadow, 1838
  Thou shalt have one G. only, 1805
  ’T is only G. may be had for the asking, 2072
  under a just G., cannot long retain it [freedom], 648
  was tired when He made it, 33
  we have forgotten G., 53
  When God made the oyster, 70
  who gave us life gave us liberty, 1062
  See also LordGod’s
  forgotten, 1731
  if you can accept it [poverty] as G. will yourself, 1441
  Man, created to G. image and likeness, 1152
  opinion that life should go on, 1100
  proof of G. omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us, 702
  pursue the study of G. word, 239
  work must truly be our own, 7Gods
  how jealous are the g., 1781
  no other g. before me, 1804