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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Gold to Greeley, Horace

  and silver that waits for them in West, 476
  isn’t all, 33
  natural stability of g., 159
  Not g. but only men, 1234
  property turns sand to g., 1550
  standard, 1205
  vote for g., 159Golden
  Age, 309
  door, 1770
  shining, g. opportunity, 68
  Silence is g., 1691Gompers, Samuel (1850–1924), 115Good
  achieve g. in their own small corner of the world, 1361
  administration can never save bad policy, 1372
  America is great because she is g., 829
  Bad administration, to be sure, can destroy g. policy, 1372
  churches, 217
  conducive to the g., 105
  consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing life, 1214
  Do all the g. you can, 452
  few things wholly evil or wholly g., 561
  For every g. that you wish to preserve, 1605
  greatest g. for the greatest number, 119
  If a g. deed I may do, 453
  if men be bad, let the government be never so g., 745
  Let men be g., and the government cannot be bad, 745
  men to do nothing, 560
  more power than any g. man should want, 1447
  most g. things are produced by labor, 977
  must associate; else they fall one by one, 560
  no g. man would deserve, 1447
  nor must we ever do Evil, that G. may come of it, 564
  not even for the general g. of the whole community, 997
  nothing so bad or so g. that you will not find an Englishman doing it, 535
  of those who confer … the trust, 712
  penalty g. men pay for indifference to public affairs, 565
  pursuing our own g. in our own way, 650
  rather do the g. that is straight under our noses, 1361
  roads, 217
  schools, 217
  took the g. things for granted, 1605
  what was g. for our country
  was g. for General Motors, 352
  whether it have more of evil than of g., 561
  will toward men, 1315Goodbye
  Christ Jesus Lord God Jehova, 917Goose
  so plucking the g., 1788Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeyevich (1931–  ), 1708Govern
  ability of the President and the Congress to g. this Nation, 526
  heard by those who g., 1747
  Here, sir, the people g., 762
  One father is enough to g. one hundred sons, 193
  only legitimate right to g., 763
  People who own the country ought to g. it, 764
  representatives chosen by the people to g., 1364
  teaches us to g. ourselves, 719Governed
  by different laws, 1631
  by God, 746
  consent of the g., 760
  express grant of power from the g., 763
  one of the g. instead, 1566
  that country is best g., which is least g., 723
  to be g. is to be watched over, 747Governing
  class is composed of the strong men, 1566
  forfeit your right to be considered one of the g., 1566
  great art of g., 744
  not g. too much, 751
  [United States] can do without g., 711Government, 706759
  administration of g., like a guardianship, 712
  aim of g. is liberty, 785
  aim of g. is not to rule, 785
  are carrying an immense weight, 731
  are very keen on amassing statistics, 1768
  art of g., 751
  at all levels was refreshed and renewed and made truly responsive, 1617
  at Washington still lives, 718
  bad g. has grown out of too much g., 758
  becomes a lawbreaker, 707
  being the people’s business, 1573
  best g. is that which governs least, 753
  big enough to give you everything you want, 714
  big enough to take from you everything you have, 714
  boards of control, 1588
  business of g., 781
  by the people, 760765
  called a republic, 425
  cannot choose between party g. and Parliamentary g., 1377
  cannot endure permanently half slave and half free, 1851
  cannot expect perfect g., 1351
  citizen participation, 766772
  contribute to his G., 1794
  corporation we may all well dread, 722
  critics of, 731
  definition of, 773775
  democracy is the worst form of G. except all those other forms, 417
  duty of g. to make its citizens happy, 786
  essence of g., 729
  essence of G. is power, 1450
  Every country has the g. it deserves, 740
  faults of a G., 749
  folly or the wickedness of g., 1193
  form may survive the substance of the faith, 717
  free system of g., 738
  freest g. … would not be long acceptable, 1549
  functions do not include the support of the people, 777
  functions of the general g. on which you have a right to call, 405
  God-given right to kick the g. around, 743
  good g., 55
  hope for the salvation of free g., 506
  how little after all it is possible for any g. to do, 783
  If men were angels, no g. would be necessary, 739
  If the g. is in jeopardy, 442
  If we [socialists] gained control of the American g., 1711
  immortality on earth is a g. bureau, 709
  in the honest, simple, and plain manner which is consistent with its character and purpose, 1670
  integrity of g., 752
  is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants, 773
  is best which governs least, 753
  is best which governs not at all, 753
  is distinctive from administration, 734
  is force, 754
  is like a big baby, 775
  is not reason, 754
  is not self-existent, 73
  is the exact symbol of its People, 710
  is the expression of what cultivation exists in the population which permits it, 1004
  is what the people think, 774
  it was a good g., 737
  language of that illustrious g., 1867
  legitimate object of g., 780
  less g. we have the better, 753
  let the g. be never so good, 745
  liberty … [is the] vital principle [of g.], 1050
  Like People like G., 710
  Many forms of g. have been tried, 417
  members of the G., 159
  mobs should be forced to work and not depend on g. for subsistence, 795
  moral test of g., 724
  no secrets from g., 1529
  not a g. of laws, 756
  not one bit better than the g. we got for one-third the money, 807
  not our democratic system of g., 493
  obedience to G., 1476
  object of any good g., 977
  object of good g., 778
  object of g., 785
  objects of all legitimate g., 779
  of laws, 793
  of laws and not of men, 761, 991
  of persons is replaced by the administration of things, 1757
  offices, 1563
  officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct, 793
  omissions of a G. frozen in the ice of its own indifference, 749
  order and property would be saved by a strong military g., 421
  ought not to interfere, 780
  party g. and Parliamentary g., 1377
  people are cheated out of the best ingredients in their G., 1931
  people are responsible for the acts of their g., 1346
  people may prefer a free g., 741
  policy, is an inseparable compound of the two [good and evil], 561
  politics is g., 1430
  popular g., 969
  [popular g.] rests upon two principles, 1644
  power, 1774
  power of g., 1567
  preservation of a free g., 489
  prevent g. from wasting the labors of the people, 727
  purpose of, 776787
  responsive to the people, 715
  rigorously frugal & simple, 382
  satire is this on g., 1789
  Science of G. it is my duty to study, 481
  separation of powers, 788792
  shall in the future have no right under any implied power, 1763
  should be at all times open to the public view, 1573
  should not be made an end in itself, 787
  standard of responsibility which no g. can possibly meet, 783
  strong and a just, and, if possible, a good g., 757
  strong enough to protect the interests of the people, 750
  struggling to maintain the g., not to overthrow it, 732
  superiority [of popular g.] … rests upon two principles, 1644
  support of pure g., 1337
  support their G., 777
  take the trouble to do the work of g., 1566
  taking from the federal g. the power of borrowing, 384
  to regulate that which it subsidizes, 1587
  Too much law was too much g., 759
  too strong for the liberties of its own people, 733
  too weak to maintain its own existence, 733
  unequal to the exertions necessary for preserving it, 741
  upon principle, has not right to interfere with anything other than the general class of things, 1761
  utmost g. can do, 783
  value of, 772
  was not a perfect g., 737
  we must make g. believable, 715
  we stood by our g. in its peril, 737
  which attempts more than this is precisely the g. which is likely to perform less, 781
  Which is the best g.?, 719
  which robs Peter to pay Paul, 1796
  who enjoys the protection of a free G., owes … his personal services to the defence of it, 1192
  who shall reconstruct the fabric of demolished g., 755
  wise and sound g., 1375
  wise g. knows how to enforce with temper, 720
  without newspapers, 1245
  without popular information … [is] a Farce or a Tragedy, 969
  without the power of defence! it is a solecism, 412Government officials, 793794, 796Government spending, 308, 795–813, 1411Government’s
  be most on our guard to protect liberty when the G. purposes are beneficent, 1048Governments
  are republican only in proportion as they embody the will of their people, 1597
  basis of our g., 1245
  can enforce laws, 1746
  can err, 749
  do not and cannot support the people, 781
  duty of g., 776
  in its g. the deliberative forces should prevail, 1049
  rest on the consent of the governed, 760
  strong and successful g., 750
  weak and helpless ones, 750
  will remain virtuous, 726
  working-men are the basis of all g., 976Governors
  people who mean to be their own G., 969Governs
  best government is that which g. least, 753
  God g. in the affairs of men, 703
  government is best which g. least, 753
  government is best which g. not at all, 753
  in America, the President reigns … and Journalism g., 1524Graham, Billy (1918–  ), 65Grain
  of mustard seed, 592
  of wheat, 1752Grand
  none ever would be made so g., 161Grandeur
  size is not g., 51Grant
  of power from the governed, 763
  specific g. of power, 1511
  us a common faith, 1463
  us fair weather for Battle, 1473Grant, Ulysses Simpson (1822–1885), 65, 223, 297, 1110Granted
  took the good things for g., 1605Grants
  implied g. of power, 214Grass
  I am the g., 1964
  love … is as perennial as the g., 1114
  sooner or later green g. would break through, 542
  two Blades of G., 30
  will grow in the streets, 27Grave
  beside my g. [my effigy], not grim and scowling, but all smiles and garlands, 376
  dig the g. of the United States, 2043
  paths of glory lead but to the g., 1216
  republic of the g., 368Gravelet, Jean-François. See Blondin, Charles.Graven image, 1804Graven images, 1805Graves
  proud men compete for nameless g., 1110Gravity
  like g. by night and by day, 941
  mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and g., 1134Greasy
  pole, 1778Great
  all g. world-historic facts and personages appear … twice, 856
  and noble task, 2029
  as g. an American as ever lived, 830
  assembly of g. men is the greatest fool upon earth, 608
  challenges that ordinary men like you and me are forced by circumstances to meet, 819
  days ahead, 59
  entail, 1608
  first be g. in his own Philadelphia, 817
  fixed star in the firmament of g. names, 1977
  he who can alter my state of mind, 818
  he who would be g. anywhere, 817
  if you wish to be g. at all, you must begin where you are, 817
  institutions will provide it with g. men, 1151
  jump through any hoop / To be the g. man of a little group, 656
  man dies, 371
  mass of the people, 1620
  men are almost always bad men, 1443
  men are the guideposts and landmarks in the state, 816
  men, take paths beaten by, 825
  men, There aren’t any, 819
  nations rise and fall, 1238
  Not he is g. who can alter matter, 818
  Presidents were leaders of thought, 1504
  Society, 2028
  Society has arrived, 1714
  Society is not a safe harbor, 691
  Society rests on abundance and liberty for all, 691
  Some are born g., 828
  souls endure in silence, 1694
  Spirit placed me and my people on this land poor and naked, 1545
  statesman is he who knows when to depart from traditions, 1766
  three things which make a nation g., 815
  thy sea is so g., 1479
  voice of g. events, 1584
  We cannot avoid meeting g. issues, 827
  with small men no g. thing can really be accomplished, 1760Great Britain
  negotiation [Papers] with G. B. were laid before the Senate, 792
  See also EnglandGreater
  Four things g. than all things are, 824Greatest
  good for the g. number, 119
  poem is still unsung, 111Greatness, 814831
  and genius of America, 829
  be not afraid of g., 828
  farewell, to all my g., 1103
  I am against bigness and g. in all their forms, 822
  I know the g. of the task for which Providence has chosen me, 821
  in his knowledge that man has found his g., 972
  some achieve g., 828
  some have g. thrust upon ’em, 828
  to bend history itself, 179
  We do not display our g. by placing ourselves at one extremity, 826Greece, 1071
  more glorious edifice than G. or Rome, 755Greed, 832834
  and lust for riches, 833Greedy
  men, blind with the lust for money, 832Greek
  not an Athenian or a G., but a citizen of the world, 216Greeks
  bearing gifts, 118Greeley, Horace (1811–1872), 65