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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Forebears to Gandhi, Mohandas

  hold fast to the cliches of our f., 1268Forefathers
  moved on to triumph, 57Foreign
  article of f. manufacture, 617
  assistance to f. lands should be curtailed, 795
  interests in the hands of the President and the Senate, 632Foreign aid, 611612Foreign policy, 613634
  bipartisan f. p., 634
  finding a balance between means and ends that is the heart of f. p., 631
  great goal of our f. p., 1961
  it conducts f. p. in order to live, 620
  meet it [communism] with every instrumentality of f. p., 580
  Our greatest f. p. problem is our divisions at home, 624
  political society does not live to conduct f. p., 620
  purpose of f. p., 622
  Soviet f. p., 1657
  whimpering isolationism in f. p., 1042
  wisdom and purposes of its f. p., 1935Foreign Secretary
  is always faced with this cruel dilemma, 438Forget
  never f. what you have said, 1839Forgets
  where she [America] came from, 60Forgive
  almost any weakness, … [except] stupidity, 84
  never f. one who did so [shot him] accidentally, 1231
  rarely if ever do they f. them, 198Forgiven
  age is f. nothing, 2098
  should not be forgotten nor f., 139
  Youth, which is f. everything, 2098Forgiveness, 635
  God, at least, has a degree of f., 1408
  Thou Shalt Not Ask F. for Thy Transgressions, 441Forgives
  youth f. itself nothing, 2098Forgiveth
  he who f., and is reconciled unto his enemy, 517Forgotten
  man at the bottom of the economic pyramid, 1154
  should not be f. or forgiven, 139Fork
  in the political road, 62Forlorn
  standard-bearer of this f. hope, 863Forlornness
  imbecile candle in the heart of that almighty f., 863Form
  may survive the substance of the faith, 717Fortune, 636638
  hostages have I given to f., 638
  hostages to f., 1163
  suffers not the same man to prosper for ever, 637
  that with malicious joy, 636
  vicissitudes of f., 1682Fortunes
  men’s f. are on a wheel, 637Forty
  knows it [he is a fool] at f., 1223
  views at f., 26Forum
  mad racket and the hazards of the f., 376Forward
  and not back, 1434
  go f. now together, 1863
  move f. with strong and active faith, 695Foster, Stephen (1826–1864), 65Foul
  fair for me and f. for another, 115Found
  was lost, and is f., 635
  we shall be f., 67Foundations
  put the f. under them, 466Founding
  fathers, 1999
  fathers of our country gave balanced representation, 1592Four
  essential human freedoms, 655
  things a man must learn to do, 1126
  things greater than all things are, 8244–H Club, 1553Fourteen Points, 1027Fourth
  estate, 1520
  I was a … Democrat f., 1396Fourth of July. See Independence Day.Foxes
  have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry, 509France
  [American Independence Day] is celebrated with more … fervor … in F., 897
  arrangement was made between F. and Holland, 890
  contempt upon the lips of the manhood of … F., 2089
  Every man has two countries, his own and F., 343
  military hospital in F., 1897
  ordered armies of the United States, to the soil of F., 698
  When F. has a cold, all Europe sneezes, 559Frankenstein
  to destroy both sides, 1258Franklin, Benjamin (1706–1790), 65Fraud
  and prevarication our servile vices, 1082
  prosecution of f., 467Frederick the Great, King of Prussia (1712–1786), 820Free
  assemblage, 1711
  at last, 547
  disappearance of f. enterprise, 141
  discussion, 414
  expression of thought, 1642
  from ruinous discords, 915
  government is … what the people think, 774
  Happy are all f. peoples, 1233
  hope for the salvation of f. government, 506
  huddled masses yearning to breathe f., 1770
  let me live f. from solicitude, 376
  limitations placed upon the right of f. speech, 673
  man first and an American second, 1396
  market, 169
  means to be brave, 1948
  no land f., that holds one fettered slave, 1695
  Not to be safe, but f., 1474
  Only the strong can be f., 1774
  preservation of a f. government, 489
  privilege of living in a f. community, 1191
  privilege to be f., 645
  set a country f., 665
  society, 653, 1719
  speech, 1711
  suppresses f. speech, 1653
  system of government, 738
  these people [blacks] are to be f., 1576
  till all are f., 1350
  to do his best and be his best, 1081
  to live or to die f., 886
  westward I go f., 657
  without f. speech, 672Freedom, 639669
  abridgment of the f. of the people, 523
  altar of f., 370
  as the principal means of action, 2045
  be vigilant in its preservation, 663
  better to die with f. than without it, 1721
  cannot be censored into existence, 640
  cannot be legislated into existence, 640
  cannot be served by the devices of the tyrant, 640
  citadel of f., 65
  Constitution is the sole source and guaranty of national f., 319
  defending f. in its hour of maximum danger, 661
  defense of, 660666
  favor f. and yet deprecate agitation, 443
  final sacrifice for life and f., 660
  fires of f. … burn low, 654
  from fear, 655
  from want, 655
  guardian of our f., 1030
  has to be remade and re-earned in each generation of man, 666
  hazard all the f. of America, 1626
  if F. and Communism were to compete for man’s allegiance, 692
  inner light in which f. lives, 350
  is … a continuing evolving process, 960
  is fragile if citizens are ignorant, 493
  is never granted; it is won, 960
  is slavery, 1962
  is the mean of those / Extremes, 659
  let no man / Call this the land of f., 1695
  man who will not defend his f. does not deserve to be free, 663
  No man is entitled to the blessings of f., 663
  of action without freed capacity of thought behind it is only chaos, 639
  of art, 2082
  of expression, 169
  of man and mind, 463
  of revision, 183
  of speech and expression, 655
  of speech is useless without f.
  of thought, 441
  of the press, 676
  of thought, 441
  of worship, 655
  only freedom which deserves the name, 650
  principles of f., 394
  Responsibility was the price every man must pay for f., 643
  Those who deny f. to others deserve it not for themselves, 648
  Those who expect to reap the blessings of f., must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it, 664
  to preserve the f. of the human mind, 676
  to speak, 677
  to the free, 1701
  to the slave, 1701
  to worship God in his own way, 655
  transmit that F. to their Children, 644
  watchmen on the walls of world f., 662
  will not survive, 1861Freedom of religion, 667670
  See also Statute of Virginia for Religious FreedomFreedom of speech, 671681
  and expression, 655
  can be maintained only by promoting debate, 677
  is to representative government, 1573
  may be taken away, and, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter, 679
  suppresses free speech, 1653
  too destructive of freedom of expression, 167
  was the greatest safety, 681Freedoms
  four essential human f., 655Freemen
  as slaves in breeding compared with f., 1016
  only dictator that f. acknowledge, 1196
  only security which f. desire, 1196French
  aid, F. armies and F. gallantry, 897Frenchman
  watch-word of every F., 886Friday’s
  child is loving and giving, 200Friend
  best f. a man has in this world, 446
  Give me one f., just one, who meets / The needs of all my varying moods, 683
  no f. like the old f., 1814
  one f. remaining and that one shall be down inside me, 1683
  serve to keep the world thy f., 1805
  support any f., 1066
  to man, and lived in a house by the side of the road, 685
  without treachery, 820Friends
  best f. I have got are Communists, 249
  expense of your f., 1373
  happiest business in all the world is that of making f., 684
  laughter and the love of f., 682
  make them [my enemies] my f., 689
  most constant of f., 130
  my glory was I had such f., 690
  Never explain, your f. do not need it, 686
  [no one] Had quite such pleasant f. as mine, 682
  nor f. to sponge, 1407Friends, Society of. See Society of Friends.Friendship, 682690
  honest f. with all nations, 619
  is precious, 687
  treacherous in private f., 1976
  voice of f., 1459Friendship’s
  he who gives in f. name shall reap what he has spent, 684From
  bad to worse, 177Front
  An iron curtain is drawn down upon their f., 234
  lean and lonely f. line, 1555
  second f., 20672068Frontier
  New F., 97
  of America is on the Rhine, 2064
  of Russia runs from Dantzic or perhaps Stettin to Trieste, 1654Froth
  on the top, 536Fruitful
  and delightsome land, 189Frustrating
  [Ike will] find it very f., 1514Frustration
  nor f. is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy, 1895
  where there is injustice and f. the potentialities for violence are greater, 1894Fuel
  of interest to the fire of genius, 1535Fuels
  squandering the capital of … fossil f., 309Fulfillment
  moments of unutterable f., 922Futility
  dangers of f., 902
  sense of f., 1717Fury
  sound and the f. of our history, 556Future, 691698
  belongs to those who understand the hopes and fears of masses in ferment, 1618
  claims of the F., 2090
  days, which we seek to make secure, 655
  dipt into the f., 2038
  each generation wastes a little more of the f., 833
  he [Emerson] predicted becomes a past, 1297
  I have been over into the f., 696
  judgment of the f. as well as the past, 1604
  look to the f., 692, 1294
  men of the f., 1076
  mysteries of the f., 41
  neither man nor nation can prosper unless … thought is … taken for the f., 312
  no way of judging the f. but by the past, 571
  nothing matters more to the f. of our country, 493
  of this Nation, 2096
  playing Providence not only for themselves but for the far f., 1361
  say for ourselves what shall be true for the f., 1295
  scaffold sways the f., 1838
  schemes of f. felicity, 1195
  times will hardly know how great a life / This simple stone commemorates, 549
  unwilling even to leave the f. flexible, 1361
  we know nothing of what will happen in the f., but by the analogy of experience, 573
  westward as into the f., 658
  will belong to those who will have done most for suffering humanity, 1963
  world of the f., 2036Future’s
  attempt the F. portal, 1838Gain
  putting g. over national honor, 226Gains
  no g. without pains, 85Gallows
  die on the g. or of the pox, 372Gallup Poll
  temperamental atmosphere of a G. P., 1554Game
  grotesque and knavish g., 1039
  how you played the G., 1993
  Politics is a fascinating g., 1430Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) (1869–1948), 917