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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

White House to Worship

White House, Washington, D.C.
  extraordinary collection of talent, … at the W. H., 823
  move out of the W. H. voluntarily, 1569
  no whitewash at the W. H., 1979
  State Dining Room
    inscription, 1462Whites
  who “understand the Negro,” 118Whitewash
  at the White House, 1979Whitman, Walt (1819–1892), 65Whitney, Eli (1765–1825), 65Who
  in the world am I, 1678
  is powerful, 1146
  is rich, 1146
  is wise, 1146
  put up that cage, 1426
  rules East Europe commands the Heartland, 2041
  rules the Heartland commands the World-Island, 2041
  rules the World-Island commands the World 2041
  shall command the skylark not to sing?, 642Whole
  sum of the w. matter, 230Wholly
  evil or w. good, 561Why
  You see things; and you say “W.?”, 465Why not
  I dream things that never were and say, w. n., 465Wicked
  find that the other is w., 224
  flee when no man pursueth, 835Widow
  care for … his w., and his orphan, 1325Widows
  Rich w. are the only second-hand goods that sell at first-class prices, 2005Wife
  I must necessarily want her [negro woman] for a w., 1702
  If I were your w., 2004
  no Man worth having is true to his w., 2009Wife’s
  backside, 2008Wilds
  of America, 88Will
  against our very w. / … comes wisdom, 1995
  Their w. was resolute and remorseless, 1276
  to work for men, 238
  what we ought to w., 1055William II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia (1859–1941), 1349William V, Prince of Orange (1748–1806), 890Willing
  human beings must be w. … to do battle, 1934Wills and testaments
  Henry, Patrick, 207
  Hobo’s, 192
  Lounsbury, Charles, 192
  Rhodes, Cecil John, 499Wilson, Woodrow (1856–1924), 1506Win
  as quick as you can, 1918
  the fight it may destroy our cause, 1332
  how to w., 1222
  If we w., nobody will care, 1991
  If you w., you are the powerful king’s prisoner, 1449
  If you w., you stand only to lose, 1258
  in a cause that will some day lose, 1994
  land of smash and grab and anything to w., 62
  making the effort to w. is [everything], 1990
  no one can w. all the time, 653
  one [war] much harder to w., 253
  or lose, 513
  or lose, live or die, 1930
  what leads us—… w. or lose, 107
  without bloodshed, 1634Wind
  be ever at your back, 1478
  morning-colored w., 1474Windmills
  tilt at w., 4Winds
  mastering the w., 1134
  of change, 182Wine
  days of w. and roses, 460
  drinks the man, 34
  of an original idea into the water of mediocrity, 874Wings
  danced the skies on laughter-silvered w., 603
  of the morning, 548Winning, 19871990
  is not everything, 1990
  it’s the only thing, 1990
  nothing worth the wear of w., / But laughter and the love of friends, 682Winning and losing, 19911994Wins
  Britain, of course—always w. one battle—the last, 529
  man who w. / Is the one who thinks he can, 1436Winter
  it was the spring of hope, it was the w. of despair, 1818Wire-tapping, 1048Wisdom, 19952003
  artful men overpower their w., 608
  characteristic of w. not to do desperate things, 1124
  collected w. [of parliaments and councils], 608
  comes w. / by the awful grace of God, 1995
  don’t consist in knowing more, 966
  dubious w. and even more dubious honesty, 1039
  exercise our strength with w. and restraint, 662
  first step in sociological w., 183
  get out of an experience only the w. that is in it, 576
  Government is a contrivance of human w., 773
  height of w. in the next, 2001
  highest w. of a State is, 1038
  is the specific Quality of the Legislature, 1036
  it was the age of w., it was the age of foolishness, 1818
  latent w. will prevail, 426
  lingers, 973
  makes life endurable, 2002
  of patriots and legislators, 839
  path to w., 168
  perfection of the fear of the Lord is w., 995
  source of better ideas is w., 168
  submit them to your w., 1669
  superior w. and virtue of our own, 53
  There is a courageous w., 596
  to distinguish the one from the other, 1472
  to know what we did not know, 1604
  too often never comes, 1998
  want of political w., 716
  Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as W., 674Wise
  and masterly inactivity, 1038
  Everyone honours the w., 1996
  government knows how to enforce with temper, 720
  remain silent and look w., 681
  Thought makes man w., 2002
  to love and to be w., 1787
  Who is w., 1146
  Young men are as apt to think themselves w. enough, 2087Wiser
  becomes w. and more foolish, 23
  none the w., 26
  well birched, and none the w., 26Wisest
  of counsellors, 130Wish
  This is my w., my goal, my prayer, 65Wishes
  what each man w., 1677Wishy-washy
  imitation of totalitarianism, 708Wit
  recollection for his w., 1175Witch
  bold adventures abroad and w. hunts at home, 580Wither
  Left to w. is the national purpose, 50Within
  attack comes not from the outside but from w., 524
  destroyed itself w., 1646Without
  conquered from w., 1646Witness
  Bear not false w., 1805
  Thou shalt not bear false w., 1804Wits
  are nimble, 2092Wives, 1777, 2004–2009
  God bless our loving w., 1814Wolf
  like a vicious w., 2040
  [never troubles] how many the sheep be, 1176
  strength of the Pack is the W., 1865
  strength of the W. is the Pack, 1865Wolfe, James (1727–1759), 1216Woman
  any w. would do well who was well done by, 79
  behind every man who’s a failure there’s a w., too, 2017
  negro w. for a slave, 1702
  Patience makes a w. beautiful, 2016
  we shall not waste any useful w., 1165
  who would tell one that [her real age] would tell one anything, 2018Woman’s
  sphere, 2012Women, 20102018
  Four things greater than all things are,—Women and …, 824
  in combat might be too fierce, 1190
  [marry] because they are curious, 1169
  minimum for the wages of w., 2013
  pushing their husbands along, 1777
  they [men and women] both distrust w., 2015
  unaware that they are hurting w., 1483
  unwanted w., 1165
  we are indebted to w., 2011
  who, to prevent depravation of morals and ambiguity of issue, could not mix promiscuously in the public meetings of men, 1591Won
  not that you w. or lost, 1993
  some victory for humanity, 1875
  Things w. are done, 12
  [world] was made to be wooed and w. by youth, 2088Woof
  warp of sense and his w. of nonsense, 625Word
  difference between the almost right w. and the right w., 540
  is not a crystal, transparent and unchanged, 2020
  Let the w. go forth, 77
  may vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances, 2020
  superfluous w., 2000Words, 20192021
  if I found the right w., 1276
  make w. mean so many different things, 2019
  symbols called w., 922
  tiresome repetition of inadequate catch w., 1282Wordy
  evidence of the fact, 1692Work, 20222032
  artisans will assuredly be sometimes out of w., 1847
  at which you would not be ashamed, 2032
  Do the day’s w., 2025
  for nothing, 2030
  he that will not w. shall not eate, 2031
  however hard, for one day, 1104
  If you w. for a man, in heaven’s name, w. for him!, 2027
  is the grand cure of all the maladies, 2024
  mobs should be forced to w., 795
  never is done while the power to w. remains, 1115
  not done 2026
  Nothing is really w., 2023
  of a single man 902
  save the w. while it is begun, 978
  think of your w. with satisfaction, 2032
  You w. and I eat, 1703Worker
  tiny pushes of each honest w., 2029Workers
  are idle, 2022Working
  hanging of some w. people, 980Working class
  representing not only the w. c., 976Working-classes
  what the w. really need, 975Working-men
  are the basis of all governments, 976Works
  fleet the w. of men, 1220World, 20332038
  American solution to every w. problem, 1735
  becomes contented, 1227
  begin the w. over again, 2035
  better w. for tomorrow, 157
  citizen of the w., 216
  citizens of one w., 1481
  construct a w. out of it [matter], 2033
  cover the whole w. with asphalt, 542
  disputed the possession of the w., 1379
  divided, 2036
  end of the w. has been postponed for three weeks, 455
  end of the w. is evidently approaching, 456
  Federation of the w., 2038
  gloom of the w. is but a shadow, 1467
  grows stale and stagnant and sour in decay, 157
  in a grain of sand, 196
  in arms, 403
  in which children are tortured, 190
  is large, when its weary leagues two loving hearts divide, 2034
  is small, when your enemy is loose on the other side, 2034
  is speedily coming to an end, 456
  make gentle the life of this w., 1864
  might enjoy freedom and inherit peace, 1733
  must be coming to an end, 456
  nowhere in the w. to go for help, 831
  of chaos and danger, 624
  of the future, 2036
  one third of the w. is asleep, 2037
  play a great part in the w., 827
  realities of the w., 1371
  shape real events in a real w., 622
  to suit their policy, 1371
  two great nations in the w. … the Russians and the Anglo-Americans, 2045
  two-thirds [of the w.] is up to something, 2037
  untravell’d w. whose margin fades, 575
  vision of the w., 2038
  wags on, 374
  will make a beaten path to his door, 1780
  With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful w., 1114
  would be a little better place to live, 1397
  wrecks in the w., 680
  you cannot hurt the w., 2088World domination, 20392045World War I (1914–1918), 673, 1942, 2046–2049World War II (1939–1945), 113, 1242, 1276, 1354, 1589, 1870, 1991, 2050–2070World’s
  great movements … have flowed from the work of a single man, 902
  hope, 2095
  a stage, 1158
  troubles are not due just to Russia or communism, 1618World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago (1893)
  Transportation Building inscription, 815, 1536Worm
  invisible and helpless w., 940Worse
  from bad to w., 177
  I would he were w., 1392Worship
  freedom to w., 655
  right to w. God, 776
  without sacrifice, 1697