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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Worst to Zoning

  best of times, it was the w. of times, 1818
  to be feared, 403Worth, 20712073
  Anything w. doing is w. 10%, 2073
  for making it [life] w. having, 2011
  no Man w. having is true to his wife, 2009
  no such miserable interrogatory as “What is all this w.?,” 1855
  [not] a feather’s weight of w.— / Without a woman in it, 2012
  of a state … is the w. of the individuals composing it, 1760
  of an end is to make an ideal, 869
  patriotic feeling which thinks nothing w. a war, 1934
  a thousand hasty counsels, 937Worthless
  area, 1986Worthy
  who spends himself in a w. cause, 10Wrangling
  let me no more be seen in the w. forum, 376Wren, Sir Christopher (1632–1723), 458Wretch
  ricketty and scrofulous little w., 554Wretched
  corn and oil for the exceedingly poor and w., 1648
  Is that poor man that hangs on princes’ favors, 1103
  refuse of your teeming shore, 1770Wretchedness
  consigned to a State of W., 1627
  not for w., 1091Wright, Orville (1871–1948), 65Wright, Wilbur (1867–1912), 65Write
  all the books in the British Museum, 2076
  a better book, 1780
  Every man wants to w. a book, 456Writer
  original w., 2075Writer’s
  duty is to write about these things, 1145Writers
  Fine w. should split hairs together, 2079Writers and writing, 20742082
  See also Book; BooksWriting
  general was doing more for victory by w. a poem, 1589 memorable things should be committed to w., 1173Wrong
  blame him when he does w., 1507
  cannot right every w., 1735
  forever on the throne, 1838
  from hastiness and lack of thought, 2092
  If anything can go w., it will, 1232
  If the end brings me out w., 110
  If the law is w., 303
  in his facts, 1262
  judgment on w. conduct, 934
  legal w. than by violent w., 909
  morally w., 1640
  My country, right or w., 345, 1641
  neat, plausible, and w., 1736
  never find an Englishman in the w., 535
  never get me to support a measure which I believe to be w., 1638
  one idea,—and that was w., 872
  our country, right or w., 346, 1641
  part with him when he goes w., 1639
  put your enemy in the w., 520
  right to be w., 1642
  safer to be w., 1563
  single w. to humanity, 958
  single w. to justice and to right, 958
  To right the unrightable w., 459
  to right w., 1901
  tolerate what we know to be w., 1746
  war, at the w. place, at the w. time, and with the w. enemy, 1967
  way to do something, 1232
  When things go w., as they sometimes will, 1358
  when w. to be put right, 1641Wrongdoers, 211Wronged
  those who are not w., 211
  those who are w., 211Wrong-headedness, 1231Wrongs
  in relation to w., 780
  right the w. of many, 1695Yazoo City, 295Year
  not limit our views to … a single y., 1367Years
  may wrinkle the skin, 2099
  new life to those y., 22
  of ninety-two and a hundred and two, 24
  These are the y., 2088
  tide of y. may roll, 1812Yesterday
  Every Y. a Dream of Happiness, 1106
  is but a Dream, 1106
  more than y., 1130
  things went on as usual, 1678Yoke
  without the y. of any party on me, 262Young
  as y. as your faith, 2099
  as y. as your hope, 2099
  as y. as your self-confidence, 2099
  educating the y. generation along the right lines, 488
  faults to which the y. are ever prone, 2092
  leading the y., 2087
  man may go out of bounds, 2092
  man not yet, 1163
  man who does not have what it takes, 1189
  men and women learn to believe in themselves, 2096
  men are as apt to think themselves wise enough, 2087
  men are fitter to invent, than to judge, 2084
  men die in battle for their country’s sake, 694
  men think old men are fools, 607
  message sent out by Oxford University in the name of Y. England, 2089
  natural for y. men to be vehement, 2094
  old men know y. men are fools, 607
  old people not to fear the y., 19
  people of America, 2096
  prevailing sentiments that occupy the minds of your y. men, 2086
  to be y. and to be indifferent can be no longer synonymous, 2090
  To y. men jointly … I devise and bequeath all boisterous, 192
  wars are the glory and the agony of the y., 1920Younger
  make way for y. men, 1569Youngster
  to go wrong from hastiness and lack of thought, 2092Youth, 20832100
  energy and devotion of our Y., 2090
  enthusiasm which characterizes y., 676
  forgives itself nothing, 2098
  if y. hasn’t enough force or fervor, 157
  I’m y., I’m joy, 2085
  In my y., I, too, entertained some illusions, 1401
  in our y. our hearts were touched with fire, 2091
  is a wonderful thing, 2097
  is not a time of life, 2095, 2099
  never forget that they possess a noble inheritance, 63
  no more y. / To perish before its prime, 2083
  of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity, 2090
  rely on y., 2095
  search of the y. today, 1613
  should be radical, 157
  that must fight and die, 1923
  vehemence of y., 2092
  which is forgiven everything, 2098
  who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war, 1923
  wooed and won by y., 2088Youthful
  vim and vigor, 157Youths
  callow ill-tutored y., 2089Zeal
  fervency of my Z., 1626
  half the z. I serv’d my king, 705
  insidious encroachment by men of z., 1048
  persecutes Christianity with a z., 1653
  [Puritanism] gave him [Milton] z., 1574Zealous
  in the cause of America, 1620
  one asking what you can do for your country, 766Zoning
  boards, 541