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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Wages to Whistle

  minimum for the w. of women, 2013Wagner Act, 986Wait
  sat down to w., and waiting died, 1823Walk
  humbly with thy God, 947
  part way toward our goal, 1786
  slowly, but I never walk backward, 1534
  together side by side in majesty, 41
  toward Oregon, 658Wall Street brokers, 144Wallace, Henry Agard (1888–1965), 625Walls
  future will not flourish behind w., 2036
  of oppression, 8Want
  freedom from w., 655
  of a Nail … of a Shoe … of a Horse the Rider was lost, 1240Wants
  give the public what it w., 1803
  provide for human w., 773War, 19091954
  abolition of w., 1924
  aftermath of w., 1923
  and nobody will come, 1946
  as well as in peace, 1367
  awareness that we are all human beings together has become lost in w., 1157
  better to talk jaw to jaw than to have w., 1914
  borrow billions for w., 1919
  brink of atomic w., 1657
  calamities of w., 1925
  Can say peace / When we mean w., 1856
  cannot vote for w., 1942
  cause of death has been either W. or Class, 228
  challenges virtually every other institution of society, 1935
  compel them to fight the battles of any w., 1193
  Congress, in declaring w., 1931
  contains so much folly, 1932
  cost of w., 2070
  dismantling the national capacity to wage w., 1324
  do not drag me into another W. 1947
  do not take lightly the perils of w., 1948
  doubt if we will ever have another w., 1938
  dreary, difficult w., 1884
  enemies of man:… w. itself, 516
  enemies of man—w., poverty and tyranny, 85
  evils of w. are great in their endurance, 840
  Executive is the branch of power most interested in w., 1931
  far worse w. or one much harder to win, 253
  fearful thing to lead this great peaceful people into w., 2049
  fight Europe’s w. with arms while the diplomats … fight it with words, 247
  first casualty when w. comes is truth, 1925
  for principles, 1949
  Four things greater than all things, are—… w., 824
  Global w. has become a Frankenstein, 1258
  if men reserve for w. their greatest efforts, 1961
  if they mean to have a w., let it begin here, 1940
  implements of w. and subjugation, 1921
  in modern w. there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying, 367
  is a normal attribute of human life, 1957
  is a Racket, 1912
  is an invention of the human mind, 1959
  is an ugly thing, 1934
  is itself a political act, 1926
  is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military, 1954
  is not merely a political act, 1915
  is only caused through the political intercourse of governments and nations, 1916
  is peace, 1962
  is regarded as nothing but the continuation of state policy with other means, 1917
  is subject to advance planning, 1939
  it is their [Vietnamese] w., 1882
  limited w. with Red China, 1967
  losses become a function of the duration of the w., 1918
  make w. at pleasure, 1495
  moral equivalent of w., 526
  moral power is to physical as three parts to four, 1213
  no merit in putting off a w. for a year, 253
  no nation is rich enough to pay for both w. and civilization,1919
  no w. can be long carried on against the will of the people, 1911
  [not] learn w. any more, 1956
  of the giants is over, 1913
  Older men declare w., 1923
  on poverty, 1440
  peace is not mere absence of w., 1328
  Peace itself is W. in Masquerade, 1960
  peace was better than w., 1955
  politician who has wilfully made w., 1953
  preserve our country from the calamities and ravages of w., 616
  question of w. in the Legislature, 1931
  requires careful preparation, 1726
  Resolution, 1958
  Revenge and iron-hearted W., 2083
  Science and Peace will triumph over Ignorance and W., 1963
  shooting w. is over, 233
  the soldiers tried to stop, 1883
  success  in modern w. requires something more than courage, 1726
  That Will End W., 1952
  That’s the way it is in w., 1930
  thirteen years of w. for every year of peace, 1957
  This w., like the next w., is a w. to end w., 1952
  time of w., and a time of peace, 1810
  to be just, 1909
  To be prepared for W., 411
  to end w., 1952
  To jawjaw is always better than to w.-w., 1914
  two or three conferences to scare up a w., 1943
  very last one, 1938
  was only an effect and consequence of it [the revolution], 1619
  the way it is in w., 1930
  We [America] never lost a w., 1944
  we are at all times ready for W., 410
  Weakness invites w., 404
  will exist until, 1188
  with China, 202
  wrong w. at the wrong place and against the wrong enemy, 1967
  See also Civil War (1861–1865); Cold War; Revolutionary war (1775–1783); Vietnam War; World War I (1914–1918); World War II (1939–1945)War and peace, 410411, 698, 1955–1966, 2046War in Asia, 19671968War-making
  power to Congress, 1495“The War Prayer,” 1950Warp
  of sense and his woof of nonsense, 625Warren, Earl (1891–1974), 924Warren, Joseph (1741–1775), 1630Warrior
  prestige that the w. does today, 1188War’s
  being a medium for the practical settlement of international differences, 1258Wars
  are, of course, as a rule to be avoided, 1965
  are the glory and the agony of the young, 1920
  begin in the minds of men, 1966
  boys are not going to be sent into any foreign w., 1945
  consuming w., 1646
  the fathers did bury their sons, 1955
  have been averted by patience and persisting good will, 253
  just and lawful w., 55
  of interest and intrigue, 613
  people’s w., 1927Washington, D.C., 19691975
  administration in W. provides a close parallel, 1154
  city of Northern charm and Southern efficiency, 1972
  found at W. … the Smithsonian Institution, 972
  government at W. still lives, 718
  heart of America is felt less here, 1973
  I do not need to tell a W. audience, 285
  If I wanted to go crazy I would do it in W. because it would not be noticed, 1970
  is full of famous men and the women they married when they were young, 1971
  is to be appropriated to this use with the consent of the State ceding it, 512
  it is a Federal city, 1974
  mighty in W. can [not] be persuaded, or corrupted … by anything less than votes, 1410
  opposed to the franchise in the District, 1975
  poor in Resurrection City have come to W., 1442
  Too small to be a state but too large to be an asylum, 1969
  Were we directed from W. when to sow, 728
  what W. juice is made of, 1410
  when movie actors come to W., they’re absolutely fascinated by the politicians, 1406
  where I knew I would be farther away from America than I could be on some foreign shore, 1973
  You send me to W. to represent you, 298
  See also Capitol building, Washington, D.C.Washington, George (1732–1799), 65, 814, 820, 897, 1018, 1497, 1976–1977
  centennial birthday, 755Washington Monument
  tied to its tail, 37“Washington’s Forgotten Maxim,” 57Waste
  it [youth] on children, 2097
  new categories of w. have come to plague and menace, 544Wastebasket
  private w. for crumbled-up spite and discarded personalities, 849Wasteland
  a vast w., 1801Wastes
  each generation w. a little more, 833Wasting
  prevent government from w. the labors of the people, 727Watchman
  waketh but in vain, 662
  who prevents outrage, 786Watchmen
  on the walls of world freedom, 662Watch-tower
  of liberty, 307Watchword
  be order, 1360
  of every Frenchman, 886
  of true patriotism, 1641Water, 1978
  as a beverage, it’s a failure, 1978
  nail a drop of w. to the wall, 1394
  neither its pipes nor its theories will hold w., 568
  of mediocrity, 874Watergate Affair, 54, 705, 761, 888, 1394, 1979–1981Waterloo, 1154, 1964Water’s
  unite our official voice at the w. edge, 634Waters
  Cast thy bread upon the w., 591
  let judgment run down as w., 931Wave
  cannot exist for itself, 1102Waves
  mastering the winds, the w., 1134
  of this debate, 1286Ways
  my w. are not as theirs, 1008We
  have met the enemy, 518, 521
  hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable, 396
  hold these truths to be self-evident, 397
  shall not fail, 688Weak
  and helpless ones [governments], 750
  build up the w. by pulling down the strong, 2025
  by time and fate, 575
  cannot strengthen the w. by weakening the strong, 1117
  too w. to maintain its own existence, 733Weakest
  think, 1807Weakness
  forgive almost any w., with the possible exception of stupidity, 84
  invites war, 404Wealth
  embittered at the w. and the luxuries they never share, 46
  materials of w. are in the earth, 478
  mineral w. of our Nation, 476
  wisdom to use that w. to enrich and elevate our national life, 691Wealthy
  people can afford, 1085
  Some will get w., 1633Weapons
  defensive w., 440
  honourable w. of immemorial antiquity, 440Wear
  no brave man would w., 1447Weariness
  greatest w. comes from work not done, 2026Wearing
  out rather than rusting out, 11Weather, 1982
  Everybody talks about the w., 1982
  nobody does anything about it, 1982Weathercock
  on the top of the edifice, 1028Webster, Daniel (1782–1852), 1848Wedded
  to its liberty, 29Wedge
  designed to attack our civilization, 225Wednesday’s
  child is full of woe, 200Weeds
  let the w. grow, 391Weep
  and you w. alone, 1707
  time to w., and a time to laugh, 1810Welfare, 19831984
  of humanity, 1481
  of the workers depends upon their own initiative, 1983Well
  be not weary in w. doing, 450
  meet them w. or ill, 827Well-bred
  nothing better becomes a w. man than agriculture, 28West
  fertile lands of the W., 65
  I know no South, no North, no East, no W., 267
  reclamation of arid public lands in the W., 311West Point Military Academy inscription, 1874West Virginia, 65Western
  freedom and democracy, 901
  Hemisphere, 630
  impact which has stirred up the winds of change, 182
  let the Communists set up any government in the W. Hemisphere, 243
  nations and the Asian peoples, 235
  resembles the action in a W. movie, 1518
  society, 901
  What can we ever hope to do with the w. coast, 1986Westward
  as into the future, 658
  I go free, 657Westward movement, 577, 1985–1986What
  becomes of us, 1676
  can I do for my city, 767
  he knows for sure just ain’t so, 966
  is so rare as a day in June, 2072
  not w. he doesn’t know that bothers me, 966
  our country has done for each of us 768
  to do, 146, 936
  to hope, 146
  we are, 1676
  we are and w. we hope to be, 418
  we can do for our country in return, 768
  we do, 1676
  we ought to will, 1055
  you are in the dark, 187
  you are stands over you the while, 186
  you can do for your country, 766
  your country can do for you, 766What’s
  going on with all these numbers, 810
  past is prologue, 1296
  right and fair, 256Wheat
  vital spark that we find in a grain of w., 1752Wheels
  of time, 1290Where
  conjecture w. now are, 1286
  end of all our exploring / Will be to arrive w. we started, 579
  If we could first know w. we are, 936
  know w. to stand, 106
  not so much w. we stand, 5
  there is hatred, 1466
  To know w. we are going … that is order, 1289Whimpering
  isolationism, 1042Whimsicality
  met recurring disaster with w., 1110Whip
  If you can’t whip ’em, 257Whirlpool
  of politics, 86Whiskey
  decanter of corn w. near at hand 24
  Ring, 467
  you mean the Devil’s brew, 38
  you mean the oil of conversation, 38Whistle
  Don’t give too much for the w., 2071
  wait until a shrimp learns to w., 244