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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

AUTHOR: Nathan Marsh Pusey (1907–2001)
QUOTATION: Again people are looking for scapegoats. But this time the attack comes not from the outside but from within, from extremist splinter groups of the New Left made up of students and—I am sorry to acknowledge—also of some faculty who would like to see our colleges and universities denigrated, maligned and even shut down. They insinuate, distort, accuse, their aim being not to identify and correct real abuses, but always rather by crying alarm intentionally to arouse and inflame passions in order to build support for “non-negotiable demands.” Clearly the old McCarthy technique is at work again…. It is more difficult to maintain a realistic sense of human limitation, to refuse to become frustrated and angry; to analyze, to assess, to seek to understand and explain; to determine to be adult and fair; and thus to work patiently to improve while refusing to succumb to either cynicism or hopelessness. It is the long way around, but it is the civilized way, and the only way for those [who] have come truly to understand the role of humane learning.
ATTRIBUTION: NATHAN M. PUSEY, president of Harvard, speech at baccalaureate service, Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 9, 1970.—The New York Times, June 10, 1970, pp. 1, 30.
SUBJECTS: Enemies from within