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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

United States to Vulnerable

United States
  acts like a pitiful, helpless giant, 1886
  appear to be destined by Providence, 1047
  can declare peace upon the world, 1318
  creeping socialism spreading in the U.S., 1712
  dig the grave of the U.S., 2043
  drained, ditched, and dammed the U.S. in three years, 1519
  enemy of the people of the world, 2040
  greatest fear of U.S. imperialism, 1927
  if you incorporate those tropical countries with the Republic of the U.S., 1484
  imperialism, 1927
  is neither omnipotent or omniscient, 1735
  is not just an old cow, 612
  Is the U.S. going to decide, 1763
  keep the U.S. free from political connexions, 619
  not permitting … our armed forces and our valuable material to be immobilized within the continental U.S., 2062
  Our loyalty is due entirely to the U.S., 1506
  political activity prevailing in the U.S., 1428
  property of the U.S. illegally transferred or leased, 951
  recognition by the U.S. of the provisional government of Israel, 914
  students from the U.S., 499
  symbol of union for [the U.] S., 1867
  take an affirmative position in outer space, 1740
  traveling up and down the vast territories of the U.S., 86
  Universal suffrage exists in the U.S. without producing any frightful consequences, 1904
  unlettered pot-bellied money magnates of the U.S., 532
  was suddenly and deliberately attacked by … Japan, 2066
  we turn our rivers and streams into sewers, 313
  will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, 2055
  would [not] come to an end, 938
  yielded in her turn to that taste for intervention, 2039
  See also America; American People; PeopleUnited States Capitol. See Capitol building, Washington, D.C.United States Department of Justice
  inscription, 963
  it is a problem for the Department of Justice, 154
  should be kept most free from any suspicion of improper action, 961United States Military Academy, West Point
  inscription, 1874Unity, 1859-1867
  brethren to dwell together in u., 1860
  frank cooperation and free debate are indispensable to ultimate u., 634
  loss of social u., 227
  of freedom and equality, 1482Universal
  satisfaction, 1227
  suffrage exists in the United States without producing any frightful consequences, 1904
  truth and applicability, 1644Universities
  are filled with students rebelling and rioting, 155
  are wide gates to hell, 239
  demands that dissidents are making of the u., 153
  if … do not breed men who riot, 157University
  Do these murmurs come into the corridors of the u.?, 66
  modern u., 504University of Virginia
  Father of the U. of V. [Thomas Jefferson’s epitaph], 546
  “Good Old Song,” 1812
  inscription, 238University of Washington, 1015Unjust
  grossly u., 1230Unlettered
  pot-bellied money magnates of the United States, 532Unpatriotically
  to speak u. [of America], 45Unrest
  there must be created an adult u., 442
  young people’s u., 442Untrue
  could argue it u., 1284Unwanted
  woman is still doomed to lead a solitary life, 1165Unwieldy
  America is a great, u. Body, 44Up
  and not down, 1434
  with which I will not put, 538Uranium
  may be turned into a new and important source of energy, 124Urbanization, 621
  haphazard u., 1896Use
  I shall u. my time, 1118
  what u. is it, 1790Useful
  I knew something u., 1606Usurpations
  violent and sudden u., 523Utopia
  look for a different u., 1361Utterances
  silly, flat and dishwatery u., 1487Utterly
  without redeeming social importance, 1261
  without redeeming social value, 1261Vacations
  art of taking minute v., 1480Vagabond
  class of v., ignorant, and ungoverned children, 46Vain
  did not live, or die, in v., 1324
  erect no v. memorial, 376
  I have not lived in v., 1323, 1469
  life is v. unless one can act through the central government, 1361
  name of the Lord thy God in v., 1804
  pomp and glory of this world, 1103Valleys
  to the deep, deathlike v., 33Valor
  be ye men of v., 402
  extreme v. and extreme benevolence, 826
  virtue like v., 826Valuable
  Time is at once the most v. … of our possessions, 1816Value
  dearness only that gives everything its v., 1845
  individual man … is the touchstone of v., 901
  no dangers to the v. of property, 46
  of government to the people it serves, 772
  of money, 1203
  the world sets upon motives, 1230Values, 1868
  and moral standards of our society, 1802
  depart from these v. … at our peril, 1868
  destroying the traditional v. of a civilization, 621
  life’s enduring v., 1480
  moral standards and v., 1018
  upon which our system is built, 1868Vanity, 103Vehemence
  of youth, 2092Vehement
  young men to be v., 2094Vehicular
  mine, 2070Velvet
  man … who is both steel and u, 1109Veneration
  blind v. for antiquity, 82Verdict
  Sentence first—v. afterwards, 949Vermin
  I fear the v. that shall undermine, 293Vermont, 65, 1848Vermonter
  advice which I received recently from a fellow V., 888Versailles Treaty, 2046Vertebrae
  stiffening of the v., 6Veterans Administration Building, Washington, D.C., inscription, 1325Vice
  blame him for the very v. which you feel in yourself, 520
  contending elements of v. and virtue, 425
  Extremism in the defense of liberty is no v., 581
  moderation in principle, is a species of v., 1199
  reproach him with the very defect or v. … you feel … in yourself, 520
  suffering shall follow v., 783Vice-Presidency
  honorable and easy, 1493Vices
  and absurdities of contemporaries, 362
  Fraud and prevarication are servile v., 1082Victim
  without murmuring, 820Victor
  to the v. belong the spoils, 1314
  without oppression, 820Victories
  go forward and give us v., 1873Victorious
  people who remained v., 1869Victor’s
  cup, 1358Victory, 18691875
  bear the fruits of v., 1874
  Dawn of V., sat down to wait, and waiting—died, 1823
  fight when there is no hope of v., 1634
  Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous v., 2061
  general was doing more for v. by writing a poem, 1589
  has 100 fathers, 1872
  however long and hard the road may be, 1870
  humble and gentle in v., 1469
  in spite of all terror, 1870
  In V.: Magnanimity, 1958
  is liberty, 601
  is sure to come, 688
  that in us which can turn defeat into v., 1087
  There is no substitute for v., 247
  to the right, 1903
  unmentioned results which follow v., 1950
  v. at all costs, 1870
  will be sure and not too costly, 1634
  won some v. for humanity, 1875Vietnam
  freedom of South V. vital to our [United States] interests, 1880
  people of V., against the Communists, 1882
  state of war exists with North V., 1879
  steaming jungle of V., 65
  We cannot remain silent on V., 1877Vietnam War, 110, 127, 169, 1140, 1876–1888Vietnamese
  had nothing to fight for, 1878View
  of human life, 1574
  of the universe, 1365
  open to public v., 1573Views
  at forty, 26
  felt in public affairs, 221
  not limit our v. to … a single year, 1367Vigilance
  eternal v., 1054, 1073
  people retain their virtue and v., 735Vigilant
  battle … is to the v., 1061
  Be specially v., 467
  be v. in its [freedom’s] preservation, 663
  protection of all their varied interests, 1670Vim
  youthful v. and vigor, 157Vimeur, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de, Comte de Rochambeau. See Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien deVimeur, Comte de.Vinci, Leonardo da (1452–1519), 97Vindicates
  result v. the foresight of the fathers, 1974Vindicating
  opportunity of v. his character, 891Violence, 18891896
  apostles of v., 1894
  as an instrument of persuasion, 1890
  has no constitutional sanction, 1891
  is as American as cherry pie, 1889
  may be the only effective response, 1891
  merely increases hate, 1893
  the only effective protest, 1890
  restless peace that’s shadowed by the threat of v., 558
  Returning v. for v. multiplies v., 1893
  rising tide of individual and group v., 1896
  weakness of v., 1893
  Where there is a persistent sense of futility, there is v., 1717
  where there is injustice and frustration, the potentialities for v. are greater, 1894Virginia
  Yes, V., there is a Santa Claus, 1660Virginia Report of 1799, 1521Virginia (State), 65, 475, 546, 669, 1620Virginity
  young orator really did lose his v., 1279Virile
  creativeness has given place, 708
  if we [America] lose the v. manly qualities, 226Virtue
  contending elements of vice and v., 425
  Difficult to be a man of v., 569
  excess of the opposite v., 826
  How beautiful is death when earned by v., 1304
  lend its [legislature’s] weight to the cause of v., 786
  liberty … cannot exist at all without [order and v.], 1050
  like valour when it is pushed to excess, 826
  men who have neither the right … nor the v., 747
  Moderation in temper, is always a v., 1199
  Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no v., 581
  not warrant that exalted opinion of human v., 615
  outcasts of delicacy and v., 1210
  people retain their v. and vigilance, 735
  Religion and v. alike lend their sanctions to meekness and humility, 253
  rewards of v., 783
  superior wisdom and v. of our own, 53
  that springs from force of character, 1328Virtues
  Americanism means the v. of courage, honor, justice …, 58
  and their tastes … from the limited patterns which the market offers, 258
  Martial v. must be the enduring cement, 526
  that made America, 58Virtuous
  governments will remain v., 726Vision
  angle of v., 1086
  become whatever thing his manhood and his v. can combine, 68
  few voices of v., 474
  Give to us clear v., 106
  men and women of will and v., 59
  of the larger whole, 458
  of the world, 2038
  reveal to him a single v., 1024
  Still shall the V. live, 457
  That man had v., 458
  Where there is no v., the people perish, 1331
  without a v. men shall die, 43Vital
  necessity of action today, 1772
  spark, 1752Vocal
  at all times on political matters, 1747
  no man has the right to strangle democracy with a single set of v. cords, 678Voice
  from the homes of the common men, 66
  of America, 66, 74
  of complaint, 1747
  of great events, 1584
  of the people, 1341
  of the people will be heard, 426
  that shall be heard from here to Albany, 1745Voicing
  your opinion, 1747Voluntarily
  to pursue [a common object], 99Volunteer
  patriot v., 1722Vote
  all said they would v. with the Rhino, 440
  at liberty to v. as my conscience and judgment dictates, 262
  Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not v., 1905
  cannot v. for war, 1942
  for a tax, 1797
  for gold, 159
  fer th’ best man, but he’s never a candidate, 1899
  for the most intelligent, honest and conscientious men eligible to office, 1900
  go fascist democratically, by popular v., 1907
  he that has not a v., 1906
  in the hands of an ignorant man, 1698
  In times of stress and strain, people will v., 1908
  instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself, 1898
  nationally on national questions, 304
  no anti-Catholic v., 669
  no Catholic v., 669
  of Judas as good as that of Jesus Christ, 415
  themselves largesse from the public treasury, 424
  to sell, 1648
  without the yoke of any party on me, 262Voted
  a bore, 281
  grave modifications of the policy … may be v. in or out, 1004Voters
  Legislators are elected by v., 1032
  never grow weary of illusory promises, 1391
  support the party which gives the best promise, 1670Voters and voting, 18971908Votes
  corrupted, if you will, by anything less than v., 1410
  for all appropriations and against all taxes, 299
  He v. as a Southern man, 304
  not because we seek their v., 623
  sectionally, 304Voting
  four categories of v., 811
  no bloc v. of any kind, 669
  right of v., 1906
  thinking of v. for my opponent, 1897Voting Rights Act of 1965, 9Vulgar
  in the conception, 1765Vulgarizing
  charming landscapes with hideous advertisements, 313Vulnerable
  reserves of air and soil, 477