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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

AUTHOR: Adolf Hitler (1889–1945)
QUOTATION: The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might and the Republic is in danger. Yes, danger from within and from without. We need law and order. Yes, without law and order our nation cannot survive. Elect us and we shall restore law and order.
ATTRIBUTION: Attributed to ADOLF HITLER. Spurious.

This remark was widely used during the early 1970s. Two refutations have appeared in the Congressional Record: Lou Hiner, Jr., “Hitler’s Phony Quotation on Law and Order,” May 21, 1970, vol. 116, pp. 1676–77, reprinted from the Indianapolis News; and M. Stanton Evans, “The Hitler Quote,” August 11, 1970, vol. 116, p. 28349, reprinted from the National Review Bulletin, August 18, 1970.
SUBJECTS: Campus violence