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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Tongue to “United Nations Prayer”

  earned my living by pen and t., 1276
  my actions did belie my t., 1019
  on ev’ry T. it grew, 594
  Presidential slip of the t., 1509
  two-edged t., 1284Tools
  Give us the t., and we will finish the job, 2051Top
  of the greasy pole, 1778Torch
  has been passed, 77
  to light the way, 1302
  woman with a t., 1770Torture
  to death only one tiny creature, 432Totalitarian
  Thou Shalt Not Revere Any But T. Heroes, 441Totalitarianism
  and anarchy will threaten free nations, 1886
  business also corrupts and undermines monolithic t., 158
  peace and freedom … suffocated by the forces of t., 1140
  wishy-washy imitation of t., 708Touched
  I am deeply t., 151
  not as deeply t. as you, 151Town
  necessary to destroy the t. to save it, 1888Town-meetings
  that ushered in the Revolution 1630Townshend, Charles (1725–1767), 1787Trade
  election of intelligent, honest, earnest t. unionists, 983Trades
  and deals among the senators, 257
  are not of a sinister nature, 257Tradition
  Approves all forms of competition, 1805
  men … whose names have become a splendid t., 281Traditional
  because it is t., 105Traditions
  when to adhere to them, 1766
  when to depart from t., 1766Tragedy
  first time as t., 856
  government without … information … [is] a Farce or a T., 969
  Russian t., everybody dies, 1655Tranquil
  and steady dedication of a lifetime, 1311Tranquility
  at my age, is the supreme good of life, 1246Transportation Building. See World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago (1893).Traveling
  up and down the vast territories of the United States, 86Treason, 1826
  doth never prosper, 1826
  none dare call it t., 1826Treasure
  river is more than an amenity, it is a t., 1645Treasury
  of the world, 476Treaties
  mode of making t., 792Treaty
  reject the t., 1332Tree
  of liberty, 1065
  plant it this afternoon, 1815Trees
  old men plant t. they will never sit under, 694Trembles
  I only hope … the enemy … t. as I do, 1184Trial
  deny others a fair t., 1170
  fairness of the t., 117Trickle
  down theory, 479Tried
  if any thing is to be hoped, every thing ought to be t., 1932
  See also Try; TryingTrieste, 234, 1654Triumph
  because its opponents eventually die, 1665
  magnificent mixture of t. and tragedy, 355
  of high achievement, 10
  our forefathers moved on to t., 57
  over the great enemies of man, 85
  Posterity will t., 392
  Science and Peace will t., 1963Triumphs
  the sorrow and the t. that are the aftermath of war, 1923Trojan
  governmental citadel of a T. horse, 633Trophies
  will never be envied, 778Trouble
  day of t., 1468
  take the t. to do the work of government, 1566Troy, 1951
  Far on the ringing plains of windy T., 575Truant
  Deal with him as a t., 135Truce
  to terror, 1324Truckle
  to the people, 1018True
  believes to be t., 1677
  danger is when liberty is nibbled away, 1053
  knowledge is achieved, 1317
  liberty consists only in the power of doing what we ought to will, 1055
  no Man … is t. to his wife, 2009
  to thine own self be t., 1675Truer
  than if they had really happened, 131Trumpeters
  Due to the lack of experienced t., 455Trust, 18271828
  committed to them in t. from the People, 1453
  divert from fulfillment of our sacred t., 1604
  don’t t. anybody over 30, 1828
  good of those who confer, not of those who receive the t., 712
  in God and Heaven securely, 1126
  in thee [O God] do I put my t., 1827
  never t. a woman who tells her real age, 2018
  nothing to the enthusiasm of the people, 757
  the people, 1333, 1343
  Republicans I would t. with anything—… except public office, 1602
  should be placed not in a few but in a number of hands, 765
  them [the people] with the facts, 1343
  Thou Shalt Not T. Anybody Over Thirty, 441Trusted
  for their defence to a mercenary army, 1647
  man is not made to be t. for life, 940
  they [the people] can be t. with their own government, 1338Trustees
  of Posterity, 2090Trusting
  to your works to defend you, 1119Trusts
  and combinations, 139Truth, 18291839
  best test of t., 1835
  crushed to earth, shall rise again, 1829
  the daughter of time, 1832
  diminution of love of t., 1925
  discernment they [the people] have manifested between t. and falsehood, 935
  do not be vexed with me for telling the t., 1404
  duty … to tell the t. about the President, 1506
  enemy of the t., 1268
  even more important to tell the t. … about him [the President], 1507
  Every Communist must grasp the t., 1451
  first casualty when war comes is t., 1925
  forever on the scaffold, 1838
  full liberty to tell the t. about his [the President’s] acts, 1507
  Hell is t. seen too late, 1830
  in favor of the eternal forces of t., 822
  is being more and more realized by the public, 301
  is the glue that holds the government together, 255, 1831
  is the only ground upon which their wishes safely can be carried out, 1835
  justice is t. in action, 952
  know the whole t., 1834
  let me go down linked with the t., 1851
  light of t., 238
  loving frankness and t., 1748
  new t. is always a go-between, 1837
  nothing more remorseless, just as there is nothing more helpful, than t., 584
  Persecution cannot harm him who stands by T., 1833
  politicians rarely feel they can afford the luxury of telling the whole t., 1563
  save in the cases where to tell the t. at the moment would benefit the public enemy, 1506
  scientific t., 1665
  search out the deep t. of life, 1664
  shut our eyes against a painful t., 1834
  simply tell the t., 1839
  sting of t. turns it fierce, 362
  stop telling the t. about them [Republicans], 1387
  tell the t. about the Democrats, 1387
  to the knowledge of nations, 738
  universal t. and applicability, 1644
  virtues of courage … t., 58
  without free speech no search for t. is possible, 672Truths
  being faced with cruel t., 556
  eternal t. of the past, 654
  We hold these t. to be sacred & undeniable, 396
  We hold these t. to be self-evident, 397, 462Try
  above all, t. something, 1843
  harder than anyone else, 109Trying, 18401843
  no such thing as half-t., 109Tuesday’s
  child is full of grace, 200Tunis
  bey of T., 614Turmoil
  streets of our country are in t., 155Turning
  and t. in the widening gyre, 454Turnip
  Boiled t. will a roasted pullet be, 1682TVA. See Tennessee Valley Authority.Twain, Mark (pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835–1910), 108Twenty
  God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion, 1623
  same views at forty as we held at t., 26
  to twenty-five! These are the years, 2088Twenty-one
  when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned, 2003Two
  roads that lead to something like human happiness, 845Two-thirds
  of the people, 1620
  [of the world] is up to something, 2037Tyler, John (1747–1813), 1403Tyrannical
  In all t. governments, 788Tyrannies
  Russia is one of the worst t., 1653Tyranny, 18441845
  and oppressions of body and mind will vanish, 490
  definition of t., 790
  enemies of man: t., poverty and disease and war itself, 516
  enemies of man—war, poverty, and t., 85
  in our fair land, 1069
  like hell, is not easily conquered, 1845
  of poverty, 1615
  over the mind of man, 1844
  rid the world of the t. of facts, 585
  That means first chaos, then t., 1005
  two different and incompatable names—liberty and t., 1070Tyrant
  freedom cannot be served by the devices of the t., 640Tyrants
  children are now t., 195
  ruled by t., 746Ugliness
  man-made u., 16Ugly
  you are u.—but tomorrow I’ll be sober, 2004Ultraliberalism
  today translates into a whimpering isolationism, 1042Ulysses
  I am a part of all that I have met, 575
  sailing farther than U. even dreamed of, 129Un-American
  most u. thing in America, 286Unborn
  fate of u. Millions, 1627
  millions yet u., 1630
  service to human kind yet u., 267Uncertainty
  no such u. as a sure thing, 172Uncle Sam
  over a barrel of oil, 527Uncommon
  right to be u., 71Undecided
  highly intelligent and well informed just to be u. about them [problems], 390Underdogs
  always, till history comes, after they are long dead, and puts them on top, 822Underground
  going u. to escape consequences of his own folly, 125
  live u. with the moles, 125Understanding
  imperfection of human u., 716Undisputed
  thing, 631Unemployment, 18461847
  When a great many people are unable to find work, 1846Unesco. See United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.Unfair
  Life is u., 1092Union, 18481855
  benefits and burdens of the U., 1849
  But I’m a U. man, 1407
  the Constitution, and the liberties of the people shall be perpetuated, 1852
  dissolve this U., 1267
  Emancipates the U., 1853
  existence of our u., 1706
  happy U. of these States, 1854
  how stands the U., 1848
  In u. there is strength, 1859
  know how to save the U., 1701
  Liberty first and U. afterwards, 1855
  My allegiance is to this U. and to my State, 267
  next to our liberty, most dear, 1849
  now and forever, one and inseparable, 1855
  of the English-speaking peoples, 499
  Our U.—it must be preserved, 1849
  saves the U. and the dream goes on, 1853
  shall go on, 162
  stands as she stood, rock-bottomed and copper-sheathed, one and indivisible, 1848
  symbol of u. for [the United] States, 1867
  that can only be maintained by swords and bayonets, 1850
  While the U. lasts, 1855
  would be imperiled, 938Union Station, Washington, D.C., inscription, 1252Unions
  Hitler attacked the u., 1749
  penetrate the trade u., 245Unitarians, 897Unite
  mankind u. together, 1861
  nations will u., 1963United
  that means that we have all come together, 1364United Mine Workers, 986United Nations, 449, 477, 914, 1324, 1856–1858United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  preamble to the constitution, 1966“United Nations Prayer,” 1463