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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Steward to Taught

  of the people, 1505Stick
  Speak softly and carry a big s., 629
  to the carrot, 2054Sting
  of truth turns it fierce, 362Stockholders
  make as much money for their s., 143Stone
  beyond the cutting of the s., 458
  head s. of the corner, 91
  of the heart, 1659
  which the builders refused, 91Stone Age
  bomb them back into the Stone Age, 127Storm
  I see the s. coming, 907
  the whirlwind, and the earthquake, 1575Storms
  of heaven and s. of battle, 1724Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1811–1896), 65Strangle
  the last king with the guts of the last priest, 965Stratagems
  resort to all sorts of s., 245Stream
  righteousness as a mighty s., 931Streams
  of revenue gushed forth, 813Streets
  no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the s., 1383
  of our country are in turmoil, 155
  won’t buy him clean s., 17Strength, 17721774
  action today to ensure our s. tomorrow, 1772
  exercise our s. with wisdom and restraint, 662
  I asked God for s., 1477
  In Union there is s., 1859
  is but a matter of slogans, 52
  makes detente attainable, 404
  of the general government, 405
  of the Pack is the Wolf, 1865
  of the Wolf is the Pack, 1865
  righteousness of our cause must always underlie our s., 662
  to endure the misfortunes of others, 1773
  today, 1772Stress
  process of living is the process of having s., 1122
  time of s. and strain, 1908Strike, 17751776
  at every favorable opportunity, 2061
  For future generations of your sons and daughters, s., 2061
  For your homes and hearths, s., 2061
  In the name of your sacred dead, s., 2061
  laborer can s. if he wants to, 1776
  no right to s. against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time, 1775Stripes
  for ever gleam, 602
  Stars and S., 601Striving
  mightily, 11Strong
  and successful governments, 750
  battle … is not to the strong alone, 1061
  be s. for the rest, 1233
  enough to know when he is weak, 1469
  in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield, 575
  make a people great and s., 1234
  man stumbles, 10
  only the productive can be s., 1774
  Only the s. can be free, 1774
  too s. for the liberties of the people, 733
  weakening the s., 1117Stronger
  than its weakest think, 1807
  we are, the better partners we shall be, 531Struggle
  against a powerful and resourceful enemy, 580
  against the common enemies of man, 516
  between Liberty and Authority, 1071
  burden of a long twilight s., 516
  history … presents a picture of uninterrupted s., 1957
  If there is no s. there is no progress, 443
  in which we have been so long engaged, 1922
  long, patient, costly s. … over the great enemies of man, 85
  this book has been for the author of long s. of escape, 875
  unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible s., 560Struggler
  has given up / When he might have captured the victor’s cup 1358Struggling
  to maintain the government, not to overthrow it, 732Stuck
  to their jobs, 1356Students
  have not tried to overthrow the Government, 221
  rebelling and rioting, 155Study
  Politicks and War that my sons may have liberty to s., 481Stupefied
  for a score of years, 26Stupid
  when a s. man is doing something he is ashamed of, 472Stupidity
  forgive almost any weakness, with the possible exception of s., 84Style
  original s., 2075
  which never borrows of any one, 2075Sublimest
  word in our language [duty], 469Subsistence
  mobs should … not depend on government for s., 795Succeed
  If it does not s., 110
  If it does s., 110
  it is worse never to have tried to s., 589
  proposed operation likely to s., 1784
  we ought not to s. unless we do have the people with us, 1332
  without it, nothing can s., 1557
  Without the assistance of that Divine Being who ever attended him, I cannot s., 1497Succeeded
  difficult task and we s., 1884Success, 17771786
  begins with a fellow’s will, 1436
  born fighter … who can dispense with s., 1087
  Do not be fobbed off with mere personal s., 2088
  do us honor when s. is with us, 446
  in modern war requires … careful preparation, 1726
  in modern war requires something more than courage, 1726
  intoxicated with unbroken s., 53
  is the necessary misfortune of life, 1785
  is won / By any chance, 656
  leap in the dark to our s., 1786
  mediocrity of s., 2084
  only one s., 1783
  Push. One of two things mainly conducive to s., 1412
  road to s., 1777
  secret of s., 1779
  we deserved, 139
  without having to fire a single shot, 1657Successes
  against all big s., 822
  I like not these great s. of yours, 1781Successful
  I want s. men as my associates, 588Suez Crisis, 913Suffering
  season of s., 220
  shall follow vice, 783Sufferings
  endure the most terrible s., though medical science could avert them, 1609Suffrage
  despotic reality of universal s., 1595
  for one-eighth of the entire population, 119
  Universal s. … could not long exist, 1549
  Universal s. exists in the United States without producing any frightful consequences, 1904Suicide
  germs of double s., 1258
  never was a democracy yet that did not commit s., 413
  we must live through all time, or die by s., 522Sum
  of the whole matter, 230Summer
  soldier and sunshine patriot, 1821Sumptuous
  misery, 16Sun
  and not the moon, 1222
  behold for the last time the s., 1855
  In Sichuan dogs bark at the s., 203
  it is a rising, and not a setting s., 323
  keeps pace with the s., 1808
  no new thing under the s., 1301
  nothing new under the s., 1301
  rising s. fresh from the burning, 59
  setting s. of a black night, 59The Sun
  If you see it in The Sun it’s so, 1660Sunday
  one great poem of New England is her S., 1241Sunlight
  is said to be the best of disinfectants, 1572Sums
  radiance of a thousand s., 123Sunshine
  keep your face to the s., 1435
  of life, 687
  patriot, 1821Superior
  like being compelled by a s., 909
  position assigned to the white race, 1578
  to all men, 1349
  wisdom and virtue of our own, 53Support
  any friend, 1066
  Governments do not and cannot s. the people, 781
  of the people, 777
  their Government, 777Suppress
  the free expression of thought, 1642Suppresses
  free speech, 1653Supreme Court, 938939, 944, 1763
  appointment of Earl Warren, 924
  has even ruled that I am the executive branch, 282
  nor should this Court … be thought of as a general haven for reform movements, 326
  See also JudiciarySupreme Court opinions
  Black, Hugo L.
    on citizenship, 214
  Brandeis, Louis D.
    on government, 707
    on government—separation of powers, 789
    on government officials, 793
    on liberty, 10481049
    on the state, 1755
  Brennan, William J., Jr.
    On obscenity, 1261
  Douglas, William O.
    on censorship, 167
    on lawyers, 1015
    on privacy, 1529
  Frankfurter, Felix
    on equality, 551
    on law, 1005
    on wisdom, 1998
  Fuller, Melville Weston
    on government, 717
  Harlan, John Marshall
    on the Constitution, 326
  Holmes, Oliver Wendell
    on freedom of speech, 675
    on legislature, 1037
    on regulation, 1586
    on rivers, 1645
    on taxation, 1792
    on the state, 1758
    on truth, 1835
    on women, 2013
    on words, 2020
  Jackson, Robert H.
    on freedom, 647
    on regulation, 1587
  Marshall, John
    comments by Andrew Jackson, 939
    on states rights, 1762
    on taxation, 1798
  Sutherland, George
    on liberty, 1077
  Warren, Earl
    on legislators, 1032Sure
  of the dock and much surer of the noose, 1953
  thing, 172
  what he knows for s. just ain’t so, 966Surprise
  Whoever can s. well must conquer, 1988Surrender
  we shall never s., 1354Surveillance
  everyone is open to s., 1529Survival
  On their resolution depends the s. of us all, 477Suspender
  rises to power / From one s., 1452Swapping
  tobacco across the lines, 260Swear
  not at all, 1805Sweat
  In the s. of thy face shalt thou eat bread, 977Sweet
  and fitting to die for one’s country, 367Swindlers
  enough [fools] to fatten the s., 606Sword
  arbitrament of the s., 222
  conquered for a while, 1750
  nation shall not lift up s. against nation, 1956
  Russia’s [conquests are made] with the s., 2045Swords
  beat their s. into plowshares, 1956
  ready hands and keen s., 1941Symbol
  of union for [the United] States, 1867Symbols
  reverence to their s., 183System
  is the best that the present views and circumstances of the country will permit, 721
  lost faith in the s., 752Systems
  adequacy of its political s., 1935
  giant organized s., 224Szechwan
  dogs bark at the sun, 203Szilard, Leo (1898–1964), 124T, is for the tears she shed to save me, 1226Table
  supped at labor’s t., 985Tacitus, Publius Cornelius (c. 55–c. 117), 1283Tail
  of China is large and will not be wagged, 201Tails
  Is unwaggable national t., 201Take-off
  can be in on the t., 1386Talent
  direction in which t. and ambition flow, 1718
  extraordinary collection of t., 823
  nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with t., 1355Talents
  undamaged in a napkin, 1505
  which society has helped to develop in you, 494Talk
  cannot do work, but can do t. only, 1034
  Don’t ever t. until you know what you are talking about, 284
  of many things, 1811
  [Parliament] can do t. only, 1034
  sense to the American people, 52, 85
  unlimited quantities of foolish t., 1033Talkative
  and impertinently busy, 1941Tame
  the savageness of man, 1864Tangible
  and the functional expand, 50Tarred
  man who was t. and feathered, 1498Task
  great and noble t., 2029Taste
  persons of t. and cultivation, 108Tastes
  virtues and their t. … from the limited patterns which the market offers, 258Taught
  us how to die, 1222
  us how to live, 1222