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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Tax to Tomorrow

  and t., and spend and spend, and elect and elect, 1793
  power to t. is not the power to destroy, 1792
  power to t. is the power to destroy, 1798
  reduce the “terrific” t. burden on the country, 1795
  reduction, 17
  those who vote for a t. can escape the obligation to pay for it, 1797
  to t. and to please, 1787
  you will soon be able to t. it, 1790Taxation, 17871798
  art of t., 1788Taxed
  beggar is t. for a corner to die in, 2072Taxes
  cannot touch those who vote for them, 812
  decrease t., 1411
  least willing to pay the t., 1789
  listing of his income for t., 1794
  more revenue by paying more t., 797
  net income, after he has paid his t., of more than $25,000, 2065
  [pollution] … raises t., 544
  stifling t., 1646
  votes … against all t., 299
  who fight and pay t., 1590Taxing
  to the limit of the people’s power to pay, 809Teach
  If [you plan] for a hundred years, t. the people, 495
  a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, 484
  New occasions t. new duties, 1838
  the people, you will reap a hundred harvests, 495
  Who dares to t. must never cease to learn, 1799Teacher
  aim of parent and t., 501Teachers, 17991800
  deserved more honour than parents, 482
  most patient of t., 130Teaches
  He who cannot, t., 1800
  us to govern ourselves, 719Teaching
  art of t., 487Teapot Dome scandal, 951Technical
  chief interest of all t. endeavors, 1661Technology
  subject the machine—t.—to control, 1613
  threatened by runaway t., 16Teeming shore, 1770Teeth
  he’s got iron t., 1708Telegraph
  from Maine to Texas, 1540Television, 18011803
  main factor in influencing the values and moral standards of our society, 1802
  a vast wasteland, 1801Tell
  blood will t., 121
  the people what they want to hear, 1391Tells
  too much, 121Temper
  moderation in t., 1199
  quick in t., 2092Temperance
  This country is for t., 37Temples
  no national t., 160Temptation
  is overwhelming, 799Ten Canons for Observation in Practical Life, 1116Ten Commandments, 18041805Ten Commandments of Protest, 441“Ten Points,” 1117“Ten Rules for the New Voter,” 776, 1573Tennessee Valley Authority, 1712Tennis player, 2Terms
  number of t. he has served, 1489Territory
  advance of our population towards the t., 1985
  does not make a nation, 51Terror
  awakened and filled me with t., 1700
  rules by t., 1653
  truce to t., 1324Terrors
  of fatigue, 1097Test
  anew whether a nation organized and governed such as ours can endure, 730
  institutions will be fairly brought to the t., 1847
  of civilization, 19, 360, 363, 724, 957, 1525, 1527
  of government, 724Texas, 1974
  if may be, having nothing important to communicate, 1540Thanksgiving
  day set apart … for public T. and Praise, 1628Then
  matter does not appear to me now as it … appeared to me t., 1263Theory, 1806
  condition which confronts us—not a t., 1806
  Democracy is the t. that common people know what they want, 423
  trickle down t., 479There
  Because it is t., 1741
  come from t. yes, 148
  is a proud undying thought in man, 593
  is no t. t., 148There’s
  the King’s Messenger, 950Thermopylae
  had her messenger of defeat, 32Thief
  advancing its noiseless step like a t., 941Thing
  Do your own t., 447
  sure t., 172Things
  that I pray for, 1471Think
  all men mortal but themselves, 1223
  as we will, and speak as we t., 676
  drunken men are [as apt] to t. themselves sober enough, 2087
  I am not going to say anything I do not t., 673
  If you t. you are beaten, you are, 1436
  never consider what this or that man will t., 1748
  pain makes man t., 2002
  they are thinking, 1266
  weakest t., 1807
  without confusion clearly, 1126
  Young men are as apt to t.
  themselves wise enough, 2087Thinking
  sensible man is satisfied with t., 3
  think they are t., 1266
  See also Positive thinkingThinks
  he can, 1436
  himself immortal, 1223Third
  public servant t., 1396
  struggle with the one t., 1620Thirty
  At t. man suspects himself a fool, 1223
  Thou Shalt Not Trust Anybody Over T., 441
  we don’t trust anybody over 30, 1828This
  is my own, my native land, 1310
  was their finest hour, 2055Thoreau, Henry David (1817–1862), 1528Thou
  say’st an undisputed thing in such a solemn way, 631, 1283
  Shalt Demand Amnesty for Them, 441
  shalt have one God only, 1805
  shalt love, 1805
  Shalt Not Accept Any Establishment Idea, 441
  Shalt Not Allow Thy Opponent to Speak, 441
  Shalt Not Ask Forgiveness for Thy Transgressions, 441
  shalt not bear false witness 1804
  shalt not commit adultery, 1804
  shalt not covet, 1805
  shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife … nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s, 1804
  Shalt Not Heed the Lessons of History, 441
  Shalt Not Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother, 441
  shalt not kill, 18041805
  Shalt Not Present a Negotiable Demand, 441
  Shalt Not Revere Any but Totalitarian Heroes, 441
  Shalt Not Set Forth a Program of Thine Own, 441
  shalt not steal, 18041805
  Shalt Not Trust Anybody Over Thirty, 441
  Shalt Not Write Anything Longer than a Slogan, 441Thought, 18071808
  beyond the utmost bound of human t., 675
  comradeship of t., 2081
  discomfort of t., 1268
  elastic and vigorous t., 1808
  freedom of t., 441
  great Presidents were leaders of t., 1504
  key to every man is his t., 873
  lack of t., 2092
  liberty of t., 671
  magnanimity of t., 1223
  makes man wise, 2002
  power of the t., 1835
  proud undying t. in man, 593
  right of independent t., 61
  shutting out the process of t., 441
  slavery, not to speak one’s t., 1699
  suppress the free expression of t., 1642
  Without Freedom of T., 674Thoughts
  hides a dark soul and foul t., 563Thousand
  hasty counsels, 937Three
  kinds of lies, 1769
  things must always be, 1239
  things which are real, 1095
  things which make a nation great, 815Three-mile limit, 1809Thrift
  cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging t., 1117
  [gains] no privileges, 1716
  plain way of life … promotes t. and prosperity, 796Throne
  chased another [king] off the t., 1598
  most exalted t. in all the world, 1782
  Queen sent word to a T., 2014
  Wrong forever on the t., 1838Thunder
  No! in t., 1272
  not the gentle shower, but t., 1575
  they want rain without t. and lightning, 443Thunders
  so that I cannot hear, 186Thursday’s
  child has far to go, 200Tide
  moral t. of the moment, 1025
  of opposition to U.S. imperialism, 1927
  of population that has recently commenced flowing into it, 1985
  of years may roll, 1812
  rising t. lifts all the boats, 1667
  rising t. of individual and group violence, 1896
  turning the t. of the World War, 2052Tides
  mastering the winds, the waves, the t., 1134Tierney, George (1761–1830), 634Ties
  which though light as air, are as strong as links of iron, 694Tiger
  has broken out of his den, 1559Tilt
  at something ere he die, 4
  at windmills, 4
  of the social landscape, 1718Time, 18101817
  act not only for the moment but for our t., 1815
  ancient t. what is best, 1997
  and opportunity for more cool and sedate reflection, 468
  Ask counsel of both t., 1997
  enough, if one will apply it well, 1813
  envious of the good t. that is coming to us, 24
  fade … into the night of t., 2083
  for all things, 1936
  has come, the Walrus said, 1811
  has come when we must proceed with the business of carrying the war to the enemy, 2062
  has upset many fighting faiths, 1835
  I shall use my t., 1118
  If well made at the right t. it is effective, 1824
  imaginative artist willy-nilly influences his t., 2082
  is always ripe to do right, 1693
  know what to do with it, 1820
  latter t. what is fittest, 1997
  like all times, is a very good one, 1820
  look at its operation for a considerable t., 1367
  makes ancient good uncouth, 1838
  most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions, 1816
  night of t., 2083
  no t. like the old t., 1814
  no t. to lose, plant it this afternoon, 1815
  not a t. of life, 2095, 2099
  Now is the t. for all good men, 1388
  of peace, 1810
  of war, 1810
  orderly arrangement of his t., 1290
  people of ill will have used t. much more effectively, 1693
  saves abundance of T., 146
  something which no t. can efface, 1198
  Speech is of T., 1691
  speech is shallow as T., 1691
  study the right t., 1824
  to be born, and a t. to die, 1810
  to embrace, 1810
  to every purpose under the heaven, 1810
  to fight, and that t. has now come, 1936
  to keep silence, and a t. to speak, 1810
  to kill, and a t. to heal, 1810
  to love, and a t. to hate, 1810
  to plant, and a t. to pluck up that which is planted, 1810
  to preach and a t. to pray, 1936
  to weep, and a t. to laugh, 1810
  Truth the daughter of T., 1832
  wheels of t., 1290
  will do us justice, 1560Times, 18181822
  all t. are essentially alike, 1819
  All t. I have enjoy’d / Greatly, have suffer’d greatly, 575
  It was the best of t., it was the worst of t., 1818
  keep pace with the t., 178
  law is behind the t., 1006
  most turbulent and tormented t. in the history of this nation, 418
  no t. like the old t., 1814
  of ours are serious and full of calamity, 1819
  of stress and strain, 1908
  that try men’s souls, 1821
  those t. have passed away, 1936Timing, 18231824Tiny Tim, 1465Tiresome
  repetition of inadequate catch words, 1282Tithe
  contribute to his Government not the scriptural t., 1794Tobacco
  swapping t. across the lines, 260Today, 1825
  action t. to ensure our strength tomorrow, 1772
  deed … we t. call weakness, will appear tomorrow as … essential, 836
  How queer everything is t., 1678
  is the first day of the rest of your life, 1825
  only limits to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of t., 695
  well lived, 1106
  what ought to be done t., 1290
  what you can do t., 1116Together
  go forward now t., 1863Toil
  and Blood and Treasure, 392Told
  all who t. it, added something new, 594Tolls
  for whom the bell t., 134
  if t. for thee, 134Tomatoes
  [can still be distinguished] from the cabbage, 49Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 1734Tombstone, Arizona, 1515Tommy
  Oh, it’s T. this, 1723Tomorrow
  action today to ensure our strength t., 1772
  deed … we today call weakness, will appear t. as … essential, 836
  delay till t., 1290
  every T. a Vision of Hope, 1106
  is only a Vision, 1106
  less than t., 1130
  might be better, 182
  Never put off till t., 1116
  only limit to our realization of t. will be our doubts of today, 695
  was not worse than today, 182