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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Soul to Stevenson, Adlai Ewing

  breathes there the man, with s. so dead, 1310
  desire deep within the s., 1229
  drag my s. down to the regions of darkness and despair, 1638
  has power to clothe itself, 1752
  he that hides a dark s., 563
  nation might have lost its s., 43
  psychology [has not yet found] a sensible s., 111
  to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the s., 2099Soul’s
  active exercise of his s. faculties, 567Souls
  cold and timid s., 10
  endure in silence, 1694
  like stars, that dwell apart, 685
  saving s., or preventing greater harm to s., 435
  times that try men’s s., 1821Sound
  and the fury of history, 556Soup
  homeopathic, 78South
  For my part, I go to the s., 834
  I know no S., no North, no East, no West, 267South American
  same fears for our S. A. brethren, 725South Carolina
  I never know what S. C. thinks of a measure, 300
  never speaks until Mr. Calhoun is heard, 559
  too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum, 1969Southeast Asia. See Vietnam War.Southern
  man, 304
  Northern charm and S. efficiency, 1972Sovereignty
  popular, 78Soviet
  delegates smile, 244
  spending has shown no response to U.S. restraint, 400
  What place does … a second front occupy in the S. estimates, 2068Soviet Union
  choose the S. U., 1656
  not the S. U. or indeed any other big Powers who need the United Nations, 1857
  See also Russia; SiberiaSoviets
  have really been quite single-minded, 400Sow’s
  You can’t make a silk purse out of a s. ear, 1084Space
  be preserved for peaceful use, 1739
  high untrespassed sanctity of s., 603
  is there, and we’re going to climb it, 1741
  passengers on a little s. ship, 477
  United States take an affirmative position in outer s., 1740Space exploration, 17371744Spade
  calls … s. a s., 1748Spanish-American War, 1910Spark
  divine s. leaps from the finger of God to the finger of Adam, 898
  enough s. left in me to lead a mighty good revolt, 1892Spartacus (d. 71 B.C.), 1019Speak
  and says nothing, 266
  and s. again, 1695
  if only men can s. in whatever way given them to utter what their hearts hold, 680
  not too well, 135
  slavery, not to s. one’s thought, 1699
  softly and carry a big stick, 629
  time to keep silence, and a time to s., 1810
  what no man else knows, 1024
  when we fail to s. up and s. out, 1746
  wonder why you do not s. than why you do, 1280Speaking
  if a man is a fool, … encourage him to advertise the fact by s., 681Speaking out, 1695, 1745–1749Special
  interests, 1567Spectators
  who mount the stage, 1369Speech
  every time you make a s., 1277
  if instead of making a political s. I was being hanged, 1277
  is of Time, 1691
  is shallow as Time, 1691
  is silvern, 1691
  maiden s., 1279
  nonpolitical s. by a politician, 1402
  suppresses free s., 1653
  that is good for anything, 1691
  was superfluous, 1285
  See also Freedom of speechSpeeches
  antiquity has left us the finest models, 1283
  time it took him [Wilson] to prepare his s., 1288
  vogue of short s., 1288Speed
  all deliberate s., 1758Spend
  a little more than it earns, 808
  Never s. your money before you have it, 1116
  tax and tax, and s. and s., and elect and elect, 1793Spending
  more than your income, 1117
  no sacrifice at all in s., 809
  other people’s money, 805
  the public money, 799
  Soviet s. has shown no response to U.S. restraint, 400
  the sweat of its laborers … the hopes of its children, 403
  was no longer the rock of unsound finance, 379
  See also Government spendingSphere
  woman’s s., 2012Spiral
  it [violence] is a descending s., 1893Spirit, 17501754
  [America] no longer ruler of her own s., 613
  conquers forever, 1750
  contribution to the human s., 1753
  crisis of the s., 806
  Great S. placed me and my people on this land poor and naked, 1545
  long years that … turn the growing s. back to dust, 2099
  of enjoyment was stronger, 2063
  of enterprise and adventure, 658
  of liberty, 1059
  of Liberty constantly awake, 1052
  of man be unable to pass from this body to another, 1752
  of sacrifice, 2063
  preserve the freedom of the human s., 676
  prison house of the s., 18
  shall cease to be never, 1751
  should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom, 676
  subtle destroyer of the human s., 1984
  Unrest of s., 1096
  which prizes liberty, 1069“The Spirit of Liberty” speech, 1059Spirits
  Does he use ardent s., 35
  from the vasty deep, 1754Spiritual
  dependence upon relief induces a s. and moral disintegration, 1984Spiritually
  poor, 1632
  redeemed s., 230Spoiled
  and eventually a very weak individual, 83Spoils
  to the victor belong the s., 1314Spoilt
  we civilised people have been s., 1609Sponge
  nor friends to s., 1407Sport
  it’s [politics] the only s. for grownups, 1432
  noblest s. the world affords, 1637Spring
  of hope, 1818Spurious quotations
  Aeschylus, 945
  Author unknown, stone tablet, 456
  Churchill, Winston, 2004
  Cicero, Marcus Tullius 795
  Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1528
  Hitler, Adolf, 155
  Jefferson, Thomas, 35, 1204
  Lee, Robert E., 469
  Lenin, Vladimir Ilich (Ulyanov), 246
  Lincoln, Abraham, 1117
  Socrates, 195
  Thoreau, Henry David, 1528
  Webster, Daniel, 1986Squandered
  all but s. this inheritance, 1605Squanderers
  of planetary capital, 309Squandering
  the capital of metallic ores and fossil fuels, 309Stage
  All the world’s a s., 1158Stagecoach
  travelling in a s., 177Stalin, Joseph (1879–1953), 917, 1658Stand
  fast and suffer long, 1234
  firm, 688
  for something, [or] … fall for anything, 106
  great thing in this world is not so much where we s., 5
  the heat, get out of the kitchen, 1513
  take a s. on any issue, 38
  up for them [rights and interests], 1644
  what to s. for, 106
  where to s., 106
  with anybody that stands right, 1639
  with him while he is right, 1639
  your ground, 1940Standard
  Every action of the enemy is judged by one s., 933
  Let us raise a s. to which the wise and the honest can repair, 340
  of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, 613
  pick up a fallen s., 1299Standard-bearer
  of this forlorn hope, 863Standards
  integrity of their own intellectual and moral s., 1018
  Laws can embody s., 1746Stand-patter
  Expect to be called a s., 2025Stands
  one’s own nation s. for everything that is good and noble, 933
  up for an ideal, 8Star
  fixed s. in our constitutional constellation, 647
  fixed s. in the firmament of great names, 1977
  follow knowledge like a sinking s., 575
  Joy is … like a fixed s., 923
  quenched on high, 371Stars
  above our cornfields, 1474
  and Stripes, 601
  In my s. I am above thee, 828
  night already devoid of s., 1893Started
  end of all our exploring / Will be to arrive where we s., 579Starvation
  only a thin layer of soil between himself and s., 31Starve
  rather s. than sell our national honor, 1303Starving
  to death, 1094State, 17551760
  Athenian citizen does not neglect the s., 1552
  cannot be expected to move with the celerity of a private business man, 1758
  chief power in the S., 1419
  [church] is not the master or the servant of the s., 1759
  [church is] the conscience of the s., 1759
  comes into existence … for the sake of a good life, 209
  destiny of the s. is in the hands of the many, 912
  dies out, 1757
  exists for the sake of Society, 787
  first act by virtue of which the S. really constitutes itself, 1757
  galley of the s., 1756
  Great men are the guideposts and landmarks in the s., 816
  has a right to do exactly as it pleases, 1761
  has no business in the bedrooms of the nation, 1685
  highest wisdom of a S., 1038
  interest citizens themselves display in the affairs of s., 772
  interference in social relations, 1757
  is not “abolished,” 1757
  Justice in the life and conduct of the S., 963
  last independent act as a S., 1757
  A man must first care for his own household before he can be of use to the s., 628
  master or servant of the s., 1759
  must follow and not lead the character and progress of the citizen, 1004
  No particular man is necessary to the s., 1151
  not a good citizen unless he also takes thought of the s., 628
  not Society for the sake of the S., 787
  of mind, 2095, 2099
  of Wretchedness, 1627
  over which you preside, 1476
  police s., 442
  serve as a laboratory, 1755
  single courageous S., 1755
  strongest s. that history has known, 206
  Too small to be a s., 1969
  was is … the continuation of s. policy, 1917
  which dwarfs its men, 1760
  worth of a s. … is the worth of the individuals composing it, 1760
  [Youth] is a s. of mind, 2099Statecraft
  reward achievement in business or s., 96Stateism
  down the road to s., 1756States
  balanced representation to the S., 1592
  individual communities that have united, 1364
  laws of the several S., 938
  lines which separate the S., 1762
  national economic problem must be decided only by the S., 1763
  rights of the S., 1849
  rock upon which s. are built, 526
  support and defend these S., 392
  symbol of union for s., 1867
  until all shall be usurped from the S., 941States rights, 17611763
  respecting rights of the States, 1849
  will hold out against centralization, 1595Statesman, 17641767
  as compared with the s., 1393
  great s. is he who knows when to depart from traditions, 1766
  I am not in Washington as a s., 298
  is a politician who’s been dead 10 or 15 years, 1405
  standard of a s., 1765Statesmanship
  they require consists in honesty and frugality, 1670Statesmen
  adored by little s., 1194
  are in conversation, 2041
  forsake their own private conscience, 1764
  have to bend to the collective will, 1767
  modern s., 252
  most creative s. in modern history, 1622
  of which there are few, 631
  peace of the world has been preserved, not by s., 1319Statistics, 17681769
  Government are very keen on amassing s., 1768
  lies, damned lies, and s., 1769
  source of the s., 1768Statue
  man whose … s. [should be] placed in every college, 6Statue of Liberty, 17701771
  inscriptions, 641, 655, 779, 1046, 1056, 1069, 1081, 1770Statute
  we cannot abolish all the evils in this world by s., 783Statue of Virginia for Religious Freedom, 546, 669Stayed
  neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course, 1439Stays
  these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, 1439Steal
  from one author, it’s plagiarism, 2077
  from two, it’s research, 2077
  a jay will s., 305
  Thou shalt not s., 18041805Steel
  man … who is both s. and velvet, 1109Steer
  the ship from the shore, 1928Step
  begin with a single s., 1533
  one small s. for a man, 1738
  science will have moved forward yet one more s., 505
  to the music which he hears, 905Stettin, 234, 1654Stevenson, Adlai Ewing (1900–1965), 52, 59