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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

AUTHOR: Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)
QUOTATION: John Marshall has made his decision: now let him enforce it!
ATTRIBUTION: President ANDREW JACKSON.—Horace Greeley, The American Conflict, A History of the Great Rebellion…, vol. 1, p. 106 (1864), noting that “I am indebted for this fact to the late Governor George N. Briggs, of Massachusetts, who was in Washington as a member of Congress when the decision was rendered” (footnote 27, p. 106).

Chief Justice Marshall had read the Supreme Court’s opinion in a dispute between the state of Georgia and two missionaries, who had been convicted of and imprisoned for living among the Cherokee Indians. The Supreme Court’s decision was in favor of the missionaries. “The attorneys for the missionaries sought to have this judgment enforced, but could not. General Jackson was President, and would do nothing of the sort…. So the missionaries languished years in prison” (p. 106).
SUBJECTS: Judiciary