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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Read to Revolutionists

  do not r. each other’s mail, 1531
  if persecuted it will be generally r., 170
  more one sees we have to r., 1581
  my eyes out and can’t read half enough, 1581
  what he pleases, 170Readiness
  to defend ourselves, 409Reading, 1581
  about one’s failings 1522
  more and enjoying it less, 1520Reads
  more one r., 1581Ready
  I believe I am r., 907Reagan, Ronald (1911–  ), 966, 1611Real
  most r. things in the world, 1660
  shape r. events in a r. world, 622Realist
  believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run, 868Realities
  escape from painful r., 580Reality
  [dreams] will begin to take on flesh and r., 621
  face r., 1836Reap
  he who gives in friendship’s name shall r. what he has spent, 684
  a hundred harvests, 495
  a single harvest, 495
  Were we directed from Washington when to sow, & when to r., 728Rearm
  in order to fight, 401
  in order to parley, 401Reason
  and humanity over error and oppression, 1521
  and right are swept aside by the rage of angry men, 1929
  congenial with r., 738
  Government is not r., 754
  is left free to combat it [error of opinion], 1267
  never has failed men, 680
  progress of r., 1932
  True law is right r., 1000Reasonable
  fellow, 256Reasoners
  cooler and more experienced r., 2094Reasoning
  art of r. becomes of first importance, 1283Reasons, 1582
  two r. for what he does, 1582Rebel
  never raise a r. cry, 4Rebellion
  so honourably conducted, 1623
  we [the Ladies] are determined to foment a R., 2010Recalcitrant
  nothing is more r. than the passions and interests of men, 1456Received
  give in the same measure as I have r., 1603Recipe
  for political success, 1391
  Happy Home R., 844Reciprocity
  of affection, 1406Reclamation
  of arid public lands, 311Recollection
  for his wit, 1175Red
  [better] R. than dead, 128Red China. See ChinaRedeeming
  social importance, 1261
  social value, 1261Reelects
  him year after year, 283Reflection
  more cool and sedate r., 468Reform, 15831585
  haven for r. movements, 326
  that you may preserve, 1584Reform Bill of 1867, 176Reformed
  by showing him a new idea, 873Reformer
  thinks he was ilicted because he was a r., 1583
  who does not remember the past will find himself condemned to repeat it, 853Reformers
  best r. the world has ever seen are those who commence on themselves, 1585Refuge
  of a scoundrel, 1306Refusal
  point blank r., 1543
  prefer a false promise to a flat r., 1543Refuse
  if you r. you are sure to offend many, 1543Regardless
  of color, creed, ancestry, sex or age, 729Region
  of savages and wild beasts, 1986Regret
  that I have but one life, 1304Regulate
  that which it subsidizes, 1587Regulation, 15861588
  goes too far it will be recognized as a taking, 1586Reigns
  in America the President r. … and Journalism governs, 1524Rejoice
  in it [our national life], 768Relevance, 1589
  negative r., 1589Relief
  dependence upon r. induces a spiritual and moral disintegration, 1984Religion
  and virtue alike lend their sanctions to meekness and humility, 253
  free to profess and by argument maintain, their opinions in matters of r., 667
  morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government, 55
  of Christ, 207
  opinions in politics and r., 1275
  set one r. against another, 1482
  without science is blind, 1662
  See also Freedom of religionReligions
  nation of many nationalities, many races, many r., 1482
  oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and R., 884Religious
  highest act of r. teaching—sacrifice, 1728
  hot discussion on the merits of r. sects, 897Religious freedom. See Freedom of religionRemember
  the Alamo, the Maine, and Pearl Harbor, 65
  don’t have to r. what you have said, 1839
  the Maine, 1910
  minutely and precisely only the things which never really happened to us, 1174
  reformer who does not r. the past, 853
  the sabbath day, 1804
  We must r., 225Remembered
  in spite of ourselves, 1701
  not for victories or defeats, 1753
  perform something worthy to be r., 13Remorseless
  nothing more r.,… than truth, 584Rendezvous
  with death, 373
  with destiny, 1607Reorganizing
  meet any new situation by r., 1539Repeat
  who cannot remember the past are condemned to r. it, 1292Repeats
  history r. itself, 574Report
  of my death has been greatly exaggerated, 378Reporters
  should ever lose the right to protect the confidentiality of their sources, 1522Represent
  elected spokesmen r. the Establishment, 1891Representation, 15901592
  equal r. in one House, 1592
  equal r. then proposed, 1597
  is based on geographical boundaries, 1128
  no voice, or R., 2010
  proportionate r. based upon population, 1592
  rights of r., 1590Representative
  choosing a r., 1428
  happiness and glory of a r., 280
  a man must learn to be a R., 301
  of the people, 1496
  of the people as a sentinel on the watch-tower of liberty, 307
  of the whole society, 1757
  value of the R. or Senator increases in proportion to his length of service, 301
  worthy of you ought to be a person of stability, 1028
  See also Congress; LegislatorRepresentatives
  chosen by the people to govern, 1364
  here they act by their immediate r., 762
  no special r., 1516
  of all the people in the country control this one city, 1975
  right of voting for r., 1906
  See also Congress; LegislatorsRepresented
  district that is best r., 283Repression
  force and r. have made the wrecks in the world, 680
  people of America are ready to support r., 444Reproach
  him with the very defect or vice … you feel … in yourself, 520Republic, 15931598
  falls under one man’s yoke, 1598
  for which it stands, 1363
  government called a r., 425
  if you can keep it, 1593
  is a dream, 464
  is his monument, 830
  is in danger, 155
  is the weal of the people, 946
  leaders of the r., 1018
  mass will hold together under the forms of a r., 1595
  Model R., 45
  monarchy gradually transforms itself into a r., 1598
  needed to be passed through chastening … fires, 1594
  no r. where there is no justice, 946
  of the grave, 368
  or a Monarchy, 1593
  preserve a r. in vigor, 1337
  saves the r., which is the first and supreme law, 926
  a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives, 1364
  they died to save, 370
  too small for a r., 1969Republican
  black, dyed in the wool R., 1599
  change its [the Union’s] r. form, 1267
  economy among the first and most important of r. virtues, 383
  everything r. which was not monarchy, 1597
  I will not be a R., 1385
  no Democratic or R. way of cleaning the streets, 1383
  proposition to my R. friends, 1387
  such a good statement of the R. case that he wished it were his, 1386Republican party, 15991602
  as the sheet anchor of the colored man’s political hopes, 1601
  however bad the R. p., 1600
  refrain from telling any lies about the R. p., 1387Republicans
  are for both the man and the dollar, 1068
  come forward with programs, 801
  some R. I would trust with anything, 1602
  stop telling the truth about them, 1387
  We are all r., 1596Republicans (Club), 682Republics
  are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens, 63
  are not in and of themselves better than other forms of government, 671
  fall, when the wise are banished, 63
  which, having been formed with seeds of their own dissolution, now no longer exist, 716Reputation
  are not above attacking methods and possibly my official r., 519
  damage his r., 520
  falls to pieces, 446
  make a bonfire of your r., 1745
  Seeking the bubble r., 1158Required
  much is r., 1604Re-rat
  certain amount of ingenuity to r., 1374Research
  steal from two, it’s r., 2077Resistance
  history of r., 1080Resources
  [America’s] material r., 51
  equal to its r., 1791
  He smote the rock of the national r., 813
  of our land, 13
  steadily decreasing r., 811
  See also Natural resourcesResponsibilities
  in their business activities, 143
  men aware of their grave trust and their great r., 1611
  to the state, 1604
  wake from slumber and face our r., 1609Responsibility, 16031611
  give him some r. and he is going to amount to something, 83
  I do not shrink from this r.—I welcome it, 661
  in an ever-widening sphere for all that lives, 1101
  is clear, 1902
  Liberty means r., 1074
  standard of r. which no government can possibly meet, 783
  was the price every man must pay for freedom, 643
  we owe not to our party or even to our constituents but to our individual consciences, 1381
  what we mean is a sense of national r., 1311
  worthy of our power and r., 662Responsible
  for their conduct, 1500
  people are r. for the acts of their government, 1346Restless
  in the midst of abundance, 86Restructuring
  vast r. of our society is needed, 1717Resurrection City, 1442Resurrections
  countless deaths and r., 1752
  three thousand r., 1752Retirement
  compulsory r., 1569
  merit in calm r., 295Retreat
  convert r. into advance, 599
  enemy advances, we r., 1933
  know when to r., 1185
  No r., 1871Retreats
  enemy r., we pursue, 1933Retribution, 1612Return
  I shall r., 2059
  not knowing when or whether ever I may r., 1497Returned
  I have r., 2061Returning
  were as tedious as go o’er, 114Revelations
  first dreadful r., 46Revenue
  streams of r. gushed forth, 813Revere, Paul (1735–1818>, 65Revision
  fearlessness of r., 183Revolt
  enough spark left in me to lead a mighty good r., 1892Revolution, 16131618
  as profound, as far-reaching, as exciting as that first r., 1617
  democracy in order to have a r., 416
  era of r., 1618
  greatest r. of all, 182
  in India, 202
  in order to establish a democracy, 416
  in the nature of an explosive political regeneration, 1613
  new American r., 1617
  of rising expectations, 182, 1618
  peaceful r., 1617
  peaceful r. impossible, 1616
  redress, honored in tradition, is also r., 1614
  support r. as long as it is done with a cultured voice and a handsome profile, 1389
  violent r. inevitable, 1616
  was in the minds of the people, 1619Revolutionaries
  salute you as fellow r., 1615Revolutionary
  as science, 2025
  idea, that tomorrow might be better, 182
  unable to cope with r. situations, 442Revolutionary war (1776–1783), 277, 525, 1357, 1619–1630, 1821, 1845, 1940Revolutionists
  descended from immigrants and r., 882