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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Prophets to Reactionary

  persecuted they the p., 102Proportion
  inverse p. to our creative capacity, 1681Propriety
  decency and p. of conduct, 884
  of having a Congress, 1496
  of the nation must be startled, 1575
  See also ImproprietyProsper
  [Fortune] suffers not the same man to p. for ever, 637
  neither man nor nation can p. unless … thought is … taken for the future, 312Prosperity
  -at-any-price, 58
  general p., 1644
  instruments of our rising p., 410
  on these alone a stable p. can be founded, 840
  partners in p., 1667
  plain way of life … promotes thrift and p., 796
  time of p., 1468
  will rise upward … through the ranks, 479Prostitution
  victims of legal p., 1210Protect
  the people, 292Protest
  against living under rules and prejudices and attitudes that produce the extremes of wealth and poverty, 1144
  human race / Has climbed on p., 1695
  only effective p., 1890
  politics of p. is shutting out the process of thought, 441
  Ten Commandments of P., 441Protestant
  Hitler attacked me and the P. church, 1749Protests
  series of p., 1717Protocol
  alcohol, and Geritol, 1858Proud
  and unbending in honest defeat, 1469
  man, / Dress’d in a little brief authority, 1159
  men asking / Not to be safe, but free, 1474
  men compete for nameless graves, 1110
  of his community, proud of his country, proud of what America has meant, 54
  that I was a free man first, 1396
  that I’m a politician, 1405
  too p. to pray, 53
  undying thought in man, 593Providence
  consequences with P., 1551
  playing P., 1361
  some secret design of P., 2045
  task for which P. has chosen me, 821
  trust from P., 280
  unwilling to leave anything to P., 1361
  will put a speedy end to the acts of God under which we have been laboring, 701Providential
  token of p. agency, 1344Prudence
  [forbids] … paying our own money for unexplained projects, 802
  there is also a false, reptile p., 596Prudent
  archers … take aim much higher than their mark, 825
  progressive who is p., 1396
  without having my mind closed to anything that is new or different, 1396Prying
  lost as much as we gained by p. into that matter, 974Psalm of brotherhood, 1693“The Psalm of the Addict,” 852Psychology
  [has not yet found] a sensible soul, 111Public
  authority, just cause, right motive, 1909
  awareness of the p. attitude, 1406
  chore, 1423
  consider himself as p. property, 1562
  courage to resist p. pressure, 1604
  Credit, 813
  danger of disturbing the p. tranquillity, 335
  discover in the p. felicity the latent causes of decay, 1647
  duties, 1764
  emploiment contributes neither to advantage nor happiness, 842
  expenditure, 812
  good, 1561, 1604, 1643
  Honour and Gain of p. Posts, 1565
  interest, 1511, 1567
  married and endowed the p., 1163
  men have no sure tenure, 1563
  money, 799
  no right to strike against the p. safety, 1775
  officer without vices, 820
  passions, 335
  private rights and p. happiness, 82
  sentiment is everything, 1557
  servant third, 1396
  starving the p. sector, 17
  taste, 1803
  vote themselves largesse from the p. treasury, 424
  When a man assumes a p. trust, 1562
  when p. men indulge themselves in abuse, 1170Public affairs, 15511552
  indifference to p. a., 565
  never to turn aside in p. a. through views of private interest, 1551
  no interest in p. a., 1552
  some part in the direction of p. a, 975
  take no further part in p. a., 1246
  Those who are selected for a limited time to manage p. a., 796
  views felt in p. a., 221Public debt. See Debt.Public life
  born with a love for p. l., 1423
  course of p. l., 1560
  great many men in p. l., 1569
  hypocrite in p. l., 1976
  in all my years of p. l. 1564
  quit p. l. at seventy, 115
  retain p. l. at a sacrifice to my own self-respect, 115Public office
  anything, that is, except p. o., 1602
  refusal … to sacrifice … integrity … for the sake of winning p. o., 1018Public officials
  right to criticise their own p. o., 171Public opinion, 15531559
  force of reason and p. o., 737
  greatest enemy that ever confronted man, 1555
  overflows eventually into national behaviour, 1558
  polls to tell me what is right, 1490
  Private opinion creates p. o., 1558
  See also OpinionPublic service, 1022, 1560–1571
  grown cynical from long [p.] s., 295
  is but honorable exile from one’s family and affairs, 842
  never profited from p. s., 1564
  not as a matter of privilege, but as the reward of merit 1568
  See also Oath of OfficePublication
  consequences of their p., 1669Publicity, 15721573
  desire for p. and acclaim, 1406
  is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases, 1572
  is therefore as essential to honest administration 1573
  show how it can bear discussion and p., 1668Published
  posthumously, 1285
  vast number of titles which are p., 169Publishers
  build the fleet, 129Pull
  The other is p., 1412Pulpit
  bully p., 1508
  politics and the p. are terms that have little agreement, 1417Pulpits
  flame with righteousness, 829Punish
  the wrongdoers, 211Puppets
  political p., 1455Puritans, 1574
  there were all kinds of P., 1574Purpose
  constancy of p., 1779Purse
  Delay works always for the man with the longest p., 1013
  empties his p. into his head, 967
  You can’t make a silk p. out of a sow’s ear, 1084Push
  One of two things mainly conducive to success, 1412Pusillanimous
  our decisions, however p., 389
  pussyfooting, 1042Puzzle
  that’s the great puzzle, 1678Quakers. See Society of Friends.Qualifications
  for the office, 1499
  for the position which he seeks, 301Quality
  of the Nation’s life, 2028Quarrel
  in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing, 2050
  national q., 1929
  which has already been settled in principle, 2050Queen
  sent word to a Throne, 2014Question
  But this momentous q., 1700
  is … whether you can make words mean different things, 2019
  is … which is to be master, 2019
  judicial one [question], 1429
  political q. in the United States … sooner or later turn[s] into a judicial one, 1429
  position on almost every public q. was either mischievous or ridiculous, 1274
  what is the q., 989Questions
  all q. in the earth and out of it, 700Quick
  comradeship of letters, 2081
  in temper, 2092
  to act, 2092Quicksand
  of racial injustice, 1693Quiet
  and dignified simplicity, 108Quincy, Dorothy (fl. 1738), 1090Quit
  Americans never q., 80
  don’t you q., 1358Quixote
  of the world, 533R, means right, 1226Race, 462, 1575–1580
  between education and catastrophe, 858
  elevate the r. at once, 1142
  hatred, 119
  inferior r. are to be treated, 1703
  issue of r. could benefit from a period of “benign neglect,” 1579
  Neither r. nor color nor frustration is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy, 1895
  no American is held down by r. or color, 1343
  privileges of citizenship regardless of r., 1901
  riders in a r. do not stop short when they reach the goal, 1115
  salvation for a r., 960
  set one r. against another, 1482Races
  didn’t bother the Americans, 81
  enslave all r., 1482
  nation of many nationalities, many r., 1482
  oppressed of all lands and r., 960
  physical difference between the white and black r., 1578
  social and political equality of the white and black r., 1578
  two r., equally free, cannot live in the same government, 1576Racial
  discrimination, 117, 1896
  injustice, 1894
  quicksand of r. injustice, 1693
  rhetoric fades, 1579
  stigma, 1877Racism
  in reverse at its worst, 1577Racket
  mad r. and the hazards of the forum, 376
  that will stop the r., 1912Radical
  Is not every man sometimes a r. in politics?, 315
  to remove all that is bad [in our constitution], 314
  Youth should be r., 157Radicals
  are the men past middle life, 2100
  Two r., one of whom is a deputy, 1031
  when r. criticise, 1642Rain
  snow, nor r., nor heat, nor gloom of night, 1439
  without thunder and lightning, 443Rainbow
  reverent feeling for the r., 974Rains
  restrain these immoderate r., 1473Raisin
  like a r. in the sun, 461Raleigh, Sir Walter (1552?–1618), 119Rally
  round the flag, boys, 601Rare
  as a day in June, 2072Rat
  Anyone can r., 1374Rather
  be a hound dog and bay at the moon, 295
  be a one-term President, 1885
  be a servant in the House of the Lord, 699
  be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet, 1118
  be ashes than dust, 1118
  be doing something else, 2023
  be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty, 1063
  be Red than dead, 128
  be right than be President, 1503
  belong to a poor nation that was free, 1081
  do the good that is straight under our noses, 1361
  have that medal, the Congressional Medal of Honor, than to be President, 1949
  keep my promises to other politicians than to God, 1408
  light a candle than curse the darkness, 448
  lose in a cause that will some day win, 1994
  my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than … be stifled by dry-rot, 1118
  start a family than finish one, 121
  starve than sell our national honor, 1303
  the sun and not the moon, 1222
  than … / Preserve his little life … / And never raise a rebel cry, 4
  walk, 1498
  you told them a civil lie than give them a point blank refusal, 1543Rational
  more r. is overcome by the less r., 677Rats
  are still around, 1688
  peeping through bunches of oakum [English judges], 927Ravages
  of industrial progress, 16Rayburn, Sam Taliaferro (1882–1961), 2099Reach
  man’s r. should exceed his grasp, 1840Reactionary
  as the multiplication table, 2025