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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Reward to Safety-first

  from God, 517
  good conscience our only sure r., 7
  in heaven, 102
  is great, 2022
  no enemies to r., 1407
  pecuniary r., 1561Rewards
  of ambition, 783
  of industry, 783
  of learning, 783
  of virtue, 783Rhee, Syngman (1875–1965), 1878Rhine
  frontier of America is on the R., 2064Rich, 16311633
  America in which people can still get r., 1384
  bales of study and jeweled ideas, 129
  cannot help the poor by destroying the r., 1117
  if we make the r. richer, 479
  impassable gulf divided the R. from the Poor, 1631
  it cannot save the few who are r., 623
  law to prevent a man from getting r., 1633
  materially r., 1632
  no nation is r. enough to pay for both war and civilization, 1919
  shows that others may be r., 1547
  to make the people r., 781
  to protect them in making themselves r., 781
  the well-born, and the able, 259
  who are always a minority, absolutely at its mercy, 1139
  Who is r., 1146
  widows, 2005Richer
  and r. consumers in filthier and filthier communities, 17Riches
  greed and lust for r., 833
  There lies Peru with its r., 834
  they had hoped to divert to a nobler cause, 1456
  When r. take wings, 446Riddle
  wrapped in a mystery, 1652Rider
  was lost, 1240Riders
  in a race do not stop short, when they reach the goal, 1115
  on the earth together, 1742Ridiculous
  his position on almost every public question was … r., 1274Right, 16341637
  advocacy of what is just and r., 1851
  aggressive fighting for the r., 1637
  all the time, 653
  and fair, 256
  are swept aside by the rage of angry men, 1929
  at the time, 1551
  because it is r., 623
  both of making and of enforcing laws, 788
  cannot r. every wrong, 1735
  champion of justice and r., 533
  desire to do r., 1307
  fashionable to be r., 1563
  fight for the r., 1634
  firmness in the r., 1325
  For every r. that you cherish, 1605
  God will bless the r., 601
  God-given r. to kick the government around, 743
  Government … has no r. to interfere with anything other than that general class of things, 1761
  greatest r. in the world, 1642
  If well made at the r. time it is effective, 1824
  is more precious than peace, 2049
  isn’t r. to gloat over the dead, 365
  It is his legal r., 982
  Lord is always on the side of the r., 704
  make the r. things happen, 1636
  makes might, 1490
  men who have neither the r. nor the knowledge, 747
  motive, 1909
  My country, r. or wrong, 345, 1641
  no r. where there is no justice, 946
  not only his [the President’s] r., 1505
  not r. to glory in the slain, 365
  of free speech, 673
  of independent thought, 61
  of the Government to lie, 1083
  of voting for representatives, 1906
  our country, r. or wrong, 346, 1641
  Our country—when r. to be kept r., 1641
  politically r., 1640
  praise him when he does r., 1507
  rather be r. than be President, 1503
  see what is r. and not to do it, 1635
  she [justice] will her owne cause r., 962
  Stand with anybody that stands r., 1639
  stand with him while he is r., 1639
  strengthen his natural r. to exist and work without injury, 785
  study the r. time, 1824
  subjects, which I once thought r., 321
  ten angels swearing I was r., 110, 1490
  that which I believe to be r., 1638
  time is always ripe to do r., 1693
  to be different, 645
  to be heard, 678
  to be wrong, 1642
  to be wrong in his facts, 1262
  to buy, 170
  to censure, 959
  to criticise their own public officials, 171
  to criticize, 61
  to his opinion, 1262
  to his property, 1548
  to hold unpopular beliefs, 61
  to independent thought, 61
  to liberty, 776
  to life, 776
  to live, to work, to be himself, 68
  to make their own mistakes, 1618
  to one country, 883
  to protest, 61
  to the pursuit of happiness, 776
  to worship God, 776
  the unrightable wrong, 459
  victory to the r., 1903
  the wrongs of many, 1695Right and wrong, 16381642Righteousness
  as a mighty stream, 931
  pulpits flame with r., 829Rightful
  intention, 1909Rights, 16431644
  and interest of every or any person, 1644
  become a prey to the active, 1054
  civil r. movement, 116
  duty to give him the full r. of an American, 883
  endowed by their creator with certain inalienable r., 397
  fight for his r., 1191
  inherent & inalienable, 396
  natural r. of mankind, 1058
  of every man, 219
  of Man, 347, 394
  of nations, 864
  of one man, 219
  of property, 1549
  of the States, 1849
  other man’s r., 1761
  political r., 1653
  private r. and public happiness, 82
  protection of every individual’s private r., 1643
  sacred r. of mankind, 865Rights of man. See Human rights.Riot
  is a spontaneous outburst, 1939Riots
  more r. that come on college campuses, the better world for tomorrow, 157Ripple
  of hope, 8Rise
  Great nations r. and fall, 1238
  without his [God’s] aid, 703Rising
  expectations, 182, 1618
  sun fresh from the burning, 59
  tide lifts all the boats, 1667Risk
  of wearing out, 11
  reach out to the r. of living with both arms, 1127Risks
  man sits as many r. as he runs, 1105River, 1646
  build a bridge even where there is no r., 1398
  is more than an amenity, 1645
  One r. born of many streams, 1866
  our magnificent r. system, 311Rivers
  turn our r. and streams into sewers, 313Road
  ahead is not altogether smooth, 220
  covered with blood, 1937
  Fork in the political r., 62
  in search not merely of its r. but even of its direction, 474
  rise to meet you, 1478
  to hell is paved with them [good intentions], 291
  to success, 1777Roads
  Good r., 217
  two r. that lead to something like human happiness, 845Roar
  called upon to give the r., 1276Robbers
  don’t put r. to work in a bank, 1588Robs
  Peter to pay Paul, 1796
  you on business principles, 535Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de (1725–1807), 897Rock
  of the national resources, 813
  solid r. of human dignity, 1693
  upon which states are built, 526Rockets
  rattle their r., 1881Rocking chair
  sit here in our r. c. … and let the Communists, 243Rocky Mountains, 476Rogers, Will (1879–1935), 65, 966Roman
  citizen, 215
  Emperors, 1653
  Empire, 334
  noblest R. of them all, 1160
  Republic, 1867Romantic
  life is a r. business, 1089Rome, 1071, 1646–1648
  Empire of R., 1019
  lest R. become bankrupt, 795
  more glorious edifice than Greece or R., 755
  strongest state that history has known, 206
  there will not be different laws at R. and at Athens, 1000Rome’s
  decline lay in her people, 1646
  liberties were not auctioned off in a day, 1648Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (1884–1962)
  tribute by Adlai E. Stevenson, 448Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882–1945), 249, 379, 986, 1463, 1499, 1512Roosevelt, Theodore (1858–1919), 1392, 1488Root
  tap r. of civilization, 1437Rope
  of sand, 1004
  sell us the r. to hang them with, 246Rose
  more nourishing than a cabbage, 870
  smells better than a cabbage, 870Roses
  days of wine and r., 460
  Don’t strew me with r. after I’m dead, 1217
  give me my r. now, 1217Ross, Betsy (1752–1836), 65Rot
  and dissolution, 60Route
  short r. to chaos, 1764Ruin
  inevitable r. must follow, 525Ruinous
  always discreditable, and sometimes r., 713
  free / From r. discords, 915Ruins
  disease-soaked r. of a slum, 1162Rule
  Here the people r., 761
  under This Roof, 1462
  Wars are, of course, as a r. to be avoided, 1965
  which has been made by the legislature, 1040Ruled
  by tyrants, 746Rulers
  not let our r. load us with perpetual debt, 381
  Of the best r., 1020
  protect the people against their r., 292Rules, 1649
  are mostly made to be broken, 1649
  by terror, 1653
  for campus conduct, 153
  governing the relations between members of the same society, 1013
  Who r. East Europe, 2041
  Who r. the Heartland, 2041
  Who r. the World-Island, 2041Run
  He can r. But he can’t hide 1651Running, 16501651
  all the r. you can do, to keep in the same place, 1650Runs
  man sits as many risks as he r., 1105Rural-life
  policies, 312Rush, Richard (1780–1859), 1172Russia, 16521658
  collapse in R. followed by communism, 2046
  has lost the cold war, 236
  is one of the worst tyrannies, 1653
  is threatening us with her might, 155
  Red China and R. are having their differences, 2043
  riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, 1652
  runs from Dantzic or perhaps Stettin to Trieste, 1654
  So you’ve been over into R., 696
  world’s troubles are not due just to R., 1618Russian
  comedy, everybody dies, 1655
  is at grips with men, 2045
  national interest, 1652
  serf, 1698
  tragedy, everybody dies, 1655Russians
  I want them to be Americans and not R., 1259
  in the over all drain on the nation, 2070
  two great nations in the world … the R. and the Anglo-Americans, 2045Russia’s
  [conquests are made] with the sword, 2045
  policy, 2042Rust
  unburnish’d, not to shine in use, 575Rusting
  out, 11Sabbath
  Remember the s. day, 1804Sacred
  cause half so s. as the cause of a people, 1570
  fight for things s., 100
  not disgrace my s. arms, 100
  rights of mankind, 865
  trust, 1604Sacrifice, 1659
  final s. for life and freedom, 660
  highest act of religious teaching, 1728
  his enlightened conscience, he ought not to s., 280
  Too long a s., 1659
  unpitied s. in a contemptible struggle, 560
  worship without s., 1697Sacrifices
  it [unbiased opinion] to your opinion, 280Sacrificing
  absurdly s. the end to the means, 1009Safe
  deposit of these but with the people themselves, 492
  depository of the ultimate powers of the society, 491
  where shall a man be s., if it be not in his house, 859Safeguard
  of our liberties, 333Safer
  to be wrong before it has become fashionable to be right, 1563Safety
  clamorous to be led to s., 1421
  deserve neither Liberty nor S., 1056
  fear is the mother of s., 595
  sit in s. under his own vine and fig-tree, 670
  to obtain a little s., 1056
  to purchase a little temporary S., 1056Safety-first, 58