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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Perfect to Poems

  blend which makes the p. man, 1352
  cannot expect p. government, 1351
  work from imperfect man, 1348Perfection, 13481352
  of machinery … will in the end avail it [state] nothing, 1760Perfectionism, 910Perfectly
  clear, 231
  free till all are free, 1350
  happy till all are happy, 1350
  moral till all are moral, 1350Perform
  something worthy to be remembered, 13
  what we cannot, 1544Pericles (c. 495–429 B.C.), 97, 1022, 1552, 1568, 1948Peril
  of being judged not to have lived, 1088
  we stood by our government in its p., 737
  When we depart from these values, we do so at our p., 1868Perilous
  in the execution, 1765Perils
  do not take lightly the p. of war, 1948
  over which, in the past, the nation has triumphed, 57Period
  was so far like the present p., 1818Perish
  better for us to p. in battle, 402
  civilisation or liberty must p., 334
  civilization would p., 421
  If we work upon marble, it will p., 1198
  liberty would p., 421
  than live as slaves, 1634Perishable
  [Time] the most p. of all our possessions, 1816Perplexity
  is the beginning of knowledge, 968Persecuted
  if p., it will be generally read, 170Persecution
  cannot harm him who stands by Truth, 1833
  to p. no assistance, 670Perseverance, 990, 1363–1358Persevere
  through abuse and even injury, 1560Persistence
  and determination are omnipotent, 1355
  Nothing in the World can take the place of p., 1355Person
  ribald, useless, drunken, outcast p. we have always wished to be, 24Personnel
  mine, 2070Persons
  of taste and cultivation, 108Peru
  with all her gold, 351
  with its riches, 834Perverseness, 1359
  is one of the primitive impulses of the human heart, 1359Pessimism
  snows of p., 2099Pest
  shunned as a p., 281Peter Pan, 2085Pew
  I know I’m in the wrong p., 1523Phenomenon
  America is … a blessed and hopeful p., 45
  such a monstrous p., 676Phidias (5th century B.C.), 97Philadelphia
  must first be great in his own P., 817Philip II, King of Macedon (382–336 B.C.), 1224Philippine Islands, 2059, 2061Philistines
  battle between the literati and the P., 167Phillips, Wendell (1811–1884), 1274Philosophy
  know the enemy’s p., 1365
  of Lincoln, 801
  those who have been brought up in p., 1016
  to p. and to the divine, 1229Phoenix
  like a young p., she will rise full plumed and glorious, 1067Physician
  is the servant of the art, 847Physicians
  for the young p.—we ought to throw in no medicine at all, 1038
  Men are men before they are … p., 1150Physics
  has not yet found any indivisible matter, 111Pickens, Francis W. (1805–1869), 559Picture
  best p. has not yet been painted, 111Pie
  promises and pye-crusts are made to be broken, 1546
  Violence is as American as cherry p., 1889Pigeon
  that had starved to death, 78Pigmies
  giant power wielded by p., 706
  will now start to squabble, 1913Pigs
  whether p. have wings, 1811Pile
  the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo, 1964Pilgrims
  we ourselves must P. be, 1838Pillar
  of the state, 1028Pillars
  build a nation’s p. deep, 1234
  if its [Capitol’s] lofty p. should fall 755
  to help him endure and prevail, 1145Pitiless
  in a p. universe, 433Pity
  [has] a human face, 1464Pius XI, Pope (Achille Abrogio Damiano Ratti) (1857–1939), 917Place
  know the p. for the first time, 579
  no p. like the old p., 1814Placidly
  Go p. amid the noise and the haste, 1114Plagiarism, 2077Plague
  on both your houses, 985Plains
  of Hesitation, 1823
  wide and rising p., 350Plan
  cannot fail if the people are with us, 1332
  follows out the p., 1290
  for a year, plant a seed, 495
  necessary if we are to p., 147Planet
  the particle and the p. are subject to the same laws, 972
  sleepy and permanent p., 1118
  See also Earth; Space ExplorationPlanetary
  squanderers of p. capital, 309Planning
  drastic revision of strategic p., 1968
  more wisdom in such [environmental] p., 541Plans, 13601362
  Enjoy your achievements as well as your p., 1114
  Make no little p., 1360
  make p. fit the circumstances, 1362Plant
  If [you plan] for ten years, p. a tree, 495
  no time to lose, p. it this afternoon, 1815
  old men p. trees they will never sit under, 694
  time to p., and a time to pluck up, 1810Play
  for nothing, 2030
  no p. in them, for this comes after work, 1124
  [policy] is like a p. in many acts, 1369
  will go on, 1369Players
  all the men and women merely p., 1158Plays
  Let dull critics feed upon the carcases of p., 361Please
  to p. universally, 1787
  to tax and to p., 1787Pleases
  just puts down what he damn p., 1768Pleasure
  from p. to p., 1195
  generally comes from things, 923
  of later cutting them down to size, 1266
  we can find our greatest p., 1096
  without conscience, 1697Pledge of Allegiance, 13631364Plenty
  curse of p., 15Plow
  For what avail the p. or sail,… if freedom fail, 641
  like a ripe field of wheat where once drove p., 915
  new ground, 391Plowshare
  America’s conquests are made with the plowshare, 2045Plumber
  cabinet of eight millionaires and one p., 1510
  An excellent p. is infinitely more admirable than an incompetent philosopher, 568Plumbing
  not our affluence, or our p. … that grip the imagination of others, 1868Plunder
  Absence of p., 993
  legal p., 993
  partial p., 993
  poor would p. the rich, 421
  property as its prey and p., 1649
  universal p., 993Plundering
  career of p. and blundering, 713
  their wealth, 2040Plunge
  at once into the whirlpool of politics, 86Plutocracy
  predatory p. or predatory poverty, 1249Plutocrats
  Dedicate … Verses to p., 656Poem
  general was doing more for victory by writing a p., 1589
  greatest p. is still unsung, 111
  of my life, 2006
  of New England, 1241Poems
  Here are entered by author and title the poems in this collection.
  Alger, Horatio, Jr., “Carving a Name,” 1215
  Auden, Wystan Hugh, “Hymn to the United Nations,” 1856
  Author unknown
    Bullfight critics row on row, 14
    “Don’t Quit,” 1358
    “I Shall Not Pass This Way Again,” 453
    “Monday’s child is fair in face,” 200
    “They talk about a ‘woman’s sphere,’” 2012
    “Three Things,” 1239
  Belloc, Hilaire, “Dedicatory Ode,” 682
  Benét, Stephen Vincent, “Western Star,” 1542
  Blake, William, “Auguries of Innocence,” 196
    “The Divine Image,” 1464
  Brooke, Rupert, “The Soldier,” 1720
  Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, “A Court Lady,” 1233
  Browning, Robert, “Andrea Del Sarto,” 1840
    “A Death in the Desert,” 700
    “Paracelsus,” 1142
  Bryant, William Cullen, “The Battle-Field,” 1829
  Burnet, Dana, “Who Dreams Shall Live,” 457
  Byron, Lord, “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage,” 1459
  Carroll, Lewis, “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” 1811
  Clark, Esther M., “A Plea,” 683
  Clough, Arthur Hugh, “The Latest Decalogue,” 1805
  Dante Alighieri, “Inferno,” 1211
  Diderot, Denis, “Les Éleuthéromanes,” 965
  Dowson, Ernest, “They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,” 460
  Dryden, John, Absalom and Achitophel, 1960
  “Horace, the Twenty-Ninth Ode of the Third Book,” 636
  Eaton, Anne S., “The Business of Friendship,” 684
  Ehrmann, Max, “Desiderata,” 1114
  Eliot, T. S., “Little Gidding,” 579
  Emerson, Ralph Waldo,
    “Boston,” 641
    “A Nation’s Strength,” 1234
    “Solution,” 1686
  Fields, James T., “The Stars and Stripes,” 601
  Foss, Sam Walter, “The House by the Side of the Road,” 685
  Frost, Robert, “The Death of the Hired Man,” 860
    “The Gift Outright,” 475
  Galsworthy, John, “Errantry,” 4
  Gérard, Rosemonde, “L’éternelle chanson,” 1130
  Gray, Thomas, “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard,” 1216
  Guest, Edgar A., “It Couldn’t Be Done” 1841
  Hale, Edward Everett, “Lend a Hand,” 899
  Healey, Thomas F., “Give Me My Roses Now,” 1217
  Hodges, Leigh Mitchell, “Give Them the Flowers Now,” 1218
  Holmes, Oliver Wendell,
    “Dorothy Q., A Family Portrait,” 1090
    “No Time Like the Old Time,” 1814
    “Poem,” 135
     “To an Insect,” 631
  Hope, James Barron, “Our Heroic Dead,” 366
  Housman, Alfred Edward,
    “Into my heart an air that kills,” 2093
    “The laws of God, the laws of man,” 1008
  Houston, Samuel, “There is a proud undying thought in man,” 593
  Hughes, Langston, “Goodbye Christ,” 917
    “Harlem,” 461
  Keats, John, “Sonnet to Fanny Brawne,” 1219
  Kingsley, Charles, “Old and New,” 1220
  Kipling, Rudyard, “The Ballad of the King’s Jest” 824
    “Our Lady of the Snows,” 2014
    “Tommy,” 1723
  Lazarus, Emma, “The New Colossus,” 1770
  Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, “Charles Sumner,” 371
  Lowell, James Russell, “For an Autograph,” 587
    “The Present Crisis,” 1838
    “Sonnet IV,” 1252
    “The Vision of Sir Launfal,” 2072
    “Yussouf,” 1251
  MacLeish, Archibald, “At the Lincoln Memorial,” 1853
  Magee, John Gillespie, Jr., “High Flight,” 603
  Markham, Edwin, “A Creed,” 136
    “Lincoln, the Man of the People,” 1108
    “Man-Making,” 1149
    “The Vermin in the Dark,” 293
  Marquis, Don, “A Roach of the Taverns,” 121
    “What the Ants Are Saying,” 833
  Masters, Edgar Lee, “John Hancock Otis,” 1452
  McCrae, John, “In Flanders Fields,” 2048
  McGuffey, William Holmes, “The Lark is up to meet the sun,” 470
  Meredith, George, “For the Centenary of Garibaldi,” 915
  Milton John, “A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle,” 563
    “Paradise Regain’d,” 919
  O’Reilly, John Boyle, “Distance,” 2034
  Pope, Alexander, “An Essay on Criticism,” 2021
    “Temple of Fame,” 594
  Quarles, Francis, “Of common Devotion,” 1731
  Rice, Grantland, “Alumnus Football,” 1993
  Rittenhouse, Jessie B., “My Wage,” 1099
  Robinson, Henry Morton, “Litany for D-Day: 1944,” 1474
  Russell, George William (AE), “Salutation” 1866
  Sandburg, Carl “Grass,” 1964
    “Money, Politics, Love, and Glory,” 1426
    “The People, Yes,” 1946
    “Washington Monument by Night,” 464
  Saxe, John Godfrey, “The Blind Men and the Elephant,” 879
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  Swinburne, Algernon Charles, “Super Flumina Babylonis,” 375
  Tennyson, Alfred, Lord,
    “Idylls of the King,” 181
    “In Memoriam A. H. H.,” 1135
    “Locksley Hall,” 973, 2038
    “To J.S.,” 377
    “Ulysses,” 575
  Van Doren, Mark, “Freedom,” 659
  Van Dyke, Henry, “Four Things,” 1126
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  Wilcox, Ella Wheeler,
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    “Solitude,” 1707
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  Yeats, William Butler,
    “Easter 1916,” 1659
    “The Municipal Gallery Revisited,” 690
    “The Second Coming,” 454
  Young, Edward, Night Thoughts, 1223