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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Parliament to Peoples

  by its very nature cannot do work, 1034
  can do talk only, 1034
  he is going to stand for P., 1397
  hear … unlimited quantities of foolish talk, 1033
  not fit they should sit as a p. any longer, 1035
  of man, 2038
  parties in P., 175
  there all the Lords must judge, 892
  when a member [of P.] resumes his seat, 1280
  will not only of P., 1276
  will train you to talk, 1033Parliamentarism
  British p., 414Parliamentary
  majestic p. phrase, 678
  party government and P. government, 1377Parliaments
  all the p. that ever sat, 916
  give it [power] to the p., 1044
  We assemble p. … to have the benefit of their collected wisdom, 608Parricide
  lift its p. hands against freedom and science, 676Parrots
  will now begin to chatter, 1913Part
  of all that I have met, 675
  of the main, 134
  of which I was, 1951
  with him when he goes wrong, 1639Parties
  both major p. today seek to serve the national interest, 1381
  common interests of the p., 618
  Congress provided an appropriation for the … expense of each of the great national p., 152
  do not maintain themselves, 73
  in Parliament, 175
  two great political p. in this country, 1378
  two great political p. of the nation, 1376
  two p. which divide the state, 1379
  See also Political partiesPartners
  in adversity, 1667
  in prosperity, 1667
  stronger we are, the better p. we shall be, 531Partnership
  by definition, serves both partners, 1667
  Society is a p., 1715Party
  anxious politicians of his p., 1313
  chance for this p. to have been of service, 419
  come to the aid of the p., 1388
  government and Parliamentary government, 1377
  I am not a member of any organized p.—I am a Democrat, 429
  influenced by p. feeling, 519
  leader, 1512
  militant p. wedded to a principle, 107
  necessary to have p. organization, 1375
  never intend to belong to any other p., 1599
  of Conservatism and that of Innovation, 1379
  of freedom and progress, 1599
  opinions, 1900
  prejudice, 119
  responsibility we owe not to our p., 1381
  serves his p. best who serves his country best, 1380
  Sometimes p. loyalty asks too much, 1382
  stick to your p., 1373
  that is out of Power, 1385
  that wants to see an America in which people can still get rich, 1384
  we can make this thing into a P., instead of a Memory, 430
  which gives the best promise, 1670
  without the yoke of any p. on me, 262
  zealous labors of a political p., 1380
  See also Political partiesPass
  from this body to another, 1752
  I shall not p. this way again, 453
  this, too, shall p. away, 1221Passed
  away, and are nowhere, 1301Passengers
  on a little space ship, 477
  is the measure of the holder’s lack of rational conviction, 1275
  life is action and p., 1088
  opinions that are held with p., 1275Passion
  Passions and interests of men, 1456
  forge their fetters, 1051
  intentionally to arouse and inflame p., 524
  interesting too strongly the public p., 335
  love of our country soar above all minor p., 1305Passive
  non-elastic sand-bag, 1119Past, 12911293
  cannot remember the p. are condemned to repeat it, 1292
  dogmas of the quiet p., 1300
  future he [Emerson] predicted becomes a p., 1297
  glory of his p., 1145
  horrors of the p., 1294
  How will we know it’s us without our p., 1293
  injuries of the p., 1294
  judgment of the future as well as the p., 1604
  may rob the present of much joy and much mystery, 1093
  no way of judging the future but by the p., 571
  not even God can change the p., 1291
  preserve what the p. has had to say for itself, 1295
  reformer who does not remember the p. will find himself condemned to repeat it, 853
  what’s p. is prologue, 1296Past and future, 571, 1294–1297, 1838Past and present, 1093, 1298–1301Past’s
  blood-rusted key, 1838Patent
  system, 1535Patents
  U.S. commissioner, 1532Paternalism
  lessons of p. ought to be unlearned, 777Path
  Our p. emerges for a while, 460
  world will make a beaten p. to his door, 1780Paths
  of glory, 1216
  to international peace, 910Patience
  makes a woman beautiful, 2016Patriot
  devoted p., 766
  good p., 1765
  sunshine p., 1821
  volunteer, 1722Patriotic
  art of lying for one’s country, 437
  feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, 1934
  principles, 535Patriotism, 13021312
  exalt the just pride of P., 1312
  from the standpoint of American p. one is as important as the other, 883
  is the first, last and middle range of fools, 1306
  is the first [resort of a scoundrel], 1306
  is the last refuge of a scoundrel, 1306
  mock p., 1641
  sometimes requires of men to act exactly contrary, 1307
  that puts country ahead of self, 1311
  that stands for love of country, 1302
  that stands for love of people, 1302
  watchword of true p., 1641
  which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, 1311Patriots
  wisdom of p. and legislators, 839Patronage, 13131314
  for my constituents, 298
  of money, 803
  Search out some powerful p., 656Paul
  robs Peter to pay P., 1796
  stoned for the sake of Truth, 1833Paulus, Lucius Aemilius (229?–160 B.C.), 1928, 1941Pay
  any price, bear any burden, 1066Pays
  the best interest, 967Peace, 13151329
  alleged imperfections of the p., 910
  -at-any-price, 58
  blessings of p., 1324
  build a world of p., 493
  Can say p. / When we mean war, 1856
  commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, 619
  cultivate p. and friendship with all nations, 618
  giving them p. and rest at last, 432
  good will toward men, 1315
  great step towards p., 440
  honorable p., 1624
  the human dress, 1464
  If we desire to secure p., 410
  In P.: Good Will, 1958
  in p. the sons did bury their fathers, 1955
  in the minds of men that … p. must be constructed, 1966
  in this world, 1317
  in war as well as in p., 1367
  inherit p., 1733
  instrument of thy p., 1466
  international capacity to keep p., 1324
  is a virtue that springs from force of character, 1328
  is an unstable equilibrium, 1320
  is not mere absence of war, 1328
  itself is War in Masquerade, 1960
  just and lasting p. among ourselves, and with all nations, 1325
  keep the p. outside its own borders, 1326
  last hopes for p. and freedom, 1140
  Let music for p. / Be the paradigm, 1856
  life so dear, or p. so sweet, 1061
  man shall know bread and p., 1463
  may obstruct the paths to international p., 910
  means of preserving p., 411
  no p. lies in the future which is not hidden in this present little instant, 1467
  not enough just to be for p., 1327
  not just for Christians but for the whole of humanity, 1877
  of the world, 233
  of the world has been preserved, not by statesmen, but by capitalists, 1319
  on earth, good will toward men, 662
  on earth p., good will toward men, 1315
  Only a p. between equals can last, 1329
  Open covenants of p., 1027
  p.,—but there is no p., 1061
  p.; when there is no p., 1316
  people are going to do more to promote p., 1321
  people want p. so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way, 1321
  politicians … swear eternal devotion to the ends of p. and security, 631
  possible for our children,… to live in a world of p., 54
  program of the world’s p., 1027
  restless p. that’s shadowed by the threat of violence, 558
  right is more precious than p., 2049
  safeguards of p., 1931
  safety, and concord, 1323
  Science and P. will triumph over Ignorance and War, 1963
  side by side in majesty, in justice and in p., 41
  Sleep sweetly, tender heart, in p., 377
  strong defense is the surest way to p., 404
  they [wars] are far better than certain kinds of p., 1965
  time of war, and a time of p., 1810
  Universal p. is declared, 509
  unspeakable and perfect, 1109
  until its condition shall be made less tolerable than that of war itself, 1924
  useful pursuits of p., 840
  was better than war, 1955
  will never be won if men reserve for war their greatest efforts, 1961
  will not be kept, 1861
  with all nations,… our object, 1322
  with Germany in 1917, 2046
  with justice, 1959
  years of war for every year of p., 1957
  See also War and peacePeaceful
  economic competition, 1713
  intentions, 440Pearl Harbor, attack on (1941), 65, 2066Peculiar
  something p. in the temper of the House, 1824Pecuniary reward, 1561Pedestal
  waiting for a monument, 161Peerless
  We are p., 1349Pen
  earned my living in p. and tongue, 1276Pendulum
  will swing back, 1418Pennsylvania, 65, 1620Penny
  I bargained with Life for a p., 1099
  no; no; not a p., 804People, 13301347
  are calling us, 1342
  are cheated out of the best ingredients in their Government, 1931
  are going to do more to promote peace than our governments, 1321
  are not an interruption of our business, 1345
  are our business, 1345
  are responsible for the acts of their government, 1346
  are the natural, lawful and competent judges of this matter [a free government], 774
  are to be free, 1576
  are too damned dumb, 76
  ask other p. to follow you, 1023
  bestrode the necks of the p., 1703
  can not be all, and always, well informed, 1623
  committed to them in trust from the P., 1453
  common p. know what they want, 423
  common-looking p., 1339
  consult the inclinations of the p., 794
  deserve to get it [what they want] good and hard, 423
  don’t eat in the long run, 1336
  dumb p. criticize something they do not understand, 76
  enthusiasm of the p., 757
  favor the policy of economy … to save p., 798
  follow the p., for I am their leader, 1021
  go with the moral tide of the moment, 1025
  Government is the exact symbol of its P., 710
  government responsive to the p., 715
  great mass of the p., 1620
  groans mass of the p., 892
  Here the p. rule, 761
  in our society who should be separated and discarded, 1330
  is of weak courage, 1176
  is the true legislator, 1029
  keepers [of the constitution], 63
  know all the p. worth knowing in America, 1680
  Legislators represent p., 1032
  Like P. like Government, 710
  long-term common sense of the American p., 1489
  manners and spirit of a p., 1337
  may safely be trusted to hear everything true and false, 935
  must either go on or go under, 1340
  needs of the p., 1670
  No P. can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, 1344
  no safe deposit for these but with the p. themselves, 492
  of America believe in American institutions, 73
  of ill will have used time much more effectively, 1693
  of this nation—they will ever do well if well done by, 79
  of those foreign countries, 88
  opportunity to be of service to the p., 419
  power in the p., 1454
  power was turned back to the p., 1617
  reign over the American political world, 87
  retain their virtue and vigilance, 735
  rising p., full of potential force, 119
  safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society, 491
  shackles for the liberties of the p., 1455
  should be writhing under oppression and injury, 1747
  should patriotically and cheerfully support their Government, 777
  silence of the good p., 1693
  strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control, 750
  tell p. what they want to hear, 1391
  There go the p., 1021
  they can be trusted with their own government, 1338
  They [the Americans] were a P., 81
  tribune of the p., 1499
  Trust the p., 1333, 1343
  voice of the p., 1341
  voice of the p. will be heard, 426
  want respect, 1618
  we come from the p. and we are of the p., 279
  We have done it ourselves, 1020
  we ought not to succeed unless we do have the p. with us, 1332
  were better off for being ridden, 1703
  wherever the p. are well-informed, 1338
  Where there is no vision, the p. perish, 1331
  who bite the hand that feeds them, 906
  who mean to be their own Governors, 969
  who own the country ought to govern it, 764
  who remained victorious, 1869
  will find their own way, 971
  will have ceased to be their own rulers, 944
  will have to furnish more revenue by paying more taxes, 797
  will of the p., 1911
  will of their p., 1597
  you can’t fool all of the p. all of the time, 609
  you will have to incorporate their p. too, 1484
  Your p., sir, is nothing but a great beast, 1334
  See also American peoplePeople’s
  Government, 1455
  wars, 1927Peoples
  British and American p., 41
  will of their p., 1767