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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Poet to Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr.

  superiority of the p., 1161Poet’s
  aim is either to profit or to please, 2000Poetry
  Don’t teach my boy p., 1397
  if more politicians knew p., 1397
  she made life p. for me, 2006Poets
  Another one of the old p., 1832
  more p. know politics, 1397Pogo, 521Point of view, 13651366Poison
  in your coffee, 2004
  pen, 62
  They will p. society, 46Poland, 165Pole
  top of the greasy p., 1778Police
  state in which all dissent is suppressed, 442Policies
  conservation and rural-life p., 312Policy, 13671372
  all sound judges of a p. 1552
  All this they call a p., 713
  Bad administration, to be sure, can destroy good p., 1372
  correct their p. to suit the realities of the world, 1371
  good administration can never save bad p., 1372
  governmental p., is an inseparable compound of the two [good and evil], 561
  imagine the world to suit their p., 1371
  is like a play in many acts, 1369
  Justice is itself the great standing p. of civil society, 948
  like all organic entities is always in the making, 1370
  mulish obstructionism in domestic p., 1042
  national p. from the quicksand of racial injustice, 1693
  no such thing as a fixed p., 1370
  of confiscation, 1368
  rocks of loose fiscal p., 480
  should be settled by free discussion, 414
  war is … the continuation of state p., 1917
  which is devised for a nation, 1367
  See also Foreign policyPolish
  lawyers for Poles, 1015Politburo
  prisoner of the P., 1658Politic
  unless the bodies p. will exert themselves, 525Political
  achieve p. power and do big things, 1361
  activity prevailing in the United States, 1428
  adequacy of its p. systems, 1935
  aim was to defeat this new enemy, 1968
  always on trial for their p. lives, 1563
  ambition, 1604
  animal, 1390
  applicability, 1231
  architecture has its p. Use, 93
  arena, 494
  career brings out the basest qualities in human nature, 1416
  cattle of the p. arena, 1666
  cowardice, 1199
  dangerous to the p. process, 150
  deprived of p. strength or union, 1647
  domesticated p. and social creature, 1423
  dreamer, 1762
  enemies, 519
  Fable of the Snake, 265
  fork in the p. road, 62
  gods, 1642
  hazards, 1567
  if instead of making a p. speech I was being hanged, 1277
  law of my p. life, 723
  leaders replacing moral
  imperatives with a Southern strategy, 444
  machine, 414
  mediocre p. talents, 1401
  novice in p. economy, 786
  objects at which all p. institutions aim, 782
  only one thing I want to say … that has a p. tinge, 285
  Our present p. position has been achieved in a manner unprecedented, 760
  people reign over the American p. world as God rules over the universe, 87
  philosophy, 1343
  power grows out of the barrel of a gun, 1451
  power is primarily an illusion, 1415
  preservation of our p. system, 894
  prowess of an Adam Clayton Powell, 1400
  punishes p. opinions, 1653
  puppets, 1455
  question in the United States, 1429
  recipe for p. success, 1391
  regeneration, 1613
  rights, 1653
  society does not live to conduct foreign policy, 620
  to live under the American Constitution is the greatest p. privilege, 320
  turn their decisions to p. purposes, 944
  vocal at all times on p. matters, 1747
  War is a p. act, 1926
  War is not merely a p. act, 1915
  what kills p. writing, 1248
  When I examined my p. faith, 414
  wisdom, 716Political parties, 152, 1373–1388, 1489
  See also Campaign fundsPolitically
  right, 1640Politician
  asking what your country can do for you, 766
  contribution equal to … the p., 2082
  eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared, 1393
  garden … [is a] refuge of a disappointed p., 1395
  He’ll double-cross that bridge when he comes to it, 1399
  is a man who understands government, 1405
  must always tell the people what they want to hear, 1391
  no p. can afford to admit this, 1445
  no such thing as a nonpolitical speech by a p., 1402
  nobody counts for anything except a p., 1716
  not a p., 1425
  not a p. and my other habits air good, 1407
  of monumental littleness, 1403
  proud that I’m a p., 1405
  sound p., 1271
  suffers the disadvantage of being alive, 1393
  Tax reduction has an almost irresistible appeal to the p., 17
  too honest a man to be a p. and live, 1404
  true p., 1765
  who has willfully made war, 1953
  See also LegislatorsPoliticians, 13891408
  and movie actors and movie executives are similar in more ways than they’re different, 1406
  anxious p. of his party, 1313
  are the same all over, 1398
  God and the p. willing, 1318
  if more p. knew poetry, 1397
  in this country, in their feverish search for group acceptance, 1389
  keep my promises to other p. than to God, 1408
  of the United States are not so fastidious as some gentlemen, 1314
  rarely feel they can afford the luxury of telling the whole truth, 1563
  swear eternal devotion to the ends of peace and security, 631
  when p. go to Hollywood, they’re absolutely fascinated by the movie stars, 1406
  whole Race of P. put together, 30
  See also LegislatorsPolitics, 14091432
  aim of practical p., 1421
  and the pulpit are terms that have little agreement, 1417
  art of p., 1422
  awareness that we are all human beings together has become lost in war and through p., 1157
  [business] corrupts p., sports, 158
  consists in directing rationally
  the irrationalities of men, 1422
  the damnedest / In Kentucky, 964
  defeat the point of accountability in p., 150
  fair idea of p., 1552
  function of p., 1714
  has failed, 1445
  his p. is effective, 1400
  I have no P., 1385
  I must study P., 481
  if I had attempted to take part in p., I should have perished at once and long ago, 1404
  is a fascinating game, 1430
  is government, 1430
  is like an ocean voyage or a military campaign, 1423
  is not a public chore, 1423
  is not an exact science, 1413
  is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary, 1427
  is the art of the possible, 1414
  is the practical exercise of the art of self-government, 1425
  [isolation] does not answer … in p. for nations, 911
  makes strange bed-fellows, 1431
  more poets know p., 1397
  no such regulations prevail in p., 1569
  of decency, 1424
  of protest is shutting out the process of thought, 441
  only sport for grownups—all other games are for kids, 1432
  opinions in p., 1275
  ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen, 1420
  power p., may obstruct the paths to international peace, 910
  practical kind of p., 1424
  Practical p. consists in ignoring facts, 1409
  Push … conducive to success, especially in p., 1412
  radical in p., 315
  resorting to power in order to make our p. succeed, 1445
  small lie, a big lie and p., 1769
  their p. [was their own business], 81
  victories or defeats in battle or in p., 1753
  what is true of business and p., 111
  without principle, 1697Polk, James Knox (1795–1849), 734Poll
  temperamental atmosphere of a Gallup P., 1554Polls
  public opinion p., 1490Pollute
  the air, 313Pollution
  is growing at a rapid rate, 544
  reduces property values and raises taxes, 544Polygamist
  who doesn’t polyg, 1168Polygamous
  no “unwanted women” in p. countries, 1165Pomp
  and glory of this world, 1103
  solemnized with P. and Parade, 896Poor
  cannot help the p. by destroying the rich, 1117
  cannot hope for much economy in public expenditure, 812
  corn and oil for the exceedingly p. and wretched, 1648
  If a free society cannot help the many who are p., 623
  impassable gulf divided the Rich from the P., 1631
  in America are sick, dirty, disorganized and powerless, 1442
  in Resurrection City, 1442
  people can’t [afford], 1085
  spiritually p., 1632
  support the p. rather than the rich man until you know the truth, 956
  would plunder the rich, 421Poorhouse
  [overspending] means the p., 808Pope
  how many divisions did you say the P. had?, 165Poquelin, Jean Baptiste. See Molière.Pork
  p., p., p., 277Pork-barrel
  problems, 311Position
  on almost every public question,… mischievous or ridiculous, 1274Positive thinking, 14331436Possessing
  what we still were unpossessed by, 475Possession
  secure p. of a bleak rock, 1550Possessions
  Time … the most perishable of our p., 1816Possible
  Politics is the art of the p., 1414Post Office Building, New York City, inscription, 1439Post Office Building, Washington, D.C., inscription, 1438Post Office Department
  is the tap root of civilization, 1437Postal Service, 14371439Posterity
  trustees of P., 2090
  will be indebted, 82
  will tryumph, 392Posthumously
  published p., 1285Post-mortems
  no purpose is served by p., 543Potomac River
  bail out the Potomac River with a teaspoon, 1180Potsdam Conference, 165, 1658Pound
  of cleverness, 2027Poverty, 14401442
  as God’s will, 1441
  enemies of man: tyranny, p., 516
  enemies of man—war, p. and tyranny, 85
  Neither is p. a bar [to public service], 1568
  Panama and its p., 834
  predatory p., 1249
  sight of helpless p., 1682
  tyranny of p., 1615
  war on p., 1440Powder
  keep one in paint and p., 1689Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr. (1908–1972), 1400