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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Honest to Impassable

  administration, 1573
  and Wise Men ever rule under This Roof, 1462
  for nothing, 862
  I couldn’t find h. employment, 1250
  men to live in, 665
  six lines written by the hand of the most h. of men, 908
  to no purpose, 862
  too h. a man to be a politician, 1404Honesty, 862
  and intelligence of the members of the Government, 159
  dubious wisdom and even more dubious h., 1039
  simple h. and plain sense, 259
  want of h., 2094Honeymoon
  I do not want a h., 74Honor
  also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field, 1724
  and Gain of publick Posts, 1565
  desire for h., 1423
  if it was not for the h. of the thing, he would much rather walk, 1498
  loss of one’s h., 958
  mortgaged to no single individual or group, 1604
  seek the way of h., 238
  sell our national h., 1303
  thy father and thy mother, 1804
  thy parents, 1805
  to the soldier and sailor, 1724
  virtues of courage, h., justice, 58Honorable
  men, 185
  service necessary for the public good, becomes h. by being necessary, 1561Honors
  Everyone h. the wise, 1996Hoover, Herbert Clark (1874–1964), 966, 1519Hope, 863
  All h. abandon ye who enter here, 1771
  all that I am or h. to be, 1225
  as young as your h., 2099
  beacon of h. to the world, 65
  entombs the h. of the race, 672
  for the salvation of free government, 506
  from h. to h., 1195
  hopelessly holding up h. in the midst of despair, 863
  how to h., 1222
  last, best h. of earth, 1701
  my generation has invested all … its h. … in yours, 2096
  natural to man to indulge in the illusions of h., 1834
  never to h. again, 1103
  no longer any room for h., 1922
  not in fear but in h., 54
  of Liberty, 1854
  rejoicing in h., 516
  spring of h., 1818
  standard-bearer of this forlorn h., 863
  triumph of h. over experience, 1167
  world’s h., 2095Hoped
  got nothing that I asked for—but everything I had h. for, 1477
  if anything is to be h., everything ought to be tried, 1932Hopeless
  hysterical hypochondriacs of history, 1553Hopelessness
  refusing to succumb to either cynicism or h., 524Hopes
  for knowledge and peace are there, 1741
  tender leaves of h., 1103Horse
  want of a H., 1240
  was lost, 1240Horse-and-buggy
  definition of interstate commerce, 1763Horses
  don’t do it in the streets and frighten the h., 895
  Four things greater than all things are,— / Women and H., 824
  swiftest H. must be slackened, 44Hostages
  have I given to fortune, 638
  to fortune, 1163Hour
  has arrived, 218
  Man and the h. have met, 1822
  their finest h., 2055Hours
  America’s finest h., 1884House
  Best of Blessing on This H., 1462
  by the side of the road, 685
  divided against itself cannot stand, 1851
  father’s h., 1333
  Let not him who is houseless pull down the h., 1547
  man’s h. is his castle, 859
  People’s H., 282
  set my h. in order, 2014
  something peculiar in the temper of the H., 1824
  See also Congress—House of RepresentativesHouse Foreign Affairs
  Committee, 236House of Commons
  duty and proper trust of a member of the, 1050
  I am a child of the H. of C., 1333
  I would say to the H., 1870
  much better that the H. should wonder why you do not speak than why you do, 1280
  vs. House of Representatives, 279
  See also Legislature; ParliamentHouse of Lords. See Parliament.House of Representatives. See Congress—House of Representatives.House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), 286Houses
  must be rebuilt, 92How
  much we know, so much we are, 1086
  to do it, 936
  to hope and how to live, 1222
  to win and how to lose, 1222Hucksters
  nation of mere h., 226Hug
  when they quarreled, 440Human
  beings must be willing, when need is, to do battle, 1934
  bind together all the branches of the great h. family, 1536
  care of h. life and happiness, 778
  change h. nature from intelligent self-interest, 1084
  chief end of h. effort … should be usefulness to mankind, 502
  Cities are the abyss of the h. species, 213
  dignity, 1706
  faith in h. kind, 514
  fleeing from himself and denying his h. nature, 1000
  great deal of h. nature in man, 1148
  imperfection of h. understanding, 716
  improvement must end, 1532
  It costs so much to be a full h. being, 1127
  nature being what it is, 1543
  needs, 442
  pleading for the life of a h. being, 119
  Political career brings out the basest qualities in h. nature, 1416
  propositions … respecting h. affairs, 1644
  solution to every h. problem, 1736
  spirit, 1753
  we are all h. beings together, 1157
  whole volume of h. nature, 865Human rights, 864867
  and property rights are fundamentally and in the long run, identical, 867
  in America, 221
  Where, after all, do universal h. r. begin, 866Humanity
  hanging from a cross of iron, 403
  laws of h., 864
  science without h., 1697Humbly
  walk h. with thy God, 947Humility
  Religion and virtue alike lend their sanctions to meekness and h., 253 valley of h., 1253Hummingbird
  to fly to the planet Mars, 37Humorist
  to stay one [a Democrat], 431Humphrey, Hubert Horatio (1911–1978)
  eulogies by:
    Carter, Jimmy, 1697
    Mondale, Walter F., 1222Hunger
  a theft from those who h. and are not fed, 403Hunkydory, 90Hurt
  our inner selves that h. us when we disobey it [truth], 1833Husband
  If I were your h., 2004Husbands
  women pushing their h. along, 1777Hush
  over all Europe, 2053Hydrogen
  bomb, 126Hypocrisy
  of the nation must be exposed, 1575I
  am a child of the House of Commons, 1333
  am against bigness and greatness in all their forms, 822
  am convinced that nothing will happen to me, 821
  am indebted to no man, 1492
  am not a crook, 1564
  am not a saint, 1491
  am only for myself, 1673
  am only one, 899
  am the nation, 65
  am the people’s man, 1491
  am their chief, 1021
  am their leader, 1021
  am your man, 1491
  asked God for strength, 1477
  could never hate anyone I knew, 850
  have a dream, 462
  have a rendezvous with Death, 373
  have … but one lamp by which my feet are guided, 571
  have not lived in vain, 1469
  have not yet begun to fight, 1625
  have returned, 2061
  if I am only for myself, what am I?, 1673
  make it a practice to avoid hating anyone, 849
  must follow them, 1021
  pledge allegiance to the flag, 1363
  shall not pass this way again, 453
  shall return, 2059
  shall think I have not lived in vain, 1323
  shall use my time, 1118
  wanted the gold, 33
  was my own man, 1491
  was not concerned, 1749
  Who in the world am I, 1678
  yield to no man, 678
  See also I’m and I’veIce
  of cynicism, 2099Ich bin ein Berliner, 215Idea
  no i. so uplifting as the i. of the service of humanity, 1570
  of progress, 182
  one i.,—and that was wrong, 872
  which commands his own, 873
  wine of an original i. into the water of mediocrity, 874Ideal
  institution which proposes the i., 1456
  stands up for an i., 8Idealism
  Economy is i. in its most practical form, 798
  from intelligent self-interest into pure i., 1084
  which motivates the young people of America, 2096Idealist
  believes the short run doesn’t count, 868
  is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, 870
  Man is born a predestined i., 869
  Sometimes people call me an i., 871Idealistic
  nation in the world, 871Idealists, 868871Ideals
  loyalty to high i., 363
  of a Joan of Arc, 1400
  our successors may decide to switch i., 1361
  people grow old by deserting their i., 2099Ideas, 872875
  better i., 168
  Creative i. do not spring from groups, 898
  difficulty lies, not in the new i., but in escaping from the old ones, 875
  free trade in i., 1835
  freedom of expression and of i., 169
  jeweled i., 129
  weapon against bad i. is better i., 168
  won’t go to jail, 168Idiosyncrasies
  fully know its [House of Representatives’] i., 281Idiosyncratic
  condition of things so strictly i., 570Idle
  Why stand we here i., 1061Idleness, 876
  is sweet, and its consequences are cruel, 876Ignorance, 877880
  dictatorship of i., 1615
  is strength, 1962
  Knowledge will forever govern i., 969
  Mr. Kremlin himself was distinguished for i., 872
  Nothing is worse than active i., 877
  of the natural rights of mankind, 1058
  of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation, 1200
  protective shell of i., 1156
  Rail on in utter i., 879Ignorant
  and free, 492
  freedom is fragile if citizens are i., 493
  irresponsible class, 46
  men / Don’t know what good they hold in their hands, 880
  of moral principle, 46
  of what occurred before you were born, 191
  person makes a fuss about something which he alone finds strange, 203Ill
  meet them well or i., 827Illegal
  immoral, i., or fattening, 846Illinois
  agricultural products, 149
  public policy of I., 163Illusion
  of progress, 1539
  political power is primarily an i., 1415I’m
  youth, I’m joy, 2085Image
  graven i., 1804Images
  graven i., 1805Imagination
  flights of his i., 1175
  for his facts, 1175
  quality of the i., 2095Imaginative
  artist willy-nilly influences his time, 2082Imitate
  those who have been especially admirable, 825Imitated
  he who can be i. by none, 2075Imitating
  he who refrains from i. others, 2075Imitation
  Originality is nothing but judicious i., 2080Immigrants, 881884
  America needs new i. to love and cherish it, 881
  descended from i. and revolutionists, 882
  my fellow i., 882Immigration
  from overcrowded Europe, 476Immoral
  illegal, or fattening, 846Immortal
  Change alone is eternal, perpetual, i., 180
  indestructible [spirit], 1751
  men’s i. minds, 1198
  thinks himself i., 1223
  what we have done for others and the world remains and is i., 887Immortality, 885887, 1360
  [America] has been reared for i., 63
  forget himself into i., 1110
  his portion is i., 886
  on earth is a government bureau, 709Impassable
  gulf divided the Rich from the Poor, 1631