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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Impeach to Israel

  Either i. him [Nixon] or get off his back, 888
  power to i. and remove the President, 894Impeachable
  [if] i., a regular and peaceful inquiry would have taken place, 890
  offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers [it] to be, 889Impeachment, 888894
  is scarcely a scare-crow, 941
  power of i., 893
  subject him to i. himself, 1500
  your presumptuous i., 72Impeachments
  which are the groans of the people, 892Imperative
  categorical i., 1010Imperfect
  man, 1348
  We are all i., 1351Imperial
  principles, 535Imperialism
  American i., 1657
  may obstruct the paths to international peace, 910
  struggles waged by the different peoples against U.S. i., 1927
  U.S. i. has stepped into the shoes of German, Japanese, and Italian fascism, 2040
  See also CapitalismImportance
  all we have left is i., 1681Impossible
  nothing shall be i. unto you, 592
  readiness to attempt the i., 1448
  takes a bit longer, 1183
  takes a little longer, 1183
  we do at once, 1183Impropriety, 895
  constitutional i., 1512In
  harm’s way, 848Inactivity
  wise and masterly i., 1038Inalienable
  endowed by their creator with certain i. rights, 397
  right to make their own mistakes, 1618
  rights inherent & i., 396
  rights of the individual, 776Inaugural addresses, presidential
  Cleveland, Grover (1885), 796; (1893), 777
  Coolidge, Calvin (1925), 798
   Davis, Jefferson (1861), 760
  Harding, Warren G. (1921), 1999
  Harrison, William Henry (1841), 763
  Hayes, Rutherford B. (1877), 1380
  Jefferson, Thomas (1801), 619, 1267, 1596
  Kennedy, John F. (1961), 7, 77, 516, 598, 623, 661, 769770, 1066; reading by Robert Frost, 475
  Lincoln, Abraham (1861), 735, 944; (1865), 1325
  Nixon, Richard M. (1973), 771
  Reagan, Ronald (1985), official invitation quoting Madison, 82
  Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1933), 599
  Washington, George (1789), 1344Income
  annual i. twenty pounds, 380Incomes
  have gone down the most, 144Incorruptible
  historian should be fearless and i., 1748Increase
  and diffusion of knowledge among men, 1710Incredulity
  epoch of i., 1818Independence
  courage which is nourished by the love of i., 1647
  of the will of the nation is a solecism, 943
  preserve their i., 381
  too much attached to savage i., 742Independence Day, 65, 613, 896–897Independent
  always be drastically i., 1249
  country shall be i., 1621India
  rather starve than sell our national honor, 1303
  revolution in I., 202
  young man in I., 1768Indian Ocean, 1526Indians
  their lands and property shall never be taken, 55
  white man took our lands, 1545Indifference
  of private life, 1647
  to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men, 565Indifferent
  to be young and to be i., can be no longer synonymous, 2090Indispensable
  no i. man, 1153Individual, 898905
  enlargement of liberty for i. human beings, 901
  feels he should do those things which only can and should be done by the many, 912
  inalienable rights of the i., 776
  increase respect for the creative i., 98
  independence, 652
  is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself, 1761
  is not accountable to society for his actions, 649
  is sovereign, 651
  spoiled and eventually a very weak i., 83
  submergence of the i. in the impersonal corporation, 141
  too much i. privilege … was selfish license, 759Individuality
  free development of i., 904
  society has now fairly got the better of i., 903Individuals
  They [creative ideas] spring from i., 898
  worth of a state … is the worth of the i. composing it, 1760Indivisible
  incapable of being divided, 1364Indolence
  from i. … they are unequal to the exertions necessary for preserving it [free government], 741Indolent
  fate of the i., 1054Industrialization, 621Industry
  encouragement to i. and enterprize, 1547Inequality
  no greater i. than equal treatment of unequals, 551Inequity
  in life, 1092Inevitable
  [being drafted] is i. if you don’t [enlist], 1186
  change … is i., 176
  comes to pass is through effort, 1842
  fall of Europe is i., 247Infamy
  date which will live in i., 2066Infantry
  attacks exactly as if it [mine field] were not there, 2070
  he [Napoleon] forgot his i., 1154
  of our economic army, 1154Inflation
  first by i., 1204
  hurt by i., 144Influence
  and not authority, 1443
  good i. of our conduct, 451
  guard against the acquisition of unwarranted i., 1177
  high i. to protect them, 467
  under the i. of none, 619Influences
  imaginative artist willy-nilly i. his time, 2082Information
  how to use the i. you get, 486
  I have no disposition to withhold any i. which the duty of my station will permit, 792
  popular Government, without popular i.,… [is] … a Farce or a Tragedy, 969Ingratitude, 906Inherit
  youth must i. the tribulation,… and the triumphs … of war, 1923Inheritance
  all but squandered this i., 1605
  all the I. I can give, 207
  gift of a common tongue is a priceless i., 537
  noble i., 63Inherited
  We i. freedom, 666
  What you have i. from your fathers, earn over again, 666Initiative
  concentration of power … precedes the destruction of human i., 1458Injustice, 907909
  and frustration, 1894
  any i., 225
  He [God] hates i., 907
  quicksand of racial i., 1693
  a single i., 958
  strikes out against i., 8Innocent
  if i., restored to the confidence of the public, 890
  six sentences written by the most i. of men, 908
  than that one i. Person should suffer, 953Innovate
  young men … care not to i., 2084Innovations
  numerous i. displayed on the American theatre, 82Innuendo
  land of sly i., 62Insane
  to act you must be somewhat i., 3Inscriptions
  Alamo, 32
  Appomattox Court House, 223
  Arlington National Cemetery
    Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 7, 77, 516, 661, 769770, 1066
    Kennedy, Robert Francis, 8, 1864, 1995
    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 1734
  Boone County Court House, Missouri, 955
  Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., 13, 56, 225, 310, 490, 674, 763, 1048, 1827
  Folger Shakespeare Library, 1686
  Jefferson Memorial, 178, 397, 667, 1062, 1844
  John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 9698, 104, 1632, 1753
  John F. Kennedy International Airport, 1770
  Kean College of New Jersey, 1799
  Lexington Green marker, Massachusetts, 1940
  Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, 1046
  Library of Congress, 1251
    James Madison Memorial Building, Madison Memorial Hall, 496, 552, 738, 782, 1450, 1548, 1854, 1932
    main entrance, 497, 969
  Lincoln Memorial, 1107
  National Archives Building, 1296
  National Museum of American History, 972, 1663, 1710
  New York University, Hall of Fame, Robert E. Lee’s bust, 469
  Newark State College, 1799
  Normandy Chapel, 1733
  Oise-Aisne Cemetery, 1733
  Old South Meeting House, Boston, 1630
  Post Office Building, New York City, 1439
  Post Office Building, Washington, D.C., 1438
  Seabees Memorial, Arlington Virginia, 1183
  Statue of Liberty, 641, 655, 779, 1046, 1056, 1069, 1081, 1770
  Union Station, Washington, D.C., 1252
  U.S. Department of Justice Building, 963
  U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1874
  University of Virginia, 238
  Veterans Administration Building, Washington, D.C., 1325
  White House, State Dining Room, 1462
  World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago (1893), Transportation Building, 815, 1536
  See also EpitaphsInside
  want to get out, 1426Institution
  which proposes the ideal, 1456Institutions
  all such i. must be sacrificed, 782
  Learned I., 496
  model i. and constitutions, 45
  must advance also to keep pace with the times, 178
  political i. aim, 782
  purely democratic must, sooner or later, destroy liberty, 420
  will be fairly brought to the test, 1847
  will provide it [the state] with great men, 1151Instrument
  of doing, 1679
  of thy peace, 1466Insult
  If we desire to avoid i., 410Intangible
  and the beautiful shrink, 50Integrity
  of my heart, 1626
  were we truly men of i., 1604Intellect
  awakens the human i., 1663
  no i. comparable to my own, 1680Intellectual
  and moral progress, 1663Intellectually
  superior to all men, 1349Intellectuals
  snobs who characterize themselves as i., 1876Intelligence
  best human i. is still decidedly barbarous, 1156Intelligent
  man known to history flourishes within a dullard, 1156Intention
  rightful i., 1909Intentions
  good i., 291, 297
  One never expected from a Congressman more than good i., 297
  peaceful i., 440
  plea of good i., 1231Interest
  citizens themselves display in the affairs of state, 772
  maintained your i., against your opinions, 1028
  Means devoured by i., 386
  pays the best i., 967
  public good and the national i., 1604
  public i., 1511
  serve the national i., 1381
  to pay i. on it [the national debt] they will pay that i. to themselves, 388
  views of private i., 1551Interests
  are eternal and perpetual, 42
  of men, 1456
  special i., 1567
  vigilant protection of all their varied i., 1670Internal
  graver threats today are i., 1896International
  capacity to keep peace, 1324
  order, 624
  organizations for peacekeeping, 1326
  war’s … a medium for the practical settlement of i. differences, 1258International Platform Association (IPA), 218Interstate commerce
  horse-and-buggy definition of i. c., 1763Interstate Commerce Commission, 1588Intervention
  in which the instinct for domination cloaked itself, 2039Intolerance
  eternal truths of the past are threatened by i., 654Intoxicated
  with unbroken success, 53Invent
  Young men are fitter to i., than to judge, 2084Inventions
  are wont to be pretty toys, 1540
  which abridge distance have done most for civilization, 1536Inventor
  had no special advantage from his own invention, 1535Investment
  in knowledge, 967IPA. See International Platform Association.Ireland
  conduct of England towards I., 530Irish
  lawyers for Irish, 1015“An Irish Blessing,” 1478Irish Rebellion of 1916, 1866Iron
  curtain has descended, 234
  curtain is drawn down, 234
  he’s got i. teeth, 1708
  ties which though light as air, are as strong as links of i., 694Irony
  of this involvement with size, 50Irrecoverably
  principles of a free constitution are i. lost, 324Irrelevant
  national preoccupation with the i., 50Island
  no man is an i., 134“isms”
  wouldn’t be sweeping the Continent of Europe, 2046Isolation
  does not answer … in politics for nations, 911Isolationism, 910911
  retreat to i., 910
  whimpering i. in foreign policy, 1042Isolement
  no confidence in the system of i., 911Israel, 912914
  was planning to proclaim a Jewish state at midnight that day, 914