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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Gresham’s law to Homer

Gresham’s law, 677Grief
  of a loss so overwhelming, 370Griffin, William (1897–1949), 2046Groans
  of the people, 892Grotesque
  and knavish game, 1039Ground
  where only one grew before, 30Groups
  Creative ideas do not spring from g., 898Growing
  old, 25Guaranteed
  existence, 71Guard
  and defend it [liberty], 1079
  on our g. to protect liberty, 1048
  Put none but Americans on g. tonight, 1629
  with jealous attention the public liberty, 1060Guardian
  genius of Democracy, 1196
  of our freedom, 1030Guardians
  of the liberties and welfare of the people, 1037
  of those interests, 468Guardianship
  administration of government, like a g., 712Guideposts
  Great men are the g., 816Guilt, 835837
  punishment of his g., 1054Guilty
  better 100 g. Persons should escape, 953
  He declares himself g. who justifies himself before accusation, 837
  He who flies proves himself g., 835
  Let no g. man escape if it can be avoided, 467
  of despicable actions, 849Gun
  every g. that is made, 403
  Political power grows out of the barrel of a g., 1451Guns
  train your g. a little lower, 515Gyre
  Turning and turning in the widening g., 454H, is for her heart of purest gold, 1226Had
  I but serv’d my God with half the zeal / I serv’d my king, 705Haiti, 838
  is going to be written on my heart, 838Hale, Nathan (1755–1776), 65Half
  a loaf is better than a whole loaf, 252
  a loaf was better than no bread, 252Hamilton, Alexander (1755–1804), 43, 813, 1018
  epitaph, 830Hamlet
  Could, H. have been written by a committee, 898Hammarskjöld, Dag (1905–1961), 1324Hammer
  be an anvil—or a h., 494Hand
  bite the h. that feeds them, 906
  invisible h., 1344
  Lend a H., 1434
  that held the dagger, 113Handicapped, 724Handle
  Take things always by their smooth h., 1116Hands
  Don’t know what good they hold in their h., 880
  excellence of what is in their h., 880
  ready h. and keen swords, 1941Hang
  him with them, 908
  sell us the rope to h. them with, 246
  separately, 395
  something in them which will h. him, 908
  We must all h. together, 395Hanged
  [if] I was being h., the crowd would be twice as big, 1277
  when a man knows he is to be h. in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully, 369Hanging
  of some working people by other working people, 980Hanks, Nancy. See Lincoln, Nancy (Hanks).Happen
  make the right things h., 1636
  What has once happened will invariably h. again, 855Happiest
  moments of my life have been the few which I have past at home in the bosom of my family, 842Happiness, 839846
  care of human life and h., 778
  comes from humans through fellowship, 923
  distraction from his h., 86
  Greek definition of h., 567
  health, without which there is no h., 851
  in his knowledge that man has found his … h., 972
  Joy is not the same as pleasure or h., 923
  lend its [legislature’s] weight to the cause of virtue and h., 786
  of man, 779
  of mankind, 55
  of mankind is best promoted by the useful pursuits of peace, 840
  of society, 782
  private rights and public h., 82
  public employment contributes neither to advantage nor h., 842
  pursuit of h., 396397
  right to the pursuit of h., 776
  two roads that lead to something like human h., 845
  who gave it [life] for h., 1091Happy
  accidents, 736
  are all free peoples, 1233
  die h., 1655
  duty of being h., 473
  highways where I went, 2093
  incidents of the federal system, 1755
  means to be free, 1948
  mind is contented and h., 487
  till all are h., 1350
  to be h. oneself … make at least one other person h., 845
  Union of these States is a wonder, 1854Happy Home Recipe, 844Hard
  as rock, 1109Hardihood
  virtues of courage, honor, … and h., 58Harm, 847848
  help, or at least do no h., 847
  Persecution cannot h. him who stands by Truth, 1833Harm’s
  in h. way, 848Harness
  for God the energies of love, 1134Harnessing
  the ether, the winds, the tides, gravitation, 1134Hasty
  thousand h. counsels, 937Hate, 849850
  cannot drive out h., 1893
  I could never h. anyone I knew, 850
  a man because he was born in another country, 1481
  murder the hater, but you do not murder the h., 1893
  nobody can h. America as much as native Americans, 881
  time to love, and a time to h., 1810
  trick their hearts with h., 457
  Violence merely increases h., 1893Hating
  practice to avoid h. anyone, 849
  we are turned to h., 1580Hatred
  and animosity, 224
  any h., 225
  Where there is h., let me bring love, 1466Have
  can’t h. what you choose, 205
  eat your cake and have it too, 1335
  more than we wanted to give, 2063Havens
  men are not made for save h., 1087Hawaii, 65
  See also Pearl HarborHawthorne, Nathaniel (1804–1864), 1272Hay
  let them eat h., 1347Hazards
  fullness of life is in the h. of life, 1087Head
  empties his purse into his h., 967
  stone, 91Heads
  turn our h. the other way, 1746Heal
  time to kill, and a time to h., 1810Health, 851
  every American’s h., 801
  without which there is no happiness, 851Hear
  the farthest drum, 811
  the most distant drum, 811Hearings, congressional
  Army-McCarthy, on decency, 1171
  Brown, Harold, on defense spending, 400
  Danielson, George E., on Watergate, 1394
  Ervin, Sam, on Watergate, 705
  Ford, Gerald R. on compromise, 255
  Kennedy, Robert F., on black power, 116
  MacArthur, Douglas, on communism, 247
  Reischauer, Edwin O., on communism, 248
  Rusk, Dean, on foreign aid, 612
  Sandler, Bernice, on prejudice, 1483
  Willkie, Wendell, on oratory, 1287
  Wilson, Charles E., nomination of, 352Hears
  step to the music which he h., 905Heart
  and hand / To love, and serve, and keep the land, 1239
  Calais lying in my h., 838
  Haiti is going to be written on my h. 838
  inaudible language of the h., 922
  not in sorrow, but in gladness of h., 843
  perverseness is one of the primitive impulses of the human h., 1359
  shines like a great star in his breast, 921
  stone of the h., 1659
  to help, 959Hearthstone
  bright and dear, 1239Hearts
  deceitfulness of our h., 53
  weary leagues two loving h. divide, 2034
  were touched with fire, 2091Heat
  can’t stand the h., get out of the kitchen, 1513
  snow, nor rain, nor h., nor gloom of night, 1439
  thing to be supplied is light, not h., 937Heaven
  and earth never agreed better, 189
  Catholics can go to H., 897
  choicest bounties of H., 53
  going direct to H., 1818
  if you wish to go to H., 897
  precious boon of H., 1075
  what’s a h. for, 1840Height
  of absurdity in one generation, 2001
  of wisdom in the next, 2001Hell
  gate of h., 1771
  go to h., 327
  going direct the other way, 1818
  hottest places in h., 1211
  if my fellow citizens want to go to H. I will help them, 327
  is truth seen too late, 1830
  road to h. is paved with them [good intentions], 291
  Tyranny, like h., is not easily conquered, 1845
  what in h. have you done for me lately, 1897
  whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of h. fire, 605Help
  them help themselves, 623Hemisphere
  government in the Western h., 243
  situated in the Western h., 630
  States in a h. then unknown, 1867Henry IV, King of England (1366–1413), 1007Henry VIII, King of England (1491–1547), 1103Henry, Patrick (1736–1799), 65Here
  the people rule, 761
  sir, the people govern, 762Heroes
  are created by popular demand, 1556
  glad that such h. have lived, 1730
  mighty shoves of its h., 2029Heroin, 852
  King H. is my shepherd, 852Hesitate
  Don’t h. to be as revolutionary as science, 2025Hesitation
  impute uncertainty and h. to want of honesty, 2094
  Plains of H., 1823Hide
  But he can’t h., 1651High
  and lonely office, 1494
  privileges of h. office, 1522Highways
  happy h., 2093Historian
  should be fearless and incorruptible, 1748History, 853858
  analysis of the h. of mankind, 1957
  becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe, 858
  cannot escape h., 1701
  comes, after they [underdogs] are long dead, and puts them on top, 822
  eastward to realize h., 658
  Emerson recedes grandly into h., 1297
  endless repetition of h., 854
  the final judge of our deeds, 7
  Final judgment upon them can only be recorded by h., 253
  for models of government, 716
  furnishes one example only, 891
  gives us a kind of chart, 853
  greatness to bend h. itself, 179
  hysterical hypochondriacs of h., 1553
  If h. does not teach this, we have read it all wrong, 506
  If h. repeats itself, 574
  is on our side, 1989
  land without h., 857
  most creative statesmen in modern h., 1622
  most gilded Golden Age of human h., 309
  most rabid aggressor in human h., 2040
  my reading of h. convinces me, 758
  of liberty, 1080
  of resistance, 1080
  of this generation, 179
  only nation [America] in h. which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration, 47
  our own h. over again, 1648
  peoples and governments never have learned anything from h., 570
  portions of h. with which we are earliest familiar, 1071
  presents a picture of uninterrupted struggle, 1957
  proves that dictatorships do not grow out of strong and successful governments, 750
  sits in judgment of ours, 1604
  strongest state that h. has known, 206
  teaching which experience offers in h., 570
  Thou Shalt Not Heed the Lessons of H., 441
  warns us, 558
  will record that this may have been one of America’s finest hours, 1884History’s
  pages but record / One death-grapple in the darkness, 1838Hitler, Adolf (1889–1945), 1749, 2055Ho Chi Minh (1899?–1969), 1878Hobgoblin
  of little minds, 1194Hobgoblins
  endless series of h., 1421Hobo’s Will, 192Hold
  nothing fast, 86Holland. See Netherlands.Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1841–1935), 188, 327Holy Grail, 1613
  of righteous victory, 2061Homage
  What more flattering h. could we pay, 886Home, 859861
  Happy H. Recipe, 844
  the heart, the place of prayer, 1239
  in the bosom of my family, 842
  is the place where, when you have to go there, / They have to take you in, 860Home rule, 530, 1975Homer (c. 700 B.C.)
  Chians [honoured], though he was not their countryman, 1996