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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Counts to Dear

  what c. now is … what we are for, 107Courage, 353356
  acts of c. and belief that human history is shaped, 8
  acts of c. with which men … have lived, 355
  come into port greatly, 597
  For this [c.] each man must look into his soul, 355
  high and resolute c., 11
  of life is often a less dramatic spectacle, 365
  One man with c. makes a majority, 900
  people is of weak c., 1176
  predominance of c. over timidity, 2095
  success in modern war requires more than c., 1726
  to be the secret of liberty, 1049
  to change things, 1472
  to change what should be changed, 1472
  to enter the moral conflict, 1212
  to liberty, 1238
  to pay the price, 1127
  to stand up to one’s enemies, 1604
  virtues of c., honor, justice, 58
  want of c., 1635
  what c. [leads us], 107
  which is nourished by the love of independence, 1647Couriers
  Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these c., 1439Court
  Constitution which is the law and not the decision of the C., 338
  of history sits in judgment, 1604Courtesy
  certain c. that has to be observed, 281Courting
  a girl, 1460Covenants
  Such subtle C. shall be made, 1960Cover
  tricks and betrayal, 1670Covers
  Dixie like the Dew, 1244Covet
  Thou shalt not c., 18041805Cow
  United States is not just an old c., 612Coward
  be scared of a c. the same as a brave man has got to be, 354Cowardice
  [from] c. … they are unequal to the exertions necessary for preserving it [free government], 741
  political c., 1199Cox Corridor II. See Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., inscriptions.Crash-landing
  involved in the c., 1386Crazy
  If I wanted to go c. I would do it in Washington, 1970Cream
  pray, c.; and live skim milk, 1111Creation
  world of books is the most remarkable c. of man, 129Creative
  flow dries up, 1681
  increase respect for the c. individual, 98
  inverse proportion to our c. capacity, 1681
  most c. statesmen in modern history, 1622Creativeness
  virile c. has given place, 708Creature
  of the people, 1039Credentials
  no c. but Himself, 916Credit, 357359
  abolition of all c., 358
  coin, c., and circulation, 1200
  dead corpse of the Public C., 813
  is good, 809
  is the lifeblood of business, 367
  is the vital air of the system of modern commerce, 369
  is to money what money is to articles of merchandise, 359
  represents hard money, 359
  strangulation of c., 357Credulity
  taxes our c., 1532 “A Creed for Those Who Have Suffered,” 1477Creeping
  socialism, 1712Crime
  comes last of all, 950
  I should consider it a c., 1606
  If there has been any c., 951
  Not failure, but low aim, is c., 587
  single c. shatters … the whole social pact, 958
  to waste it [youth] on children, 2097Crimes
  Government may commit c., 707Criminal
  left, 154
  no distinctly native American c. class except Congress, 275Criminals, 360
  the way it handles c., 360Crimson
  light of a rising sun, 59Crisis
  is not just material, 806
  of the spirit, 806Critic
  not the c. who counts, 10Criticism
  benefit of patriotic and intelligent c., 171
  no c. of the President, 1607Criticize
  right to c. their own public officials, 171
  something they do not understand, 76Criticized
  the court, 362Critics, 361362
  Bullfight c. row on row, 14
  Let dull c. feed upon the carcases of plays, 361
  seem more intent on seeking new ways to alter Congress, 263
  Suiting my style to want the c. want, 656
  Too many c. mistake the deliberations of Congress, 269
  what the c. say won’t matter, 110Crockett David (Davy) (1786–1836), 65Crook
  I am not a c., 1564Crops
  without plowing up the ground, 443Cross
  crucify mankind upon a c. of gold, 27
  humanity hanging from a c. of iron, 403“Cross of Gold” speech, 27Crown
  press down upon the brow of labor this c. of thorns, 27Crucify
  mankind upon a cross of gold, 27Cruelty
  not justice, 969Cry
  of a single hungry child, 811
  too big to c.,… too badly hurt to laugh, 399Crystal
  word is not a c., transparent and unchanged, 2020Cuba
  we won a Socialist C., 1667Cultivation
  persons of taste and c., 108Cultivators
  of the earth, 29Cultural
  opportunities, 96Culture
  further the appreciation of c. among all the people, 98Cultures
  of Asia and the continent of Africa, 182Cunning
  never equalled since the times of the Roman Emperors, 1663Cure
  work is the grand c. of all the maladies and miseries, 2024Curiosity
  can be vivid and wholesome, 487
  a little foolishness and a lot of c., 1133
  of young minds, 487Currency
  debauch the c., 1206
  tampers with the c., 1209Curse
  Bigness is still the c., 137
  on those who come afterwards, 697
  with equal fervor and fine impartiality both labor and its adversaries, 985Curtain
  decision whether the c. is to be raised at all, 1369
  iron c. has descended, 234Cynic
  believes the long run doesn’t matter, 868Cynical
  grown c. from long service, 296
  Neither be c. about love, 1114Cynicism
  ice of c., 2099
  refusing to succumb to either c. or hopelessness, 524Cynic’s
  hurl the c. ban, 685Cyrano de Bergerac, 656da Vinci, Leonardo. See Vinci, Leonardo da.Dagger
  hand that held the d., 113Dam
  Not worth a Continental d., 1208Damndest
  He done his d., 1515Damned
  dwell in the House of the D. forever, 852
  the United States in three years, 1519Dance
  time to d., 1810Danger
  As soon as there is life there is d., 1819
  At what point, then, is the approach of d. to be expected?, 522
  bravely dares the d. nature shrinks from, 353
  chief d. arises from the democratic parts of our constitutions, 336
  clear and present d., 675
  comes for the generation your contemporary, 676
  defending freedom in its hour of maximum d., 661
  from within and from without, 155
  grave national d., 2065
  liberties in such eminent d. as at present, 525
  of disturbing the public tranquility, 335
  prefer the illusion of security to the excitement of d., 2095
  resistance to a common d., 688
  that he may die, 1105
  that liberty should be undervalued, 904
  true d. is when liberty is nibbled away, 1053
  which threatens human nature, 903Dangerous
  class, 46
  condition of the neglected classes in our city, 46
  Doing for people … is a d. experiment, 1983
  little sincerity is a d. thing, 1696
  silence is d., 1690Dangers
  not from the outrageous but from the conforming, 258
  public debt as the greatest of the d. to be feared, 383
  to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment of men of zeal, 1048Dante Alighieri (1265–1321), 1093DAR. See Daughters of the American Revolution.Dare
  few who d., must speak and speak again, 1695
  to dream, 54
  while others fly, 1234Dares
  who d. to teach must never cease to learn, 1799Dark
  Character is what you are in the d., 187Darkness
  cannot drive out d., 1893
  curse the d. 448
  season of d. 1818Dartmouth College
  there are those who love it, 240Darwin, Sir Charles Robert (1809–1882), 309Date
  which will live in infamy, 2066Daughter
  am I in my mother’s house, 2014Daughters of the American Revolution, 882, 1711Davis, Jefferson (1808–1889), 1822Dawn
  Exhortation of the D., 1106
  of Victory, sat down to wait and waiting—died, 1823
  Salutation of the D., 1106Day
  breaks and the shadows flee away, 1467
  first d. of the rest of your life, 1825
  follow, as the night the d., 1675
  is perpetual morning, 1808
  is here, 218
  is short, 2022
  of Deliverance, 896
  what is so rare as a d. in June 2072Days
  of wine and roses, 460
  Then, if ever, come perfect d. 2072D-Day, 1474Dead
  all except our own [civilization] appear to be d., 228
  all men at last are equal, 368
  democracy of the d., 368
  gloat over the d., 365
  have neither powers or rights over it [earth], 1298
  In the long run we are all d., 693
  land of the d., 1136
  living from the d., 482
  living will envy the d., 1257
  manner in which a nation or a community cares for its d., 363
  partnership … between those who are d., 1715
  rather be Red than d., 128
  roses after I’m d., 1217
  soul so d., 1310
  those who are d., and those who are to be born, 1715Dear
  never buy what you do not want, because it is cheap; it will be d. to you, 1116