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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Congress—Members of to Country

Congress—Members of
  are chosen with that great end in view, 1376
  are fully possessed of their contents, 1669
  as good as anybody else, 303
  elect m. of C. who believe in that [prohibition], 37
  personal discussions with M. of C., 1128
  Here are entered the words and writings of individuals while they were Members of Congress
  Adams, John Quincy, 1710
  Aiken, George, 888
  Ames, Fisher, 279
  Anderson, John B., 1411
  Ashurst, Henry F., 298, 1391
  Bailey, Joseph W., 1392
  Barkley, Alben W., 699
  Benton, Thomas Hart, 304
  Boggs, Thomas Hale, quoting, 279
  Borah, William E., 72, 671
  Brownlow, Walter P., 299
  Calhoun, John C., 300
  Cannon, Clarence, quoting, 277
  Cannon, Joseph G., 115, 251, 260, 281, 308, 932, 1084, 1137, 1373, 1418, 1437
  Choate, Rufus, 160
  Clark, Champ, 261, 301
  Clay, Henry, 267, 614
  Cockrell, Francis Marion, 261
  Crockett, David (Davy), 262
  Danielson, George E., 1394
  Depew, Chauncey, 1387
  Dirksen, Everett M., 288, 800
  Douglas, Stephen A., 1378
  Ervin, Sam, quoting Shakespeare, 705
  Ford, Gerald R., 255, 263, 543, 714, 715, 889, 1302, 1880
  Fulbright, J. William, 50, 125, 433, 580, 1030, 1170, 1281, 1868
  Garfield, James A., 510, 718, 1666, 1824
  Goldwater, Barry, 581
  Hastings Daniel O., 1447
  Hill, Benjamin H., 348, 722
  Hull, Cordell, 1794
  Humphrey, Hubert H., 291, 724
  Ingalls, John J., 368
  Johnson, Hiram, W., 1925
  Kennedy, Edward M., 109, 1299
  Kennedy, John F., 97, 132, 151, 302, 355, 494, 669, 749, 769, 907, 1128, 1381, 1382, 1397, 1577
  Kennedy, Robert F., 8, 109, 116, 179, 901902, 1212, 1864, 2095
  Lamar, Lucius Q. C., 1447
  Lincoln, Abraham, 561, 734, 1495, 1496
  Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1026
  Long, Huey P., 419, 13411342, 1973
  Longworth, Nicholas, 2008
  Madison, James, 1500
  Marcy, William L., 1314
  Martin, Edward, 951
  Martin, John A., 2064
  McGovern, George, 1542
  McGroarty, John S., 302
  Mitchell, George J., quoting Cromwell, 1035
  Morse, Wayne, 1254
  Muskie, Edmund S., 743
  Penrose, Boles, 1168
  Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr., 303
  Randolph, John, 554, 1038, 1098, 1172
  Rankin, Jeanette, 1942
  Rayburn, Sam, 267269, 283284, 1023, 1839
  Reed, Thomas B., 970, 1503
  Rogers, John J., 428
  Ross, Edmund G., 894
  Russell, Richard, 1259
  Schurz, Carl, 1484, 1641
  Sheppard, Morris, 37, 1237
  Smith, Gerrit, 1075
  Smith, Margaret Chase, 61
  Spooner, John C., 261
  Springer, William McK., 1503
  Stephens, Alexander H., 502
  Symington, Stuart, 811
  Toombs, Robert, 222
  Tower, John, quoting Churchill, 854
  Vandenberg, Arthur H., 830, 1386
  Watson, James E., 257
  Webster, Daniel, 13, 149, 307, 359, 478, 755, 756, 813, 930, 981, 10781079, 1193, 1209, 1286, 1855
  White, George H., 119
  Williams, John Sharp, 295, 758
  For additional information on Members of Congress see also under individual names in the subject and author indexesCongress—Senate, 287296
  beg pardon of the S. for the unparliamentary language, 1447
  cannot be freed from its obligations by s., 1000
  Constitution put … control of the nation’s foreign interests in the hands of the … S., 632
  critics of, 296
  extravagantly praised and unreasonably disparaged, 296
  falsehood outside the S., 1447
  four categories of voting on the floor of the S., 811
  greatest legislative body in the world, 261
  I’d rather be a dog and bay at the moon than stay in the S., 295
  if the President [acts] … without … a check even from the S., 1931
  is a place filled with goodwill and good intentions, 291
  is just what the mode of its election and the conditions of public life in this country make it, 296
  kid Congress and the S., 270
  length of service is what gives influence, 285
  not the greatest legislative body in the world, 261
  one possible explanation of unlimited debate in the S., 1281
  Papers affecting the negotiation with Great Britain were laid before the S., 792
  placed by themselves in a S., 259
  remarkable body, the most remarkable of all, 290
  represent you in the S. 298
  traditions of the S., 264
  vermin that shall undermine / S., 293Congress of Industrial Organizations, 986Congressional Medal of Honor, 1949Congressional Record
  remarks of a professional joker being put into the C. R., 271Congressman
  always spends the first week wondering how he got there, 278
  can’t use tact with a C., 297
  An incautious c., 2008
  is a hog, 297
  A jay hasn’t got any more principal than a C., 305
  Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature, C., 306
  letter to a C., 65
  One never expected from a C. more than good intentions, 297
  reelection or defeat of a C., 311Congressmen, 297307
  Conkling, Roscoe (1829–1888), 1447Connubial
  foundation of the c. tie, 554Conquer
  or die, 1627, 1871
  Whoever can surprise well must c., 1988Conquerors
  less like c. than conquered, 1869Conscience
  approves his conduct, 356
  at liberty to vote as my
  conscience and judgment dictates, 262
  good c., our only sure reward, 7
  his enlightened c., he ought not to sacrifice, 280
  I act … according to my c., 300
  internal satisfaction of a good c., 1560
  of the nation must be roused, 1575
  of the state, 1759
  pleasure without c., 1697
  statesmen forsake their own private c., 1764
  values liberty of c., 1064Consciences
  responsibility we owe … to our own individual c., 1381Conscientious
  man, 120
  objector, 1188Consent
  without their c., 1590Consequences
  leaving the c. with Providence, 1551Conservation, 308313
  and rural-life policies are really two sides of the same policy, 312
  has been in eclipse in this country, 308
  movement, 313
  new doctrine of c., 308
  of natural resources, 311Conservatism
  party of C., 1379Conservative
  be c., 801
  economy must be c., 801
  in financial circles, 316
  man who thinks nothing new ought ever to be adopted for the first time, 316
  most c. persons I ever met are college undergraduates, 2100
  to preserve all that is good in our constitution, 314Conservatives, 314316Consistency
  foolish c. is the hobgoblin of little minds, 1194Conspiracies
  against their country or king, 1690Constabulary
  power [will awe] barbaric and atavistic forces, 1861Constantinople, 614Constellation
  constitutional c., 647Constituency
  best plan for a c. to pursue is, 301Constituent
  rural c., 1897Constituents
  communication with his c., 280
  court their restless c., 1563
  liberty and property of their c., 492
  responsibility we owe … to our c., 1381Constitution
  British C. is the most subtile organism, 325Constitution of the United States, 317341
  abolish the C., 1711
  adoption of the C., 512
  agree to this C., with all its faults, 322
  amendment in the way which the C. designates, 339
  amendment to the C., 1711
  Amendments to the C. ought not to be too frequently made, 332
  American C. is … the most wonderful work ever struck off, 325
  and the liberties of the people shall be perpetuated, 1852
  appealed to the C., 222
  bind him down from mischief by the chains of the C., 331
  canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and c., 1337
  [changes] even when the words remain the same, 317
  distinguishing part of our C., 1050
  doctrines that had no proper place in the C., 925
  Don’t interfere with anything in the C., 333
  faults are not in our C., 318
  [greatness not in] her matchless C., 829
  has changed, is changing … must continue to change, 317
  impeachment, as established by the C., 894
  is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, 330
  is all sail and no anchor, 334
  is not a panacea for every blot upon the public welfare, 326
  is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race, 320
  is the law and not the decision of the Court, 338
  is … the most wonderful work ever struck off, 325
  is the sole source and guaranty of national freedom, 319
  is what the judges say it is, 328
  justice, and fraternity, 222
  a miracle, 1854
  next [c.] will be drawn in blood, 341
  no common oracle but the C., 160
  no c., no law, no court can save it [liberty], 1059
  no, nor from the law and the C., 280
  not from defects in their c., 1200
  nothing in the C. that prevented the country from going to hell if it chose to, 327
  Our c. works, 761
  parts of this C. which I do not at present approve, 321
  power of impeachment is … entrusted by the C. to the House of Representatives, 893
  preserve all that is good in our c., 314
  principle of self-government in the very C., 1975
  principles of a free c., 324
  principles of it’s c., 384
  provide in our c. for its revision at stated periods, 329
  provide in our C. for the regular punishment of the executive, 891
  put the permanent control of the nation’s foreign interests in the hands of the President and the Senate, 632
  sapping, by little and little, the foundations of the c., 940
  single amendment to our c., 384
  states reject this excellent C., 341
  support and defend the C. of the United States, 1260
  Tenth Amendment was ever demanded and incorporated into the C., 633
  treaties under the C., 792
  treaty-making power into the C., 633
  Under the C., I now belong to the executive branch, 282
  war-making power to Congress, 1495
  Where is it written in the C. … that you may take children from their parents, 1193
  See also AmendmentConstitution Party, 565Constitutional
  abuses of c. power, 491
  Amendment Number twenty-two, 1569
  coequal role of the Congress in our c. process, 264
  fixed star in our c. constellation, 647
  impropriety, 1512
  objection against a frequent reference of c. questions to the decision of the whole society, 335
  or legislative prohibition, 1505
  provisions must be administered with caution, 1037
  Violence has no c. sanction, 1891Constitutionality
  committee will not permit doubts as to c. … to block the suggested legislation, 337Constitutions
  first c. had really no leading principles in them, 1597
  frequent changes in laws and C., 178
  model institutions and c., 45
  new c. and laws, 1900
  Our chief danger arises from the democratic parts of our c., 336Contempt, 342
  is not a thing to be despised, 342Content
  land of lost c., 2093
  not be c. to wait and see what will happen, 1636Contented
  dreadful … when the world becomes c., 1227Continental
  dam, 1208Contributions
  equalize and moderate public c., 405
  Wagner Act cost us many dollars in c., 986Control
  those who imagine that they can c. things, 1361Controversial
  books and controversial authors, 132Controversy
  not so important the c. be settled one way or another as that it be settled, 1013
  subject of white-heat c., 830Conviction
  catharsis of knowledge and c., 67Convictions
  what c. [lead us], 107Convulsion
  this biennial c., 288Cool
  one c. judgment is worth, 937Cooperation
  Congress is communication, conciliation, compromise, and c., 264Corn
  Like a Field of young Indian C., 59
  two Ears of C., 30Corporate
  executives, 143Corporation
  impersonal c., 141
  we may all dread [Federal Government], 722Corporations
  indentured to c., 145
  rapid growth of tremendous c., 141
  sympathetic to c., 145Corregidor, 65, 2059Corrupt
  close our eyes and ears to the c., 1746
  Lest one good custom should c. the world, 181
  [money] used to c. and undermine the principles of our government, 803
  Power tends to c., 1443
  they will become c. as in Europe, 726Corrupted
  mighty in Washington can be persuaded, or c., 1410
  when the people shall become so c., 322Corruption
  and injustice in our nation’s history, 1522
  by authority, 1443
  discover in the public felicity the latent causes of decay and c., 1647
  shifting c. is better than a permanent bureaucracy, 1595Corrupts
  Absolute faith c. as absolutely as absolute power, 1448
  absolute power c. absolutely, 1443
  business c. everything it touches, 158
  gangrene that c. the entire body, 958Costa Rica, 1944Costumes
  we had brought from the wilds of America, 88Cottage
  poorest man in his c. bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown, 861Counsel
  Ask c. of both times, 1997
  Young men are … fitter for execution than for c., 2084Counsels
  thousand hasty c., 937Count
  idealist believes the short run doesn’t c., 868Countries
  Every man has two c., his own and France, 343
  two c. separated by the same language, 539Country, 343362
  America … It is a fabulous c., 69
  America is no better than any other c., 1308
  anyone who dies for his c. is a fortunate man, 1721
  as nothing but carte blanche, upon which he may scribble whatever he pleases, 344
  ask not what your c. can do for you, 769
  ask what you can do for your c., 769
  binds … a man to his c. with ties … as strong as links of iron, 694
  but one life to lose for my c., 1304
  by virtue of these laws be a happier and a more prosperous c., 267
  can do for you, 766
  cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor, 1632
  conspiracies against their c., 1690
  demands bold, persistent experimentation, 1843
  die but once to serve our c., 1304
  die for our c., 367
  Every man has a right to one c., 883
  fabulous c., the only fabulous c., 69
  fate of this c. depends [upon the education of the people], 485
  has the government it deserves, 740
  In a progressive c. change is constant, 176
  is calling you, 1342
  it’s as much your c. as it is mine, 1364
  live to see our C. flourish, 69
  lives for the well-being of their c., 89
  love of our c. soar above all minor passions, 1305
  love of their c., 63
  loves his c., 350
  my c. is the great American Republic, 1641
  My c. owes me no debt, 349
  my c., right or wrong, 345346, 1641
  preserve our c. from the calamities and ravages of war, 616
  publick Buildings being the ornament of a c., 93
  refuses in any circumstances to fight for King and C., 2089
  right or wrong, 345346, 1641
  serve my c. as a faithful servant, 766
  serves his party best who serves the c. best, 1380
  Service to his C., 30
  set a c. free, 665
  shall be independent, 1621
  she [America] is better than every other c., 1308
  stand by my c., 1942
  This is my C., 347
  useful to my c. and harmful to Europe, 1606
  what our c. has done for each of us, 768
  what was good for our c. was good for General Motors, 352
  what we can do for our c. in return, 768
  what you can do for your c., 766
  when right to be kept right, 1641
  where liberty is, there is my c., 1057
  whether my c. is the better for my having lived at all, 1679
  Who lets his c. die, lets all things die, 348
  Who saves his c., saves himself, 348
  worth living in, 2082
  wreck of his c., 1898