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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Civilization to Congress—House of Representatives

Civilization, 224230
  always results in deserts, 833
  cannot survive materially, 230
  degree of c., 1527
  greatest menace to our c., 224
  institutions purely democratic must, … destroy liberty, or c., 420
  inventions which abridge distance have done most for c., 1536
  is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within, 1646
  major advances in c., 183
  a man doesn’t save a century, or a c., 107
  Modern c. depends on science, 1663
  no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and c., 1919
  or liberty must perish, 334
  respect … for its [America’s] c., 96
  tap root of c., 1437
  test of c., 19, 360, 363, 724, 957, 1525, 1527
  usual interval of c., 47
  wedge designed to attack our c., 225
  will not last, 1861
  would perish, 421Civilizations
  ancient c. in the years of their decay, 226
  average age of world’s greatest c. has been 200 years, 424
  breakdowns of c., 227
  grow old and die out, 129Civilized
  society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors, 178
  we c. people have been spoilt, 1609Civis Romanus sum, 215Clarity, 231232Clark, Ramsey (1927–  ), 1530Clash
  There must be c., 157Class
  cause of death has been either War or C., 228
  “dangerous c.,” 46
  habitual drunkards as a c., 36
  struggle, 1646Classes
  and conditions of people, 1900
  neglected c. in our city, 46Classify
  train and c. the whole of our male citizens, 1187Cleanse
  the body of this nation, 1235Clear
  and present danger, 675
  Let me make it c., 272
  perfectly c., 231
  very c., 232Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835–1910), 108Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (69–30 B.C.), nose of, 103Clever
  If you are not very c., 254Cleverness
  pound of c., 2027Cliche
  froth of misleading self-congratulation and c., 50
  poised between the c. and the indiscretion, 438Cliches
  hold fast to the c. of our forebears, 1268Climate
  of decency and civility, 54Climbed
  to the top of the greasy pole, 1778Cloaked
  intervention in which the instinct for domination c. itself, 2039Cloture, 288Club
  Mona Lisa painted by a c., 898Coach
  like a C. and six, 44Coal
  Diamonds are only chunks of c., 1356
  from c., oil, uranium and throrium to solar energy, 309Coat
  which fitted him when a boy, 178Cock
  a snook, 656Co-existence
  tolerable basis of c., 235Coin
  credit, and circulation, 1200Cold War, 233237
  demonology, 248
  in the midst of a cold war, 233
  in Western Europe, 236College
  man whose … statue [should be] placed in every c., 6
  most conservative persons I ever met are c. undergraduates, 2100Colleges
  like to see our c. and universities denigrated, 524Colleges and universities 238240
  See also Campus violence; Education, UniversitiesColor
  judged by the c. of their skin, 462Colored
  let the word “negro,” “c.,” and “black” be stricken, 119
  man’s cause, 1600
  man’s political hopes and the ark of his safety, 1601
  men looking for loans, 118Column
  Fifth c., 408Columns
  if these c. fall, they will not be raised again, 755
  of constitutional liberty, 755Combat
  supreme c. that will decide the destinies of the world, 488
  women in c. might be too fierce, 1190Come
  to the aid of the party, 1388Comedian
  no credit to being a c., 748Comedy
  Russian c., everybody dies, 1655Comet
  like a fatal c. we may bring destruction in our train, 451Comfort
  of opinions without the discomfort of thought, 1268Commanders
  talkative and impertinently busy, as though they were all c., 1941Commands
  the Heartland, 2041
  the riches of the world, 2044
  the sea, 2044
  the trade of the world, 2044
  the World, 2041
  the World-Island, 2041Commend
  her among her female acquaintances, 1460Commerce
  Credit is the vital air of the system of modern c., 359
  horse-and-buggy definition of interstate c., 1763
  without morality, 1697Commitment
  to justice, to excellence, to courage, 1299Committee
  Could Hamlet have been written by a c., 898
  is a group of the unwilling, 241Committee-rooms
  Congress in its c. is Congress at work, 276Committees, 241Common laws of England, 1001
  man, 71
  men, 66
  nothing is more c. than unsuccessful men with talent, 1355
  object, 99
  participation in a common benefit, 1329
  people know what they want, 423Common-looking
  The Lord prefers c. people, 1339Commons
  British C., 279
  faithful to their system, remained in a wise and masterly inactivity, 1038
  See also House of CommonsCommunicate
  nothing important to c., 1540Communication
  conciliation, compromise, and cooperation, 264Communism, 242260
  and socialism will claim to be heard, 1595
  Britons would rather take the risk of civilizing c., 532
  challenge of c., 580
  collapse in Russia followed by c., 2046
  if Freedom and C. were to compete for man’s allegiance, 692
  of pelf, 139
  world’s troubles are not due just to Russia, or c., 1618Communist
  bugaboo, 250
  carry on C. work in them at all costs, 245
  conspiracy, 248
  Every C. must grasp the truth, 1451Communist Party
  support of the C. P, 246Communists
  not because the c. may be doing it, 623
  nothing wrong with c., 249
  people of Viet-Nam, against the C., 1882
  set up any government, 243
  several of the best friends I have are C., 249
  took over the Catholic eastern portion of Poland, 165Companions
  not keep pace with his c., 905Compensation
  This is a world of c., 648Competition
  power of the thought to get itself accepted in the c. of the market, 1835Complacency
  to apathy, 1238
  See also ContentedComplain
  Never c., never explain, 1113Complaint
  voice of c., 1747Compromise, 251257
  as surrender, 1448
  Congress is communication, conciliation, c. and cooperation, 264
  friendly c., 255
  his idea of a c., 256
  is the oil that makes governments go, 255
  legislation is the result of c., 251
  seek patiently and faithfully for peaceful c., 253
  used to mean that half a loaf, 252Compromises
  legislation is a series of c., 257Compulsory
  retirement, 1569Computer
  he [man] is identifiable only in the c., 1144
  regime of the c., 1144
  sonata or a mechanical c., 898Comrade
  Nor desert my c., 100Comradeship
  of letters, 2081
  of thought and of principle, 2081Concealment
  mystery and c., 1670Conceit
  two mountains of c., 1253Concentration
  camp system in Germany was a model of horrible efficiency, 1372Concern
  for the man himself, 1661Concerned
  When Hitler attacked … I was not c. [and then] there was nobody left to be c., 1749Concessions
  of inestimable value, 737Conciliation
  Congress is communication, c., 264Conciliatory
  you should be c., 254Concurrent
  endowment, 1368Condemnation
  profound and bitter c., 530Condition
  which confronts us—not a theory, 1806Conduct
  character and c., 1210
  conciliatory and friendly to all nations, 616
  conscience approves his c., 356
  decency and propriety of c., 884
  good influence of our c., 451
  government’s c. in the stormy years that lie ahead, 1604
  judgment on wrong c., 934
  of any one, for which he is amenable to society, 651
  of the State, 963
  people determines its c., 1247
  [President] responsible for their [subordinates’] c., 1500
  Rule of C., 452
  rules of c., that are commands to the citizen, 793
  shock us with unaccustomed c., 258
  supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good c. or bad c., 1507Conference
  affair of masks and mystification, 1943
  lasted six weeks … wasted six weeks, 1943
  to arrange the matter [deciding that they would disarm], 440
  was held for one reason only, 1943
  we [America] never won a c., 1944Conferences
  takes two or three c. to scare up a war, 1943Confidence
  abuse of c., 1246
  assure to us the c. of mankind, 1082
  considered in c., 1669
  Public c. in the integrity of Government, 752Confidentiality
  of their sources, 1522Confinement
  deteriorated by c., 1526Conflict
  between giant organized system, 224Conformity, 258Congress, 259278
  ability of the President and the C. to govern this Nation, 526
  and this administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves, 1701
  As long as C. does not revise its priorities, 806
  can be remembered for its opening the way to a new American revolution, 1617
  cannot authorize the payment … of any other debts but those due to the United States, 1202
  coequal role of the C., in our constitutional process, 264
  critics of, 263, 269, 296
  decided whether or not to declare a state of war exists with North Vietnam, 1879
  drawbacks of being in C., 302
  every time they make a joke it’s a law, 271
  every time they make a law it’s a joke, 271
  finest c. money can buy
  [greatness not] in her democratic C., 829
  I am your man, 1491
  I have been in C. two months and haven’t done it, 302
  if the President in the recess of C. [acts] … without the possibility of a check, 1931
  in declaring war, 1931
  in its committee-rooms is Congress at work, 276
  in session is Congress on public exhibition, 276
  inquiries being conducted by committees of the C., 893
  is bound to look after the government of the District of Columbia, 1974
  is so strange, 266
  jeopardized any moment C. decides to do so, 214
  just and lawful wars authorized by C., 55
  kid C. and the Senate, dont scold em, 270
  let C. jargon as it will, 711
  most enlightened body of men in the world, 262
  motto toward the C., 264
  negroes’ temporary farewell to the American C., 119
  no distinctly native American criminal class except C., 275
  no need to learn how C. speaks for the people, 74
  on public education, 276
  pass on to this C. advice, 888
  plead their cause before C., 1516
  power to interpret the people’s will, 1711
  principle of free debate, inside or outside the halls of C., 678
  propriety of having a C., 1496
  provided an appropriation for the … expenses of each of the great national parties, 152
  sometimes the C. has won, 272
  substantive evils that C. has a right to prevent, 675
  three or more [useless men], 273
  through their C. [the people] decide how far they wish to go, 797
  urge this C. … to join me in that effort [war on poverty], 1440
  war-making power to C., 1495Congress—House of Representatives, 279286, 762, 1824
  advice to freshmen, 284
  honesty and plain sense, in a H.R., 259
  I love the H.R., 264
  an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the H.R. considers [it] to be, 889
  is composed of very good men, not shining, but honest, 279
  is the most peculiar assemblage in the world, 281
  know its idiosyncracies, 281
  length of service is what gives influence, 285
  no great respect for the lower house, 297
  People’s House, 282
  power of impeachment is … solely entrusted … to the H.R., 893
  right in the H.R. to demand … all the Papers respecting a negotiation with a foreign power, 792
  vs. House of Commons, 279