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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Safire, William to Shooting

Safire, William (1929–  ), 1553Said
  what I meant and meant what I s., 513
  what is s. against me, 110Sail
  and not drift, not lie at anchor, 5
  For what avail the plough or s.,… if freedom fail?, 641
  never strike s. to fear, 597
  no connexion with any ship that does not s. fast, 848
  sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, 5
  with God the seas, 597
  Your constitution is all s. and no anchor, 334Sailing
  farther than Ulysses even dreamed of, 129
  Fleet s. under Convoy, 44Sailors
  fleetest S. must wait for the dullest and slowest, 44Saint
  I am not a s., 1491Saint Louis. See Louis IX, King of France.Salad
  bowl, 49
  describing an Italian s., 1867
  preparation of a s., 1867Salk, Jonas (1914–  ), 65Sallust (Gaius Sallustius Crispus) (86–34 B.C.), 1283Salutation of the Dawn, 1106Salvation
  for a race, nation, or class must come from within, 960San Domingo, annexation, 1484San Francisco
  some [men] are stationed in S.F., 1092Sand
  magic of property turns s. to gold, 1550
  see a world in a grain of s., 196
  sketches in the s., 1248
  wrote my name upon the s., 1215Sans
  teeth, s. eyes, s. taste, s. everything, 1158Santa Claus, 1660
  Yes, Virginia, there is a S.C., 1660
  See also ChristmasSappho (fl. c. 600 B.C.)
  though she was a woman [was honored], 1996Sat
  long enough, 1035
  too long here for any good you have been doing lately, 1035Satellites
  we [England] do not intend to be satellites, 531Satire
  is this on government, 1789Satirize
  the political gods, 1642Satisfaction
  one great universal s., 1227
  think of your work with s., 2032Saturday Evening Post, 917Saturday’s
  child works hard for its living, 200Saucer
  we pour legislation into the senatorial s. to cool it, 294Sausages
  laws and s., 996Savage
  chief of still more s. men, 1019
  lonely s., 839Savageness
  tame the s. of man, 1864Save
  he [God] need not exist in order to s. us, 702Saved
  I s. my money, 2071Savior
  of Europe, 534Say
  Don’t s. things, 186
  having nothing to s., 1692
  I am not going to s. anything I do not think, 673
  I didn’t s. that I didn’t s. it, 232
  kindly of him what is, chiefly, true, 135
  need not fear to s. it, 169
  watch what we do instead of what we s., 9
  what the critics s., 110Says
  speak and s. nothing, 266Say’st
  Thou s. an undisputed thing / In such a solemn way, 631Scalp
  ran his hand over Nick’s shiny s., 2008Scandals
  corruption and injustice in our nation’s history, 1522Scapegoats
  people are looking for s., 524Scare
  land of slander and s., 62Scarecrow
  impeachment is scarcely a s., 941Scared
  be s. of a coward the same as a brave man has got to be, 354Scenery
  Not one cent for s., 308Schoolmaster
  and remain fit for anything else, 287Schools
  and the means of education, 55Science, 16611665
  and Peace will triumph over Ignorance and War, 1963
  lights of perverted s., 2055
  main objects of all s., 779
  Modern civilization depends on s., 1663
  of Government it is my Duty to study, 481
  our own cleverness in s., 125
  will have moved forward yet one more step, 505
  without humanity, 1697
  without religion is lame, 1662Scientific
  and technological achievements, 1134
  triumph of s. annihilation, 1258
  truth, 1665Scientist
  What is a s., 1664Scorpions
  two s. in a bottle, 237Scotland
  first rate land in … S., 554Scoundrel
  refuge of a s., 1306Scratch
  another’s back if he’ll s. mine, 656Scriptures
  advise no one to send his child where the Holy S. are not supreme, 239Sea, 16661667
  from which all heights and depths are measured, 1666
  Had washed my feeble lines away, 1215
  lashed into fury, 1666
  that salts all the waters that flow into it [China], 201
  thy s. is so great, 1479
  why the s. is boiling hot, 1811
  will wash away, 1248Sealing-wax, 1811Sea-shore
  three geographical miles from the s., 1809Season
  duty neglected in its s., 1830
  it was the s. of light, it was the s. of darkness, 1818
  of suffering, 220
  To every thing there is a s., 1810Second
  free man first and an American s., 1396
  front in Europe, 2067
  office of this government is honorable and easy, 1493
  What place does the possibility of a s. front occupy, 2068Secrecy, 16681670Secret
  Everything s. degenerates, 1668
  neither have I gained office by any s. promises, 1492
  of success, 1779
  you have not chosen me by s. ballot, 1492Secrets
  no s. from government, 1529Security, 16711672
  abandon altogether the search for s., 1127
  absolute economic and social s., 70
  against crafty and dangerous encroachments on the public liberty, 496
  Americans want is s., 1671
  Decency, s. and liberty alike demand, 793
  greatest s. of the people, 1052
  light … is the best s., 496
  live in all possible s., 785
  Nation’s s. is at stake, 1530
  no s. on this earth, 1672
  only s. which freemen desire, 1196
  politicians … swear eternal devotion to the ends of peace and s., 631
  prefer the illusion of s. to the excitement of danger, 2095
  seek opportunity—not s., 71Seduction
  “temperate and moderate,” are words [of] s., 1199See
  content to wait and s. what will happen, 1636
  the light, 1665
  to s., we have only to look, 1467
  what is right and not to do it, 1635Seed
  faith as a grain of mustard s., 592Seeds
  of despotism, 1069Seeker
  this, s., is the promise of America, 68Seen
  from the s. to the unseen, 1229Self, 16731676
  to thine own s. be true, 1675Self-confidence
  as young as your s., 2099Self-deception, 1677
  nothing is easier than self-deceit, 1677Self-esteem, 1680Self-examination, 16781679Self-forgetting, 845Self-government
  art of s., 1425
  principles of s., 1975
  qualifications for s. in society are not innate, 725Self-importance, 16801681Self-interest
  predominant principle of s., 425Self-pity, 1682Self-preservation
  strikes its jarring gong, 854Self-realization, 1674Self-respect, 1683
  man can draw the breath of s., 350Self-righteousness, 224Self-sacrifice, 1674Self-seeking, 845Selfish license, 759Selling
  Every one lives by s. something, 1123Senate
  representation in our State S., 1592
  See also Congress—SenateSenator
  and remain fit for anything else, 287
  it is more a real life than being a S., 295
  a man must learn to be a Representative or a S., 301
  value of the Representative or S. increases in proportion to his length of service, 301
  See also Congress; Congress—Senate; Congressman; CongressmenSenatorial
  we pour legislation into the s. saucer to cool it, 294Senators
  No, I look at the S. and pray for the country, 289Send
  me none but Natives, 1629Senior
  citizens, 22Sense
  talk s. to the American people, 52, 85
  too much for simple honesty and plain s., 259
  warp of s. and his woof of nonsense, 625
  without hard practical s., 43Sensible
  man, 3Sentence
  first—verdict afterwards, 949
  under s. of life, 196Separate
  powers the parts, 1867Separation
  of church and state is absolute, 669
  of powers, 789
  See also Government—separation of powersSerenity
  to accept things that cannot be changed, 1472
  to accept what cannot be changed, 1472Serenity Prayer, 1472Serf
  Russian s., 1698Serious
  War is much too s. a matter to be entrusted to the military, 1954Seriously
  take ourselves s., 1681Sermon
  preach a better s., 1780Servant
  in the House of the Lord, 699
  of man, 1613
  of the state, 1759
  public s. third, 1396
  serve my country as a faithful s., 766
  troublesome s. and a fearful master, 754Servants
  public s., 1507Serve
  the national interest, 1381Serveto, Miguel (1511–1553), 957Servetus, Michael. See Serveto, Miguel.Service
  length of s., 285
  necessary for the public good, 1561
  of humanity, 1570
  to his Country, 30Servitude
  is at once the consequence of his crime, 1054
  profusion and s., 381Setting
  sun of a black night, 59“The Seven Sins,” 1697Sex, 16841685
  mystery of s. the subject of a coarse jest, 1684
  prejudice, 1483
  without discrimination because of s., 650Sexual
  impurity, 167
  instinct is not all that he has, 1152Shackles
  for the liberties of the people, 1455Shade
  Friendship is precious, not only in the s., 687Shadow
  you cannot see the s., 1435Shadows
  flee away, 1467
  those who are in the s. of life, 724Shakespeare, William (1564–1616), 97, 1686Shameless
  abject, squalid, s. avowal, 2089She
  made life poetry for me, 2006
  ship is always referred to as “s.,” 1689Sheep
  wolf how many the s. be, 1176Shining
  golden opportunity, 68
  good men, not s., but honest, 279
  morning face, 1158Ship
  Don’t give up the s., 990
  great s. swims as well as a small cork, 1744
  is always referred to as “she,” 1689
  is not sinking, 1688
  let him not steer the s. from on shore, 1928Ships and shipping, 16871689
  See also Three-mile limitShoe
  abused because I had no s., 1682
  want of a s., 1240Shoes
  not the means of obtaining s., 1682Shoot
  Take them [ex-Presidents] out and s. them, 1488Shooting
  war is over, 233