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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Nose to Parley

  of Cleopatra, 103Not
  one cent for tribute, 804
  a penny, 804
  a sixpence, 804
  worth a Continental dam, 1208Nothing
  chills pretense like exposure, 610
  everything he wants, and n. that you want, 256
  for n. any longer, 1605
  got n. that I asked for—but everything I had hoped for, 1477
  happens unless first a dream, 464
  is easier than self-deceit, 1677
  is easier than spending the public money, 799
  is lasting but change, 885
  is politically right which is morally wrong, 1640
  is really work, 2023
  is so much to be feared as fear, 600
  is troublesome that we do willingly, 1116
  is worse than active ignorance, 877
  new under the sun, 1301
  perpetual but death, 885
  play for n., 2030
  shall be impossible unto you, 592
  so bad or so good that you will not find an Englishman doing it, 635
  which he is willing to fight for, 1934
  work for n., 2030Notion
  give up every preconceived n., 263Novel
  mightiest n. remains to be written, 111Now
  children are n. tyrants, 195
  children n. love luxury, 195
  conjecture where we n. are, 1286
  he that stands it n., deserves the love and thanks of man and woman, 1821
  I am ready n., 1288
  I n. belong to the executive branch, 282
  if not n.—when, 1673
  is the time for all good men, 1388
  matter does not appear to me n. as it … appeared to me then, 1263
  What counts n., 107
  what the critics say n. won’t matter, 110Nowhere
  all these passed away, and are n., 1301Nuclear
  disaster, 1083
  umbrella that can protect others, 1255Nuclear energy, 12541256Nuclear war, 12571259O, means only that she’s growing old, 1226Oak
  nourishing the mighty o., 1437Oakland, California, 148Oasis
  in the desert, 766Oath
  Athenian Ephebic o., 100Oath of Office, 1260Object
  of good government, 778
  of government, 780, 785Objection
  every imaginable o. seems to be obviated, 512Objectivity
  lack of o., 933Objects
  at which all political institutions aim, 782
  of all legitimate government, 779Oblivion
  blessed act of o., 1294Obloquy
  lurid glare of o., 258Obscenity, 1261
  definition of o., 1261Obstructionism
  mulish o. in domestic policy, 1042Ocean
  part of the heaving surface of the o., 1102
  without the awful roar of its many waters, 443Offense
  to our friends and Allies, 40Office
  not man [seek] the o., 1571
  perpetual o. seekers, 1563
  sanctifies the holder of it, 1444
  should seek the man, 1571
  stay in o. too long, 1569Official
  limits of my o. capacity, 117
  no o. … can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, 647
  nobody counts for anything except … an o., 1716Officialdom
  arrogance of o. should be tempered, 795Officials
  Bad o. are elected by good citizens who do not vote, 1905
  elective o. shall not lead but merely register the popular will, 1018
  political o. must necessarily direct its [war’s] general course, 1926
  See also Government officialsOhio
  a mistake has been made in recent years, 285Oise-Aisne Cemetery, inscription, 1733Old
  age isn’t so bad, 20
  as your despair, 2099
  as your doubt, 2099
  as your fear, 2099
  disreputable, vigorous, unhonoured, and disorderly o. age, 24
  girl called Anno Domini, 1569
  growing o., 25
  house in which to pass his o. age, 86
  last to lay the o. aside, 2021
  man had learned in seven years, 2003
  men know young men are fools, 607
  men plant trees they will never sit under, 694
  misery of o. age, 21
  not letting men grow o. in their jobs, 744
  order standing, 1837
  people grow o. by deserting their ideals, 2099
  possible for o. people not to fear the young, 19
  systems and the Word, 1838
  too o. to cry, but it hurt too much to laugh, 399
  young men think o. men are fools, 607“Old Soldiers Never Die” (song), 1727Old Testament
  [Watergate] is like the O. T., 1981
  See also BibleOlder
  bad example by people much o., 2089
  men declare war, 1923
  one becomes wiser and more foolish, 23
  order changeth, 181Olney Corollary, 630Olympic games, 80Once
  upon a time all the animals in the Zoo decided that they would disarm, 440
  What has o. happened will invariably happen again, 855One
  All for o., 1862
  blaze of blinding light, 1866
  cool judgment, 937
  for all, 1862
  giant leap for mankind, 1738
  great poem of New England, 1241
  I am only o., 899
  man can make a difference, 900
  man with courage makes a majority, 900
  nothing o. man or o. woman can do, 902
  river born of many streams, 1866
  small step for a man, 1738
  Solitary Life, 916
  useless man is called a disgrace, 273
  with the law is a majority, 1138One-party
  government, 1489One-third
  of the world is asleep, 2037
  struggle with the o., 1620Only
  freedom which deserves the name, 650
  I am o. one, 899
  those are fit to live, 1121Open
  My life has been as an o. book, 519Opera
  ain’t over till the fat lady sings, 1817Opinion
  absence of debate unrestricted utterance leads to the degradation of o., 677
  difference of o. is not a difference of principle, 1596
  error of o. may be tolerated, 1267
  foolish and the dead alone never change their o., 1271
  God’s o. that life should go on, 1100
  legitimate interference of collective o., 652
  marries old o. to new fact, 1837
  matters of o., 647
  of the people, 1245
  own o. universally prevalent, 2094
  public o. polls to tell me what is right, 1490
  right to his o., 1262
  sacrifices it to your o., 280
  that all who can should vote, 1900
  Unawed by O., 549
  unbiased o., 280
  voicing your o., 1747Opinions, 12621275
  as many o. as there are experts, 1273
  as you and I must have five years hence, 1028
  change o. even on important subjects, which I once thought right, 321
  comfort of o. without discomfort of thought, 1268
  decent regard to the o. of former times, 82
  in matters of religion, 667
  in politics and religion, 1275
  maintained your interest, against your o., 1028
  music of our own o., 678
  of the generation that is vanishing, 1264
  Predominant o., 1264
  propagation of o. which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful, 668
  punishes political o., 1653
  separated as far as any idea that their o. shall have any effect on the course we follow, 1330
  take a man whose o. are known, 1270
  that are held with passion, 1275
  that will prevail will be those which are held most ardently, 677
  their [constituents’] o. high respect, 280
  See also Public opinionOpponents
  eventually die, 1665Opportunity
  equal o., 54
  Here is Democracy’s o., 419
  land of o., 54
  no security … only o., 1672
  shining, golden o., 68
  time and o. for more cool and sedate reflection, 468
  to be of service to the people, 419
  to do for his children and his family, 801Opposition
  His majesty’s o., 634
  Turn aside when opposed rather than confront o., 1119Oppress
  Fortune,… Does man her slave o., 636Oppressed
  and persecuted of all Nations and Religions, 884
  of all lands and races, 960Oppression
  any o., 225
  blacklist is the most cruel form of o., 115
  guard even his enemy from o., 1072
  of bias and prejudice and bigotry, 1615
  people should be writhing under o., 1747
  racial discrimination and o., 117
  reason and humanity over error and o., 1521Oppressions
  Kingly o., 1495
  tyranny and o. of body and mind will vanish, 490Optimism
  cannot talk with the same o. as its fathers, 1093Optimist
  I am an o., 1433
  to be a Democrat, 431Oracle
  common o., 160Orator
  young o. really did lose his virginity, 1279Orators
  who rule the assemblies by the brilliancy of their eloquence, 1401Oratory, 12761288
  amplification is the vice of modern o., 1283
  it was a bit of campaign o., 1287
  Thou say’st an undisputed thing in such a solemn way, 631Order 12891290
  and Harmony among them [soldiers], 1181
  and property would be saved by a strong military government, 421
  is light, peace, inner freedom, self-determination, 1289
  liberty connected with o., 1050
  material o., intellectual o., moral o., 1289
  older o. changeth, 181
  respect o., 314
  watchword be o., 1360Orderly
  national life is o., 1317Orders
  old o. should not be moved easily, 157Oregon
  journeying in covered wagons to O., 577
  walk toward O., 658Ores
  squandering the capital of metallic o., 309Organization
  question of o., 1375Organizations
  I am against all big o., 822Organize
  Don’t waste any time mourning—o., 984
  one’s life and distribute one’s time, 1289Original
  style, 2075
  writer, 2075
  writers borrowed from one another, 2080Originality
  is nothing but judicious imitation, 2080Originators
  few of us are o., 1552Ornament
  publick Buildings being the o. of a country, 93Orphan
  care for … his o., 1325
  defeat is an o., 1872Orthodox
  what shall be o. in politics, 647Ostracism
  to all honest and useful intents, an o., 259Otis, James (1725–1783), 1630Ought
  it is what o. to be, 1289Ounce
  Each o. of dross costs its o. of gold, 2072
  of loyalty, 2027Out
  and not in, 1434Outcast
  in the world, friendless and homeless, 446Outcasts
  of delicacy and virtue, 1210
  vicious, reckless multitude, 46Outer space. See Space.Outside
  want to get in, 1426Overestimate
  people, 1265Overthrow
  the Government of the United States, 221
  it [the government], 732Owed
  so much o. by so many to so few, 2052Owes
  President of the United States o. his election to … labors of a political party, 1380
  representative o. you, not his industry only, but his judgment, 280
  who enjoys the protection of free Government, o. … his personal services to the defence of it, 1192Owl
  I’ve heard the o., 577Own
  people who o. the country ought to govern it, 764Oxford University, 499, 2089Oyster
  When God made the o., 70Pabulum
  every man’s hand is out for p., 708Pace
  not keep p. with his companions, 905
  that all may keep an even P., 44Pacific Ocean, 2057Pacifists
  talk against war, 1642Paid
  sign that he expects to be p. for it, 1309Pain
  accept p. as a condition of existence, 1127
  makes man think, 2002Paine, Thomas (1737–1809), 65Palestine, 914Pamper
  him and cater to him too much, 83Pan-American Exposition Buffalo, New York (1901) 1470, 1537Panama
  here, P. and its poverty, 834Pantheon, 1248Paradigm
  Let music for peace / Be the p., 1856Paradise
  what would be left for p., 1084Paradox
  What a p. if our own cleverness in science should force us to live underground, 125Parasite
  I won’t be a p., 656
  living on the flesh of others, 766
  you are a p., 766Pardon
  a man who shot him on purpose, 1231Parent
  aim of p. and teacher, 501Parents
  Children begin by loving their p., 198
  take … p. from their children, 1193
  who merely gave them birth, 482Paris
  Bostonians, when they die, if they are good, go to P., 75
  Good Americans, when they die, go to P., 75
  In P. they just simply opened their eves and stared, 88
  man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to P., 2007Parley
  rearm in order to p., 401