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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Make to Mighty

  a better mouse-trap, 1780
  no little plans, 1360Malaise
  energy and m., 1486Malice
  in the readiness to overestimate people, 1265
  toward none, 1325
  vein of jocund m., 24Malicious
  Fortune, that with m. joy, 636Man, 11421162
  and the hour have met, 1822
  arrive on earth who is both steel and velvet, 1109
  behind every m. who’s a failure, 2017
  blend which makes the perfect m., 1352
  Concern for the m. himself, 1661
  constituted as he is of contending elements of vice and virtue, 425
  created to God’s image and likeness, 1152
  doth not live by bread only, 1112
  Every m. will be a poet, 1161
  false to any m., 1675
  forgotten m. at the bottom of the economic pyramid, 1154
  going underground to escape the consequences of his own folly, 125
  has only a thin layer of soil between himself and starvation, 31
  he seems / In all his lineaments, 919
  his strength, his possibilities, his reason, 1743
  human nature in m., 1148
  I joked about every prominent m. of my time, 1155
  If m. could be crossed with the cat it would improve the m., 164
  indebted to no m., 1492
  is a born predestined idealist, 869
  is a piece of the continent, 134
  is a social animal, 911
  is about to be an automaton, 1144
  is also, and pre-eminently, intelligent and free, 1152
  is by nature a political animal, 1390
  is not made for defeat, 398
  is not made to be trusted for life, 940
  is the touchstone of value, 901
  let no more be heard of confidence in m., 331
  must first care for his own household before he can be of use to the state, 628
  my own m., 1491
  neither m. nor nation can prosper unless … thought is … taken for the future, 312
  never met a m. I dident like, 1155
  no indispensable m., 1153
  no m. is an island, 134
  no M. worth having is true to his Wife, 2009
  No particular m. is necessary to the state, 1151
  nothing better becomes a well-bred m. than agriculture, 28
  Nothing is worth the making if / It does not make the m., 1149
  of action, 23
  one small step for a m., 1738
  one useless m. is called a disgrace, 273
  only m. is vile, 1147
  people’s m., 1491
  proper function of m. is to live, not to exist, 1118
  proud m., 1159
  Remember, thou, too, are a m., 1224
  shall know bread and peace, 1463
  tame the savageness of m., 1864
  This was a m., 1160
  Treat him as a m., 119
  What then is the American, this new m.?, 48
  who fights the bull, 14
  who had no feet, 1682
  who is actually in the arena, 10
  who leads a great, free, democratic nation, 1024
  who rises to power / From one suspender, 1452
  who spends himself in a worthy cause, 10
  who was tarred and feathered and carried out of town on a rail, 1498
  whose … statue [should be] placed in every college, 6
  will not merely endure: he will prevail, 1145
  wine drinks the m., 34
  your m., 1491Manchesters
  and Birminghams, 1847Maneuvers
  going on m.—yes, only on m., 2053Manhood
  begins when we have in any way made truce with Necessity, 1143Mania
  bank m., 101Maniacs
  we commit honest m. to Bedlam, 926Mankind
  blessing and not a curse to m., 1661
  chief end of human effort … should be usefulness to m., 502
  I am involved in m., 134
  it [atomic energy] belongs to all m., 1254
  might enjoy freedom and inherit peace, 1733
  natural rights of m., 1058
  not for America alone, but for all m., 56
  one giant leap for m., 1738
  sacred rights of m., 865
  which began in a cave, 1162Manners
  were their own business, 81Man’s
  any m. death diminishes me, 134
  house is his castle, 859Manufacturers
  Men are men before they are … m., 1150Many
  appeal to the passions of the m., 314
  do so much for so m. on so little, 449
  so much owed to so m., 2052Marble
  If we work upon m., it will perish, 1198March
  triumphal, 220
  we are on the m., 218Marching
  our God is m. on, 220Margin
  is narrow, 1902Market
  America is a free m. for people who have something to say, 169
  get itself accepted in the competition of the m., 1835
  limited patterns which the m. offers, 258Marriage, 11631169
  I want a good m., 74
  triumph of hope over experience, 1167
  young man not yet, 1163Married
  famous men and the women they m. when they were young, 1971Marry
  elderly man [should] not [m.] at all, 1163
  every woman should m., and no man, 1164
  men m. because they are tired, 1169
  when a man should m., 1163
  women [m.] because they are curious, 1169Marshall, John (1755–1835), 939Martial
  virtues must be the enduring cement, 526Martyrdom
  opportunities for m., 1579
  spirit should be ready to devote itself to m., 676Marx, Karl (1818–1883), 242, 244, 917Marxist
  I am not a M., 242Masks
  affair of m. and mystification, 1943Masochism
  spirit of national m. prevails, 1876Masquerade
  Peace itself is War in M., 1960Mass
  bonds of m. misery, 623
  great m. of the people, 1620
  of us, who take their virtues and tastes … from the limited patterns which the market offers, 258Massachusetts, 475, 1494, 1623, 1848Masses
  hopes and fears of m. in ferment, 1618
  huddled m. yearning to breathe free, 1770
  See also PeopleMaster
  is urgent, 2022
  troublesome servant and a fearful m., 754Materially
  cannot afford to be m. rich and spiritually poor, 1632
  cannot survive m. unless it be redeemed spiritually, 230Matrimony
  critical period in m. is breakfast-time, 1166Matter
  Does it really m. what these affectionate people do, 895
  does not appear to me now as it … appeared to me then, 1263
  Give me m., and I will construct a world of it, 2033
  Not he is great who can alter m., 818
  of life or death, 1937
  of living or existing, 1937
  War is much too serious a m. to be entrusted to the military, 1954Matters
  extremely delicate m., 40Maxim
  Act only according to that m., 1010Maximum
  the explanation, 95
  of continuity, 1837May
  the road rise to meet you, 1478Mayflower
  Launch our M., 1838Mazzini, Giuseppe (1805–1872), 915McCarthy, Joseph Raymond (1908–1957), 1171McCarthyism, 524, 11701171McKinley, William (1843–1901), 6McPherson, Aimee Semple, (1890–1944), 917Means
  absurdly sacrificing the end to the m., 1009
  End is more than worth all the M. 392
  end justifies the m., 707
  finding a balance between m. and ends that is the heart of foreign policy, 631
  a good End cannot sanctifie evil M., 564
  improved m. to an unimproved end, 1540
  it [government] is a m. only, 787
  struggle with limited m. to achieve these unlimited ends, 631
  to be freely adapted, 787
  valued liberty both as an end and as a m., 1049Meant
  said what I m. and m. what I said, 513Measure
  exactly the sympathies of its people, 363
  ’Tis after death that we m. men, 366
  which I believe to be wrong, 1638Medical
  sciences could avert [the most terrible sufferings], 1609Medici, Lorenzo de (1449–1492), 97Medicine
  for young physicians—we ought to throw in no m. at all, 1038Mediocre
  man, 1403
  political talents 1401Mediocrity, 1172
  abilities so much below m. so well rewarded, 1172
  of success, 2084
  water of m., 874Meekness
  Religion and virtue alike lend their sanctions to m., 253Meet
  any hardship, 1066
  them well or ill, 827Melting pot, 49Memorable
  things should be committed to writing, 1173Memorial
  erect no vain m., 376Memories
  land without m., 857Memory, 11731175
  applaud the accuracy of his m., 1175
  Education isn’t how much you have committed to m., 486
  I leave m., 192
  indebted to his m. for his jests, 1175
  no one shall seek to honour my m., 376
  On the mountains of m., 375
  slippery m. which seldom yields a certain reckoning, 1173
  spilled from the too-full m., 2000
  we can make this thing into a Party, instead of a M., 430Men
  all m. walk on higher ground in that lifetime, 814
  are m. before they are lawyers, or physicians, 1150
  carry on their affairs by imitating, 825
  fate that falls on m., 1
  good m., not shining, but honest and reasonably well informed, 279
  great challenges that ordinary m. like you and me are forced by circumstances to meet, 819
  honorable m., 185
  make them capable and sensible m., 1150
  marry because they are tired, 1169
  of some property, 1629
  radicals are the m. past middle life, 2100
  small m., 1760
  thank God that such m. lived, 1730
  There aren’t any great m., 819
  time for all good m. to come to the aid of the party, 1388
  [who] have gained prominence not though luck or by mere accident, 281
  who have led the House, 281
  who have neither the right nor the knowledge nor the virtue, 747
  who lift the age they inhabit, 814
  whose names have become a splendid tradition, 281
  See also YoungMenace
  greatest m. to our civilization, 224Mental
  man’s property,… is surely that which is the result of his m. activity, 1197Merchants
  Men are men before they are … m., 1150Mercy
  has a human heart, 1464
  justice without m. if I fail to show m. 1490
  love m., 947Merit
  ready appreciation of m. and character, 281Message to Garcia, 6Messenger
  There’s the King’s M., 950
  a very well paid m. boy doing your errands, 298
  who brings bad news, 1243Metal
  sleeping in the mountainside, 1542Metaphor
  of the melting pot, 49Meteor
  superb m., every atom … in magnificent glow, 1118Meter
  electrical energy too cheap to m., 1256Method
  goes far to prevent Trouble, 146Mexican War (1845–1848), 734Middle
  age, 2016
  excellent, 536Mighty
  sit in the seats of the m., 699