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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Military to Mystification

  instruction a regular part of collegiate education, 1187
  leader, 1729
  manliness to which the m. mind so faithfully clings, 526
  order and property would be saved by a strong m. government, 421
  preparedness, 493
  rejects include tomorrow’s hard core unemployed, 1189
  spirit evaporated, 1647
  War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the m., 1954Military affairs, 11761185Military-industrial complex, 1177Military service, 11861193Millionaire
  one m. and many beggars, 39Millionaires
  eight m. and one plumber, 1510Millions
  fate of unborn M., 1627
  for defense, 804
  yet unborn, 1630Milton, John (1608–1674), 1574Mimesis
  withdrawal of m. on the part of the majority, 227Mind, 11941198
  Almighty God hath created the m. free, 667
  aristocrat in morals as in m., 188
  at work for itself, 1282
  can invent peace with justice, 1959
  creations of our m., 1661
  cultivated m. is the guardian genius of Democracy, 1196
  emancipation of m., 639
  he who can alter my state of m., 818
  improving the m. and morals of society, 1924
  is contented and happy, 487
  is shackled or made impotent through fear, 671
  it [hanging] concentrates his m. wonderfully, 369
  Let them m. their own affairs, 1008
  light over the public m., 496
  military m., 526
  of man is never satisfied, 1195
  progress of the human m., 178
  state of m., 1436
  To educate a man in m. and not in morals, 500
  to preserve the freedom of the human m., 676
  tyranny over the m. of man, 1844
  War is an invention of the human m., 1959
  [Youth] is a state of m., 2099Minds
  business of little m. to shrink, 356
  chance favors only those m. which are prepared, 174
  curiosity of young m., 487
  hobgoblin of little m., 1194
  men’s immortal m., 1198
  narrow m., 1663
  of your young men, 2086
  wars begin in the m. of men, 1966Mine
  personnel m., 2070
  vehicular m., 2070Minerva
  birth of M. from the brain of Jove, 813Minimal
  more m. the art, 95Minimum
  for the wages of women, 2013
  of jolt, 1837Minister
  from the devil himself, if he wore a crown, we should receive a m., 614Ministers
  business of m. … to consult … the people, 794Minority
  failure of creative power in the m., 227
  Hates a m., 1141
  rich, who are always a m., 1139
  should be ready to yield to a majority, 414
  To protect the weak and the m., 786Miracles
  happen all the time, 69Miraculous
  takes a little longer, 1183Mirrors
  and blue smoke, 1415
  blue smoke and m., 1415
  only way you can do that is with m., 1411Mischievous
  position on almost every public question was … m., 1274Misery
  affluent m., 17
  annual expenditure twenty pounds ought six, result m., 380
  bonds of mass m., 623
  first is but a splendid m., 1493
  I saw, and a great part of which I was, 1951
  of old age, 21
  Physical m. is great everywhere out here [Africa], 1609
  plague America with m. in the name of liberty, 1047
  produce that m. which he strives in vain to relieve, 566
  sumptuous m., 16
  trafficking in human m., 832Misfortune
  Success is the necessary m. of life, 1785Misfortunes
  strength to endure the m. of others, 1773Missiles, 407Mississippi, 1985Mistake
  Biggest damfool m. I ever made, 924
  sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a m., 562Mistakes
  face reality and our past m., 1836Mistress
  in my own [house], 2014Mistresses
  your Lordship’s principles, or your Lordship’s m., 372Mitchell, John Newton (1913–  ), 1394Mob
  are called to suppress the free expression of thought, 1642
  infuriated and degraded m., 46
  only difference between a m. and a trained army is organization, 1375Mobs
  of great cities, 1337
  should … not depend on government, 795Mock
  patriotism, 1641Mocked
  power which dominates in the United States does not understand being m., 362Mockery
  a sham, a pretense—the sheerest m., 671
  of a trial, 916Mocking bird speech, 295Moderately
  good is not so good as it ought to be, 1199Moderation, 1199
  in principle, is a species of vice, 1199
  in temper, is always a virtue, 1199
  in the pursuit of justice is no virtue, 581Modernization
  see the processes of m. in motion, 182Moles
  force us to live underground with the m., 125Molière (pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Poquelin, 1622–1673), 362Moments
  of unutterable fulfillment, 922Mona Lisa
  painted by a club, 898Monarchy
  abuses of m., 1597
  everything republican which was not m., 1597
  gradually transforms itself into a republic, 1598
  Republic or a M., 1593
  virtually and substantially a m., 425Mondale, Walter F. (1928–  ), 1611Monday’s
  child is fair in face, 200Money, 12001209
  appropriation of public m. always is perfectly lovely until some one is asked to pay the bill, 797
  blind with the lust for m., 832
  buying nothing without the m. in our pockets to pay for it, 358
  Credit is to m. what m. is to articles of merchandise, 359
  duty to make m. and still more m., 1207
  I saved my m., 2071
  is power, 1201
  patronage of m., 803
  paying our own m. for unexplained projects, 802
  people’s m., 801
  power to make m., 1207
  pretty soon you’re talking about real m., 800
  spending other people’s m., 805
  spending the public m., 799
  value of m., 1203
  we do spend on Government 807Money’s
  get their m. worth, except for these [taxes], 1789Moneys
  dispensation of the public m., 802Mongrel
  banner invented for a league, 1026Monied
  aristocracy, 101Monkeys
  might write all the books in the British Museum, 2076Monogamists
  who don’t monog, 1168Monroe Doctrine, 629630Monument
  pedestal waiting for a m., 161
  The Republic is his m., 830Monuments
  of man’s pride, 822Moon
  first radio message from, 1737
  first words spoken on, 1738
  landing a man on the m., 1740
  means invented of journeying to the m., 1744
  See also Space explorationMoral
  chains upon their own appetites, 1051
  complaisance, 258
  courage to enter the m. conflict, 1212
  dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and m. disintegration, 1984
  equivalent of war, 526
  factor involved, 1085
  imagination is missing, 442
  imperatives with a Southern strategy, 444
  invisible molecular m. forces, 822
  not measures of m. judgment, 627
  period of m. crisis, 1211
  place of m. leadership. 1504
  power is to physical as three parts out of four, 1213
  progress, 1663
  sanction and support wherever she thinks that justice is, 533
  standards and values, 1018
  standards of our society, 1802
  test of government, 724
  This struggle may be a m. one, 443
  tide of the moment, 1025
  till all are m., 1350Morale
  is to material as is the ratio of three to one, 1213Morality, 12101214
  and knowledge, being necessary to good government, 55
  commerce without m., 1697
  fundamental principle of m., 1214
  I know but one code of m. for men, 667Morally
  and intellectually superior to all men, 1349
  no matter how m. wrong he may be, 982
  not progressed m., 1538
  treasonable, 1507
  wrong, 1640Morals
  aristocrat in m., 188
  have need of the laws, 1011
  improving the mind and m. of society, 1924
  Rome’s decline lay in her … m., 1646
  To educate a man in mind and not in m., 500More
  government which attempts m., 781
  No man can do m., 513
  will sometimes be demanded of you than is reasonable, 1119
  You cannot do m., 469Mormons, 1168Morning
  day is a perpetual m., 1808
  shall always come, 1517Mortal
  all men m. but themselves, 1223
  power, 865
  remember that thou art m., 1224Mortality, 12151224Mortifying
  Every proceeding respecting myself has been so thoroughly m., 1626Mother
  fear is the m. of safety, 595
  Honor thy father and thy m., 1804
  My m., drunk or sober, 345
  of Exiles, 1770
  owe to my angel m., 1225
  a word that means the world to me, 1226Mother-power
  sheer waste of m., 1165Mother’s
  ashes, 1067Mothers, 12251226Motive
  right m., 1909
  which impels them, 1307Motives, 12271231
  not inquire too curiously into m., 1228
  value world sets upon m., 1230Motto
  E pluribus unum, 1867
  I heartily accept the m., 753
  Liberty and Union, now and for ever, one and inseparable, 1855
  toward the Congress, 264Mottos
  Atlanta Journal, 1244
  Christopher Society, 448
  Lend a Hand Society, 1434
  Scripps-Howard newspapers, 971
  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1183Mount Everest, 1741Mountain
  He’s allowed me to go up to the m., 572
  I’ve been to the other side of the m., 577Mountains
  From the big dizzy m., 33Mourn
  foolish and wrong to m. the men who have died, 1730
  Let me not m. for the men who have died, 1730
  time to m., 1810Mourning
  Don’t waste any time m., 984Mouse-trap
  make a better m., 1780Movements
  many of the world’s great m. … have flowed from the work of a single man, 902Movie
  stars, 1406Much
  do so m. for so many on so little, 449
  done so m. with so little, 2060
  so m. owed by so many to so few, 2052
  tho’ m. is taken, m. abides, 575Mulish
  obstructionism in domestic policy, 1042Multiply
  we m. whenever we are mown down, 1066Multitude
  vicious, reckless m., 46Murphy’s Law, 1232Muses
  may the “sweet M.” … bear me away, 376Music
  divinest m. has not been conceived, 111
  of our own opinions, 678
  step to the m. which he hears, 905Mussolini, Benito Amilcare Andrea (1883–1945), 1372Mustard
  faith as a grain of m. seed, 592Myself
  If I am not for m., 1673
  if I am only for m., 1673Mysteries
  love for the m. of nature, 1664
  of the future, 41Mystery
  and concealment, 1670
  inside an enigma, 1652
  of sex, 1684Mystification
  affair of masks and m., 1943