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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Faith to Force

Faith, 591592
  absolute f. corrupts absolutely, 1448
  as a grain of mustard seed, 592
  as young as your f., 2099
  form may survive the substance of the f., 717
  grant us a common f., 1463
  in democracy, 752
  is not primarily in these machines of defense but in ourselves, 409
  Let us move forward with strong and active f., 695
  lost f. in everything we fight and spend for, 752
  sign and symbol of a man without f, 863
  Some will lose f. in them [rulers], 1020
  triumphant result of f. in human kind, 514
  utmost good f. shall always be observed towards the Indians, 55
  what f. [leads us], 107
  When I examined my political f., 414Fall
  both f. into the ditch, 2087
  if these columns f., 755
  of British liberty, 1067
  unless we stand for something, we shall f. for anything, 106False
  canst not then be f. to any man, 1675
  witness, 18041805Falsehoods
  which interest dictates, and credulity encourages, 1925Fame, 593594
  air was f., 1686
  lived for ends more durable than f., 549
  of the brave outlives him, 886
  precarious f., 376
  true f. … is to be acquired only by noble deeds, 502Fame’s
  proud cliff, 593Family
  Average American is just like the child in the f., 83
  bind together all the branches of the human f., 1536
  happiest moments of my life have been [spent] in the bosom of my f., 842
  harmful to my f., 1606
  honorable exile from one’s f., 842
  rather start a f. than finish one, 121
  useful to my f. and not to my country, 1606Fancy
  in his narratives, 1175Farce
  [in history the] second time as f., 856Farms
  destroy our f., 27
  leave our f., 27Fascism
  break-down in Italy followed by f., 2046Fascist
  America will one day go f. democratically, 1907Fashions, 2021Fat
  opera ain’t over till the f. lady sings, 1817Fatal
  great deal of it [sincerity] is absolutely f., 1696Fate
  book of f., 1576
  Concern for the man himself and his f., 1661
  finger of f., 505
  is Freedom / Grace and Surprise, 1856
  Nothing is more certainly written in the book of f., 1062
  of this country depends [on education], 485
  of unborn Millions, 1627
  starveling of F. forgets himself into immortality, 1110
  terror of overhanging f., 51
  that falls on men, 1Father
  Honor thy f. and thy mother, 1804
  One f. is enough to governe one hundred sons, 193
  [to] a boy of 14, my f. was so ignorant, 2003Fatherland
  transmit my f. not diminished, 100Father’s
  brought up in my f. house to believe in democracy, 1333Fathers
  founding f., 1999
  in wars the f. did bury their sons, 1955
  result vindicates the foresight of the f., 1974
  victory has 100 f., 1872
  we confront tasks … [different] … from those which our f. faced, 697Fatigue
  terrors of f., 1097Fatigues
  of supporting it [freedom], 664Fattening
  immoral, illegal, or f., 846Fault
  excusing of a f. / Doth make the f. the worse by excuse, 837Faults
  admitted of peaceable and legal remedies, 737
  are not in our Constitution, but in ourselves, 318
  Constitution, with all its f., 322
  knowledge of her f., 1460Fear, 696600
  as old as your f., 2099
  brave man is not he who feels no f., 353
  do not f. to die, 1121
  early and provident f. is the mother of safety, 595
  free every man from f., 785
  freedom from f., 655
  frivolous f., 1082
  let us never f. to negotiate, 598
  Let us never negotiate out of f., 598
  mind is shackled or made impotent through f., 671
  need not f. to say it, 169
  never strike sail to a f., 597
  not in f., but in hope, 54
  not to f. the young, 19
  Nothing is so much to be feared as f., 600
  only thing we have to f. is f. itself, 599
  result not of caution but of f., 596
  singing in the dark does not dispel f., 1836
  was translated into doctrines, 925Feared
  public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be f., 383
  worst to be f., 403Fearless
  historian should be f. and incorruptible, 1748Federal
  city, 1974
  district, 512Federal Constitution. See Amendment; Constitution; Constitution of the United States.Federalists
  We are f., 1596Federation
  of the world, 2038Feed
  him for a lifetime, 484Feeds
  bite the hand that f. them, 906Feet
  man who had no f., 1682
  of clay, 248
  were bare, 1682Felicity
  which always escapes him, 86Feline
  delinquency, 163Fellow
  immigrants, 882
  revolutionaries, 1615Female
  Commend her among her f. acquaintances, 1460Fence
  Extremes that f. all efforts in, 659Fermi, Enrico (1901–1954), 124Few
  prejudices of the f., 314
  so f. have been asked to do so much for so many on so little, 449
  so much owed by so many to so f., 2052Fictitious
  value of money, 1203Field
  like a ripe f. of wheat where once drove plough, 915Fields
  of friendly strife, 1874Fierce
  women in combat might be too f., 1190Fifth
  Column, 408Fifty
  At f., chides his infamous delay, 1223Fig
  calls f. a f., 1748Fight
  for his rights, 1191
  for the right, 1634
  for the things which we have always carried nearest to our hearts, 2049
  for things sacred / And things profane, 100
  I have not yet begun to f., 1625
  in the fields and in the streets, 1354
  in the hills, 1354
  not to enslave, 665
  nothing which he is willing to f. for, 1934
  on the beaches, 1354
  on the landing grounds, 1354
  rearm in order to f., 401
  their way to many a liberty, 1076
  time to f., and that time has now come, 1936
  war with arms while the diplomats … f. it with words, 247
  we must f., 1922
  when there is no hope of
  victory, 1634Fighter
  born f. … who can dispense with success, 1087Fighting
  aggressive f. for the right, 1637Fights
  you on patriotic principles, 535Finest
  America’s f. hours, 1884 hour, 2055Finger
  of fate, 505Finish
  the work we are in, 1325Fire
  count on us [America] to furnish the [f.] hose and water, 626
  Don’t f. unless fired upon, 1940
  for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered f., 1134
  glow from that f. can truly light the world, 770
  hearts were touched with f., 2091
  how much f. you have in your belly, 1089
  instruction we find in books is like f., 2080
  like a f. bell in the night, 1700
  not light that is needed, but f., 1575
  of genius, in the discovery and production of new and useful things, 1535
  of genius was extinguished, 1647
  a single shot, 1657Firebrands
  wars have been precipitated by f., 253Fires
  of freedom … burn low, 654Fireside chats, 56, 379, 750Firmness
  in the right, 1325First
  Amendment, 167, 1015
  by whom the New are tried, 2021
  free man f. and an American second, 1396
  is but a splendid misery, 1493Fiscal
  rocks of loose f. policy, 480Fish
  Give a man a f. and you feed him for a day, 484
  Teach a man to f. and you feed him for a lifetime, 484Fixed
  star in our constitutional constellation, 647Flag, 601602
  behold the gorgeous ensign of the republic, 1855
  loved but one f., 1026
  our standard, Old Glory, a symbol of freedom, 1364
  pledge allegiance to the F. of the United States, 1363
  Rally round the f., boys, 601 Your f. and my f., 602Flags
  [blue battle-flag inscribed] Don’t give up the ship, 990
  tattered f. of the tented field, 778Flame
  pulpits f. with righteousness, 829
  Which naught but tears can drown, 844Flanders Fields, 65, 2048Flash
  of the day, 1028Flatter
  fawn and f. to avoid a sneer, 656
  the people in order to betray them, 63Flattery
  he should spread it on, not in thin layers, 1391
  to give or to receive f., 1459
  Unseduced by F., 549
  unwarranted f., 1403Fleas
  like friendly apes, to pick the f. from each other’s fur, 2079Fleeing
  from himself and denying his human nature, 1000Fleet
  sailing under Convoy, 44
  the works of men, 1220Flies
  He who f. proves himself guilty, 835Flights
  of the human mind, 1195Float
  before we f. farther on the waves of this debate, 1286Flower
  Faded the f., 1219Flowers
  give them the f. now, 1218Flying, 603604
  chariot in which a man may sit, 1744Foe
  go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the f., 1950
  oppose any f., 1066
  without hate, 820
  See also Enemies; EnemyFolger Shakespeare Library, inscriptions, 1686Follow
  as the night the day, 1675
  I must f. them, for I am their leader, 1021
  know how to f., too, 1023
  State must f. and not lead the character and progress of the citizen, 1004Folly
  by the exposure of folly … it is defeated, 681
  going underground to escape the consequences of his own f., 125
  three things which are real: God, human f., and laughter, 1095
  war contains so much f., 1932
  words of delusion and f., 1855Fool
  all of the people all of the time, 609
  all of the people some of the time, 609
  an assembly of great men is the greatest f. upon earth, 608
  At thirty man suspects himself a f., 1223
  if a man is a f.,… encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking, 681
  keeps a f. at court, 1156
  power to make a f. of himself, 1898
  silence any friend of yours whom you know to be a f., 610
  some of the people all the time, 609
  whosoever shall say, Thou f., shall be in danger of hell fire, 605Foolish
  consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, 1194
  he [Abraham Lincoln] was, 1110
  more f., 23Foolishness
  age of f., 1818Fools, 605610
  old men know young men are f., 607
  [patriotism] is the first, last and middle range of f., 1306
  percentage of f. in this country, 606
  Twenty-seven millions, mostly f., 606
  young men think old men are f., 607For
  what counts now is … what we are f., 107
  whom the bell tolls, 134Force
  use of f. should not be excluded, 253