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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Castro, Fidel to Civility

Castro, Fidel (1926–  ), 1657Cat, 163164
  is liked best as a pet, 90
  that sits down on a hot stovelid, 576Cat Bill Veto, 163Catastrophe
  race between education and c., 858Catch-22, 1179Categorical
  imperative, 1010Cater
  pamper him and c. to him too much, 83Catharsis
  of knowledge and conviction, 67Cathedrals
  Bridges are America’s c., 94Catholic
  against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed, 669
  no C. vote, no anti-Catholic vote, 669Catholic-baiting, 166Catholicism, 165166Catholics
  can go to heaven, 897
  Hitler attacked the C., 1749Cats
  nature of c., 163Cattle
  of the political arena, 1566Cause
  just c., 1909
  lose in a c. that will some day win, 1994
  [man] who spends himself in a worthy c., 10
  no c. half so sacred as the c. of a people, 1570.
  of America is a revolutionary c., 1615
  righteousness of our c. must always underlie our strength, 662
  win in a c. that will some day lose, 1994Causes
  four c. for the apparent misery of old age, 21Caution
  result not of c. but of fear, 596
  smothers / Whatever might offend my lord and master, 656Cautious
  how he dealt in blood, 120Cavalry
  more spectacular but less substantial c., 1154Cavour, Camillo
  Benso, Conte di (1810–1861), 915Cedar
  green with boughs, / Goes down with a great shout upon the hills, 1108Celibacy, 1152Cement
  Marital virtues must be the enduring c., 526Cemetery
  institution which rejects progress, 184Censor
  and the inquisitor have always lost, 168
  open to all—except the c., 132
  public c., 169
  why our press is still subject to no c., 737Censored
  freedom cannot be c. into existence, 640
  press and books and literature of all kinds are c., 654Censorship, 167171
  community c. in one of its worst forms, 167
  system of c., 171Censure
  right to c., 959Center
  cannot hold, 454Century
  Man doesn’t save a c., 107Certainty, 172Chagrin
  reflection gave me more c., 2071Chain
  no c. strong, which holds one rusted link, 1695Challenge
  Our c.—and its solution—lies in ourselves, 624Challenger, 603Challenges
  before us are monumental, 624
  great c. that ordinary men … are forced … to meet, 819
  successfully responding to successive c., 229Chance, 173174
  demands that he be given the same c., 119
  favors only those minds which are prepared, 174
  is the pseudonym of God, 173
  It [my country] gave me, as it gives every boy and girl, a c., 349
  success is won / By any c., 656
  to every man his c., 68
  to have been of help to the poor man, 419Change, 175184
  a small portion of events, 179
  alone is eternal, 180
  by usurpation, 339
  foolish and the dead alone never c. their opinion, 1271
  frequent c. of men will result from a frequent return of electors, 765
  He who rejects c., 184
  is constant, 176
  is inevitable, 176
  Lie still, dry dust, secure of c., 377
  necessary not to c., 175
  not even God can c. the past, 1291
  not necessary to c., 175
  Nothing lasting but c., 885
  of circumstances, 178
  opinions c., 178
  relief in c., 177
  things which must be changed, 1472
  We want c., 1615
  what should be changed, 1472
  winds of c., 182Changed
  accept things that cannot be c., 1472
  in the night, 1678Changeth
  older order c., 181Chaos
  huddled together in one c., 1290
  short route to c., 1764Character, 185188
  assassinations, 61
  content of their c., 462
  energy will test the c. of the American people, 526
  force of c., 1328
  formation of c., 501
  founded upon the principles of truth, uprightness, and inflexible integrity, 502
  is what you are in the dark, 187
  knowledge without c., 1697
  long, slow process of educating mind and c., 783
  man of this type of c. serves more efficiently, 283
  men, of whom this is the c. and conduct, 1210
  not one [properties which belong to honorable men] is so highly prized as that of c., 185
  of every act depends upon the circumstances, 675
  of Man, 1359
  of the next generation, 2086
  of whom this is the c. and conduct, 1210
  opportunity of vindicating his c., 891
  ready appreciation of merit and c., 281
  State must follow and not lead the c. and progress of the citizen, 1004
  they have had c., 281
  Those who quit their proper c., 1417
  useless c., 1552Charity
  with c. for all, 1325Charm
  Northern c. and Southern efficiency, 1972
  that conquers the enemy, 1131Chase, Salmon Portland (1808–1873), 1270Cheap
  never buy what you do not want, because it is c.: it will be dear to you, 1116
  what we obtain too c., we esteem too lightly, 1845Chesapeake Bay, 189Chicken
  England will have her neck wrung like a c., 2056
  Some c.! Some neck!, 2056Chicory
  lettuce can still be distinguished from the c., 49Chief
  I am their c., 1021
  Ye call me c., 1019Child
  Average American is just like the c. in the family, 83
  cry of a single hungry c., 811
  develop the c. into a man, 501
  Give me a c. for the first seven years, 199
  Give us the c. for 8 years, 194
  has its fairy godmother in its soul, 196
  Know you what it is to be a c.?, 196
  Monday’s c. is fair of face, 200
  of seven years old, 2071
  of the House of Comons, 1333
  spoiled and eventually a very weak individual, 83
  to remain always a c., 191Children, 190200
  a right to study Painting, 481
  advice to your c., 197
  are now tyrants, 195
  begin by loving their parents, 198
  contradict their parents, 195
  crime to waste it [youth] on c., 2097
  devise to c., 192
  for our children’s c., to live in a world of peace, 54
  from their parents, 1193
  hopes of its c., 403
  leave to c. the long, long days to be merry in, 192
  let the c. and childbearers toil, 1695
  My clients are the c., 698
  no longer obey their parents, 456
  now love luxury, 195
  those who are in the dawn of life, 724
  tortured c., 190
  transmit that Freedom to their C., 644
  vagabond, ignorant, and ungoverned, 46Children’s
  for our c. children, to live in a world of peace, 54
  hour, 2089China, 201204
  ambitious and aggressive C., 1881
  is a sea that salts all the waters, 201
  land war against Red China, 1887
  limited war with Red China, 1967
  no man in his right mind would advocate sending our ground forces into continental C., 1968
  Red China and Russia are having their differences, 2043
  tail of C. is large and will not be wagged, 201
  war with C., 202Chinese
  No dogs or C. allowed, 204Choice, 206
  We have a c., 391
  We must make our c., 1919Choose
  between life in the Soviet Union and life in the U.S.A. 1656
  what you have, 205Christ
  Caesar and C. had met in the arena, and C. had won, 206
  Goodbye C., 917
  Religion of C., 207
  See also Jesus ChristChristianity, 206207
  persecutes C., 1653Christians
  peace, not just for C., 1877Christmas
  at this C. time, I greet you, 1467
  child that’s born on a C. day, 200
  night of the nativity of the young Lord Jesus, 921
  See also Santa ClausChurch
  is not the master or servant of the state, 1759
  [is] the conscience of the state, 1759
  separation of c. and state is absolute, 669Churches
  of America, 829
  You have despoiled c., 1368Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (1874–1965), 2004
  dismissal, 1419
  introduction by Mark Twain, 1352Cigar, 208
  a really good 5-cent c., 208Circumstances
  make c. fit those plans, 1362Cities, 209213
  are the abyss of the human species, 213
  Burn down your c., 27
  When they get piled upon one another in large c., 726
  will spring up again as if by magic, 27Citizen
  American c. [of German blood required] to give up all allegiance to Germany, 883
  Athenian c. does not neglect the state, 1552
  attitude in an American c., 1507
  character earns him as an American c., 1343
  every person … can[not] be made into a productive c., 1330
  humble station of a private c., 778
  not a good c. unless he also takes thought of the state, 628
  of the world, 216
  Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every c., 1420
  private c. without wrong, 820
  reproach against any American c. should be that he is not a politician, 1425
  Roman c., 215
  when a c. is in any way distinguished, 1568
  who enjoys the protection of a free government, 1192
  without concerned c. action … we shall look in vain for progress, 866
  you are a subject and not a c., 671
  See also Government—citizen participationCitizenry
  alert and knowledgeable c. can compel, 1177Citizens
  Bad officials are elected by good c. who do not vote, 1905
  incline the hearts of the C., 1476
  most valuable c., 29
  of Berlin, 215
  of one world, 1481
  train and classify the whole of our male c., 1187Citizenship, 214217
  best c. produced by a free republic, 217
  common tongue is … foundation of a common c., 537
  is no light trifle, 214
  privileges of c. regardless of race, 1901
  responsibilities of c., 57City
  American c., 210
  evils of c. life, 212
  grass will grow in the streets of every c., 27
  Lord keep the c., 662
  neglected classes in our c., 46
  not How much can I get out of my c., 767
  upon a hill, 1611
  What can I do for my c., 767
  what c. was best to live in, 211Civil
  and human rights in America, 221
  liberties, 654
  liberty cannot be wrested from any people, 1058
  liberty is only natural liberty, 1058
  rights movement, 116Civil rights, 218221Civil War (1861–1865), 222223, 843, 1594, 1725, 1987Civility
  climate of decency and c., 54