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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Book to Castles

  every man wants to write a b., 456
  My life has been as an open b., 519
  of their art, 1236
  of their deeds, 1236
  of their words, 1236
  only b. they read every day, 1247
  this b. has been for the author a long struggle of escape, 875
  write a better b., 1780Book-learning
  not b. young men need, 6Books, 129133
  All good b. are alike, 131
  are a mighty bloodless substitute for life, 133
  are good enough in their own way, 133
  are the quietest and most constant of friends, 130
  controversial b. and controversial authors, 132
  of making many b. there is no end, 456
  welcome controversial b., 132
  won’t stay banned, 168
  world of b., 129Boone County Court House, Missouri
  inscription, 955Boot
  lick the b. that kicks them, 906Bore
  voted a b., 281Born
  a predestined idealist, 869
  free, 554
  time to be b., and a time to die, 1810
  to act, 869
  to live, not to prepare for life, 1120Borne
  the battle, 1325Borrow
  no one left to b. from, 386Borrowing
  taking from the federal government the power of b., 384
  who undertakes to live by b. soon finds his original means devoured, 386Boston
  last contest, in the town of B., 1620
  men of B. proved themselves, 1630Bostonians
  when they die, if they are good, go to Paris, 75Bottom
  only sitting on our own b., 1782Bought
  slowly, gradually, furtively, 1648Boy
  Don’t teach my b. poetry, 1397
  When I was a b. of 14, my father was so ignorant, 2003Boys
  are not going to be sent into any foreign wars, 1945
  devise to b. jointly all … fields … hills … streams, 192Brag
  Cease to b. to me of America, 45Brain
  if we lack b. power to build a world of peace, 493
  No b. is stronger than its weakest think, 1807Brains
  feet of clay which extend almost all the way up to their b., 248Brandywine, Battle of (1777), 664Brat
  unteachable b., well versed and none the wiser, 26Brave
  enough to face himself when he is afraid, 1469
  fame of the b. outlives him, 886
  grow b. by reflection, 356
  man is not he who feels no fear, 353
  men who work while others sleep, 1234
  no b. man would wear, 1447
  resistance, 1627
  run where the b. dare not go, 459Bravely
  bears his country’s cause, 1724Brazil, 614Bread
  In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat b., 977
  live by b. only, 1112
  man shall know b. and peace, 1463
  robs labor of its b., 1209
  upon the waters, 591
  we should soon want b., 728Breakfast-time
  critical period in matrimony is b., 1166Breathes
  there the man, with soul so dead, 1310Brevity
  sententious b., which, using not a word to spare, 1283Bricks
  when they throw b. at me, 1523Bridge
  double-cross that b. when he comes to it, 1399
  is love, 1136
  [politicians] build a b. even where there is no river, 1398Bridges
  are America’s cathedrals, 94Brief
  be b., 2000Britain
  always wins one battle—the last, 529British
  and American peoples, 41
  are like their own beer, 536
  democracy approves the principles of movable party heads and unwaggable national tails, 201
  government … [has] a just and friendly disposition towards us, 618
  lament the fall of B. liberty, 1067
  mandate came to an end, 914
  nation will find it very hard to look up to leaders who are detected in that somewhat ungainly posture, 1554
  prevent the B. from invading us, 1495
  See also England; Great BritainBritish Empire
  liquidation of the B. E., 528British Museum, 2076Britons
  would rather take the risk of civilizing communism, 532Broils
  To share in the b. of none, 619Brother
  call him b. still, 135Brotherhood, 134136
  of man, 1117Brothers
  destiny that makes us b., 136
  Like my three b. before me, 1299
  on that bright loveliness in the unending night, 1742
  who see now they are truly b., 1742Browning, Robert (1812–1889), 2074“Bryan’s Ten Rules for the New Voter,” 776, 1573Buchenwald
  generation of B., 1093Buck
  stops here, 1490, 1610Budget
  balanced, 379, 795, 801, 1411
  slashes in their [budget] estimates, 1178
  See also Government spendingBugaboo
  Communist b., 250Build
  a house in which to pass his old age and sell it, 86
  a way of life, 56
  a world of peace, 493
  helping … b. a beautiful cathedral, 458
  In vain we b. the world, unless / The builder also grows, 1149
  me a son, O Lord, 1469
  to b. and not to destroy, 526
  when we b. they b., 400
  when we cut they b., 400Builders
  stone which the b. refused, 91Buildings
  publick B. being the ornament of a country, 93Bullet
  ballot is stronger than the b., 1903Bullfight
  critics row on row, 14Bully
  pulpit, 1508Bulwark
  of continuing liberty, 750
  of our own liberty, 1069Bumblebee
  is unable to fly, 604Bums
  blowing up the campuses, 156Bunker Hill
  Battle of, 150th anniversary, 645
  Monument, 13Burden
  bear any b., 1066
  bear the b., 89
  carry his b., however hard, until nightfall, 1104
  free from the b. of a life that was self-dependent, 643
  of a long twilight struggle, 516Burdened
  with the heavy curse on those who come afterwards, 697Bureau
  immortality on earth is a government b., 709Bureaucracy
  giant power wielded by pigmies, 706
  of the corporation state and of government, 1613
  patronizing favor of swollen b., 708
  shifting corruption is better than a permanent b., 1595Bureaucratic
  despotism, 1646Burn
  down your cities, 27
  my body to ashes, 1638Burnes, James Nelson (1827–1889), eulogy by John James Ingalls, 368Bury
  We will b. you, 1989Business, 137147
  abolition of b., 147
  America can no more survive and grow without big b. than it can … without small b., 142
  corrupts everything it touches, 158
  credit is the lifeblood of b., 357
  government being the people’s b., 1573
  happiest b. in all the world is that of making friends, 684
  of America is business, 140
  of government, 781
  of the American people is business, 140
  People are not an interruption of our b., 1345
  People are our b., 1345
  prevent Trouble in B., 146
  principles, 535
  responsibilities in their b. activities, 143
  reward achievement in b. or statecraft, 96Buy
  never b. what you do not want, because it is cheap, 1116Buying
  nothing without the money in our pockets to pay for it, 358Cabbage
  rose smells better than a c., 870
  tomatoes [can still be distinguished] from the c., 49Cabbages
  of c.—and kings, 1811Cabinet
  not going to promise a C. post, 1577
  of eight millionaires and one plumber, 1510
  officers of this present administration, 1342Caesar
  and Christ had met in the arena, 206
  Either some C. or Napoleon will seize the reins, 334
  nothing to render to / A hollow C., 656
  without his ambition, 820Caesar, Gaius Julius (100–44 B.C.), 1160Cage
  Who put up that c., 1426Cake
  Let them eat c., 1347
  Would yee both eat your c., and have your c., 1335
  You can’t have your c. and eat it too, 1335Calais
  lying in my heart, 838
   written on her heart, 838Calamity
  times of ours are serious and full of c., 1819Calf
  bring hither the fatted c. 635Calhoun, John Caldwell (1782–1850), 569, 1231California, 148149
  agricultural products, 149
  [agricultural counties] are far more important in the life of the State [C.], 1592
  journeying in covered wagons to Oregon and C., 577
  representation in our [California’s] State Senate, 1592
  territory of C., 149Caligula’s
  horse was made Consul, 1172Call
  not a c. to bear arms, though arms we need, 516Calmness
  of the everlasting hills, 1480Campaign
  oratory, 1287
  when I am the candidate, I run the c., 1502Campaign funds, 150152
  See also Political partiesCampus violence, 153157Can
  Do all the good you c., 452
  He who c., does, 1800
  one who thinks he c., 1436Canada
  thinks it necessary to invade C., 1495Canadian
  preferential tariff of, 1897, 2014Candidate
  I am the c., I run the campaign, 1502
  it [independent expenditure groups] helps stays clean, 150
  question I would ask respecting a c., 35
  vote fer th’ best man, but he’s never a c., 1899Candle
  better to light one c. than curse the darkness, 448
  imbecile c. in the heart of that almighty forlornness, 863Candy
  Dont send messages to em, send c., 270Canker
  which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitutions, 1337Canning, George (1770–1827), 634Cannon’s law, 308Cannot
  bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift, 1117
  build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative and independence, 1117
  establish sound social security on borrowed money, 1117
  further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred, 1117
  help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves, 1117
  help small men up by tearing big men down, 1117
  help the poor by destroying the rich, 1117
  keep out of trouble by spending more than your income, 1117
  lift the wage-earner up by pulling the wage-payer down, 1117
  strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, 1117Capacity
  to keep peace, 1324
  to wage war, 1324Cape Cod, 1667Capital
  give c. thirty days to think it over and … there will be no war, 1912
  is only the fruit of labor, 979
  Labor is prior to, and independent of, c., 979
  squanderers of planetary c., 309Capitalism, 158159
  competitive planning of c., 1711
  is at its liberating best, 158
  See also ImperialismCapitalist
  best way to destroy the c. system, 1206
  most powerful c. country—the United States of America, 1713
  system, 159Capitalists
  peace of the world has been preserved, not by statesmen, but by c., 1319
  will furnish credits, 246
  will sell us the rope to hang them with, 246Capitol building, Washington, D.C., 160162
  but a trifle if its lofty pillars should fall, 755
  Cox Corridor II, inscriptions, 56, 225, 310, 490, 674, 763, 1048
  House of Representatives chamber, inscriptions, 13
  House Rules Committee chambers, cardboard sign, 455
  National Statuary Hall, 502
  no national temples but the C., 160
  Prayer Room, inscription, 1827Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., 161Care
  for him who will have borne the battle, 1325Career
  political c. brings out the basest qualities in human nature, 1416Cares
  for its helpless members, 19Caribbean
  crisis, 1657Carnival
  affair of masks and mystification, 1943Carpenter
  it takes a c. to build one, 268Carrot
  stick to the c., 2054Carver, George Washington (1864–1943), 65Cash
  on the barrel for every piece of legislation, 986Cast
  thy bread upon the waters, 591Castle
  man’s house is his c., 859Castles
  in the air, 466, 2009