A Collection of Verse by California Poets
And order, justice, social law shall curb / Thy untamed energies; / And art and science, with their dreams superb, / Replace thine ancient ease.

A Collection of Verse by California Poets

From 1849 to 1915

Compiled by Augustin S. Macdonald

These 105 selections fill a thin volume of representative verse of the early Golden State poets.

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Pioneer Period: 1849 to 1869
California by Bayard Taylor
The Golden Gate by “Caxton”—(W. H. Rhodes)
The Song of the Flume by Anna M. Fitch
The Sabbath Bells by John R. Ridge
An Evening Song at Sea by C. E. Havens
To the Sierras by J. J. Owen
To My Mother by Stephen C. Massett
The Lone Pine by B. P. Avery
No Baby in the House by Clara Dolliver
The Parting Hour (excerpt) by Edward Pollock
Truth by G.
The Whole Story by J. F. Bowman
To My First Love by Crowquill
Song of Labor; the Miner by John Swett
Stanzas by Sarah E. Carmichael
Hurrah for the Next that Dies! by Bartholomew Dowling
Scotland by James Linen
“Overland” Period: 1869 to 1889
Columbus by Joaquin Miller
To Mrs. M—— by Richard Realf
The Angelus by F. Bret Harte
Madrigal by Charles Warren Stoddard
Lines by Mark Twain
Home by Edward Rowland Sill
In Blossom Time by Ina Coolbrith
Sweethearts and Wives by Daniel O’Connell
Two Truths by Helen Hunt Jackson
A Bird Sings in My Heart by Irene Hardy
I Know Not How It Is with You by Robert Louis Stevenson
Politics by Ambrose Bierce
El Vaquero by Lucius Harwood Foote
California Skies by Clarence Urmy
Yosemite by Daniel S. Richardson
Junipero Serra by Richard Edward White
To the Colorado Desert by Madge Morris Wagner
Music by Edward Robeson Taylor
Mankind (excerpt) by Joaquin Miller
Indirection by Richard Realf
Christmas in California (excerpt) by Edward Rowland Sill
Luke by F. Bret Harte
The Comet by Charles Warren Stoddard
Belle of Monterey by Einnim Havemeyer Tucker
The Pride of Battery B” by Frank H. Gassaway
The Celestial Surgeon by Robert Louis Stevenson
Present Period, 1890 to 1915
Invocation to California by Charles Keeler
The Black Vulture by George Sterling
Resurgam by David Lesser Lezinsky
Just California by John S. McGroarty
The Happiest Heart by John Vance Cheney
The Creed of Desire by Bruce Porter
To San Francisco by Samuel John Alexander
The Shrine of Song by Louis Alexander Robertson
The Rosary by Robert Cameron Rogers
Lines by Yone Noguchi
The Old Brooch by Charles F. Lummis
The Wolves of the Sea by Herbert Bashford
A Dream of Beauty by Clark Ashton Smith
Women’s Eyes by Arthur William Ryder
The Goblin Laugh by Edwin Markham
The Awakening by Christian Binkley
A Nosegay by Augustin S. Macdonald
Appearances by William Henry Hudson
The Grave of Pompey by Sister Anthony, S.N.D.
Vivérols by David Starr Jordan
A Memory by Carolus Ager (Charles Kellogg Field)
A Toast by Gelett Burgess
To the Average Man by Wallace Irwin
Twilight Town by Ralph Erwin Gibbs
Growth of the Soul by James Henry MacLafferty
To My Ink-Well by Lionel Josaphare
To a Star-Flower by Edward Howard Griggs
Little Memories by Nora May French
The Difference by Augustin S. Macdonald
Lyric by Howard V. Sutherland
Nirvana by Bernard Westermann
Retrospection by James Rawlins
Titans of Earth by Harold Symmes
Quatrain by Stanley Coghill
Sonnet by Henriette de Saussure Blanding
When the Baby Died by A. J. Waterhouse
A Wingless One by Herman Scheffauer
Wireless by Henry Anderson Lafler
The California Eschscholtzia by Amelia Woodward Truesdell
California Sunrise by W. D. Crabb
Out in California by C. Brown
A Flower of the First by Charles S. Aiken
A Year from Now by Sarah Keppel Vickery
When I Am Gone by Isabel Pixley
My Retreat by Albert J. Atkins
Whom Does She Love? by Arthur William Ryder
Sisters of the Little Sorrows by Juliet Wilbor Tompkins
Daffodils by Grace Hibbard
Confusion by E. F. Green
An Indian Verse by Hu Maxwell
The Stream of Life by Lilian Lauferty
The Change by Charles Philip Nettleton
The Spirit of California by Rufus Steele
Song of the Out-of-Doors by Herbert Bashford
To William Vaughn Moody by Herbert Heron
The Greatest of These Is Charity” by Harriet M. Skidmore
Glose upon a Ruba’iy by Porter Garnett
The Poet by Ina Coolbrith
A Life by Edward Howard Griggs
In the Redwood Canyons by Lillian H. Shuey
California by Augustin S. Macdonald
Night-Sentries by George Sterling