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Augustin S. Macdonald, comp. A Collection of Verse by California Poets. 1914.

By Ralph Erwin Gibbs

Twilight Town

OH, Twilight Town is the other side

Of the Hills of the Sunset Light!

Just on the shore of the Sleepy Tide,

Where the weird dream-ships at anchor ride,

Till they sail away at night.

They sail away over the slumber sea,

And the pilot? None can tell.

But who may the crew and the passengers be?

There’s Tommy and Elsie, and several wee

Little scamps that we know well.

With the whitest of carpets the decks are spread

And guarded with golden rails;

Old Santa Claus is the figurehead,—

And soft by a lullaby air they’re sped

That billows the misty sails.