Augustin S. Macdonald, comp. A Collection of Verse by California Poets. 1914.


IN this materialistic age a manifestation of sentiment seems to demand some explanation, if not an apology.

The selections in this little anthology, the first of its kind on the Pacific Coast, were prepared with a view of making them as representative as possible and pleasing the many, rather than satisfying the few. The volume is intended simply as a note of introduction—a few poetical blossoms from California’s garden of literature—in the hopes that, if sufficiently interesting, it will induce a wider acquaintanceship with the work of the various authors.

I wish to express my appreciation to all those who have so generously contributed their verse as well as for the use of poems from privately printed books. Grateful acknowledgment is also due the following publishers, owners of copyrights: Western—Messrs. A. M. Robertson, Paul Elder & Co., Whitaker & Ray-Wiggin Co., Blair-Murdock Co. and Hardy Publishing Co.; Eastern—Messrs. B. Huebsch for E. H. Griggs; Little, Brown & Co. for Helen Hunt Jackson; Charles Scribner’s Sons for Robert Louis Stevenson and Juliet W. Tompkins; Doubleday, Page & Co. for Edwin Markham; Macmillan & Co. for Wallace Irwin; Houghton, Mifflin & Co. for the selections from Bret Harte and E. R. Sill published by special permission and Funk & Wagnalls for the poems of Richard Realf, copyrighted 1898.

A. S. M.
Oakland, California, November, 1914.