Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus.

Index Guide

The numbers refer to the headings under which the words or phrases occur. When the same word or phrase can be used in various senses, the several headings under which it, or its synonyms, will be found are indicated by Italics. These words in Italics are not intended to explain the meaning of the word or phrase to which they are annexed, but only to assist in the required reference.    1
  Italicized references within parentheses are merely suggestive, the parentheses indicating that the term itself is not included in the list referred to.    2
  When the word given in the Index Guide is itself the title or heading of a category, the reference number is printed in bold-face type, thus: abode 189.    3
  To keep the Index Guide—necessarily very large—from becoming unwieldy, a considerable number of obsolete, rare, foreign, dialectic, and slang terms has been omitted; for such words, while useful in the text, are not the ones for which synonyms would ordinarily be sought.    4
  Derivatives likewise have been sparingly admitted, since the allied or basic term will serve as a key to the various derived forms; thus, cold is given, but not coldness and coldly. By such means, unnecessary duplication is avoided.    5
A 1 to about
above to accommodate
accommodating to acrid
acridity to adore
adorn to affidation
affidavit to agree
agreeable to aliquot
alive to altogether
alto – rilievo to analysis
analyst to answer
answerable to apozem
apozemial to arc
arcade to arrière
arriero to ass
assafetida to attainder
attainment to auxiliary
avail to azygous
Baal to backbone
backcap to ballast
ballet to barrack
barracker to beads
beadsman to bedstead
bedtime to below
belt to betrayer
betrim to bind
bindery to blanket
blare to blow
blowhole to bold
bold face to botch
both to brand
brandish to breve
brevet to brokery
bromide to bullet
bulletin to bustle
bustling to byword
cab to cajolery
cake to candle power
candlestick to carbonate
carbonic acid to cascade
case to catch
catching to century
cephalalgia to charcoal
charge to chew
chiaroscuro to chrysoprase
chthonian to clad
claim to clinal
clinch to coaction
coactive to cold
coldbloodedness to come
comedown to community
commutation to compunction
compurgation to confession
confessional to consecutively
consension to contemptuous
contend to convert
convertible to cornetist
cornice to countable
countenance to covering
coverlet to creep
creeper to cross-shaped
crosswise to cullibility
cullion to custos
cut to czarevitch
dab to dais
daisy to day
day-bed to decennium
decent to defensible
defensive alliance to depression
deprivation to detail
detailed to diaskenast
diastase to diocese
Diogenes to disconnect
disconnected to dismiss
dismount to dissonance
dissonant to dizzy
do to doomsday
door to drag
draggle to drinkable
drinker to duel
duelist to dyspnœa
each to eclipse
ecliptic to elbow
elbowchair to embolic
embolism to encumber
encumbrance to enravishment
enrich to epistyle
epitaph to establish
established to every
everybody to excursive
excursus to explore
explorer to exult
exultant to eyrie
Fabian policy to fain
fainéant to falsify
falsity to fasting
fastness to feint
felicitate to field marshal
field piece to finestill
fine-toned to five
fives to flesh
flesh color to fluid
fluidity to foolish
foolscap to forfeit
forfeiture to fountainhead
four to friar
friary to full
full-blown to fylfot
gab to garron
garrote to gentlefolk
gentleman to girdle
girl to glow
glower to going
goiter to government
governor to gratuitous
gratuity to groove
grope to gulp
gum to gyve
habeas corpus to hale
half to handle
handmaid to haricot
hariff to he
head to hearten
heartfelt to hellhag
hellhound to hideous
hiding place to hitch
hither to homaloid
home to hors d’œuvre
horse to huckster
huddle to hydrophthalmus
hydroplane to hysteron proteron
I to iguana
ileum to immigration
imminent to impostor
impostume to inca
incage to incorrigible
incorruptible to indomitable
indoor to inflexible
inflexion to inoffensive
inofficious to insulting
insuperable to interpellation
interpenetration to invented
invention to irritable
irritate to Ixion
jab to jenny
jeopardy to Judas
judge to keep
keeper to kithless
kitten to lack
lackadaisical to lap
lapdog to law
law-abiding to learning
lease to lerret
Lesbianism to Liederkranz
Liedertafel to linden
line to lively
liver to longish
longitude to lot
lota to lurch
lurcher to magpie
magsman to malformed
malgre to March, Ides of
marches to master, Master
masterdom to means
mean-spirited to mendicant
mendicity to meum et tuum
mew to mind
minded to misjudgment
mislay to module
modulus to moon
moonbeam to motor
motor bus to multiplex
multiplicand to mythology
nab to nebula
nebular to new
newborn to Noah’s ark
nob to nostril
nostrum to nullifidian
nullify to nystagmus
O! to obnoxious
obnubilated to Œdipus
œnomancy to omophagic
omphalos to opéra bouffe
opera-hat to organist
organization to outleap
outlet to overboard throw
overborne to own
owner to oyster
pabulum to pallium
pall-mall to paraphrase
paraphrast to parvenu
parvenuism to patience
patient to peephole
Peeping Tom to perennial
perennity to perverse
perversion to physiology
physique to pincers
pinch to plaice
plaid to pleasance
pleasant to poetize
poeticize to pompous
poncho to post
postal to practice
practiced to premature
premeditate to pretension
pretentious to prize
prizer to prolation
prolegomena to prospector
prospective to psychometry
psychopath to purdah
pure to put up
puzzle to pyx
Q. C. to question
questionable to quotum
Ra to raciness
rack to random
randy to rayless
raze to reception
reception room to redeem
Redeemer to regard
regardful to relish
relucent to report
reporter to resolvent
resonance to retributive
retrieve to rick
rickety to ripple
riprap to rookie
roofless to routine
rove to run
runabout to ryot
Sabæanism to sad
sadden to sanctum
sanctus to sawder
sawdust to scientific
scientist to scruple
scrupulous to secure
securities to semicircle
semicircular to serve
service to settled
settlement to shape
shapeless to shipshape
shipwreck to show
show-down to sift
sifter to sink
sinking heart to slabber
slabsided to sloven
slovenly to snakelike
snakestone to soften
softening to sorghum
sorites to sparing
spark to spill
spin to sportive
sportsman to squeamish
squeeze to stand
standard to steadfast
steadfastly to stiff
stiffen to stop
stopcock to stream
streamer to strophe
strow to sublime
Sublime Porte to suffocation
suffragan to supernumerary
superphysical to sutler
suttee to sword
sword-shaped to syzygy
T to a to tadpole
tænia to talent
talesman to taxation
taxi to tenant
tenantless to Thalia
thallogens to thirty-one
this to thumb
thumb print to time
timeful to tomfool
tomfoolery to totally
tote to trample
tramway to treatment
treaty to tripping
trippingly to truth
Truth, Spirit of to turn
turnable to type
typescript to tyro
uberty to unavenged
unavoidable to uncongealed
uncongenial to undertaking
undertone to unfelt
unfeminine to uninfluential
uninformed to unmoved
unmusical to unrelieved
unremarked to unsuccess
unsuccessful to unyoke
up to uxorious
vacancy to vault
vaulted to vernacular
vernal to vinaceous
vinaigrette to voiceless
void to vulture
wabble to walk
walker to wassail
waste to weak
weaken to well-fed
well-founded to whippersnapper
whipping post to will
willful to wit
witan to woon
Wop to worthless
worthy to wyvern
xanthein to x, y, z,
yach to yuletide
Zadkiel to zymotic