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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Power to Property

Power, 14431458
  absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute p., 1448
  absolute p. corrupts absolutely, 1443
  achieve political p. and do big things, 1361
  America become a second-rate p., 1885
  America to remain master of her p., 1311
  being in other men’s p., 1449
  Bureaucracy, the giant p. wielded by pigmies, 706
  chief p. in the State, 1419
  come to know their p., 46
  concedes nothing without a demand, 443
  concentrated government p., 1774
  concentration of p. … precedes the destruction of human initiative, 1458
  disastrous rise of misplaced p., 1177
  duration of p., 765
  enough p. … will lead toward a one-party government, 1489
  essence of Government is p., 1450
  executive p., 1078, 1505
  express grant of p. from the governed, 763
  fix any limit to his p. in this respect, 1495
  Four things greater than all things are,—Women and Horses and P., 824
  from the governed, 763
  general or implied grants of p., 214
  gradual and silent encroachments of those in p., 523
  his little day of chance p., 1110
  in questions of p., then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, 331
  in the people, 1454
  interpretation of executive p., 1505
  it [order] is p., 1289
  legislative p., 324
  limitation of governmental p., 1080
  man who rises to p. / From one suspender, 1452
  Money is p., 1201
  moral p. is to physical as three parts out of four, 1213
  More p. than any good man should want, 1447
  more p. than any other kind of man ought to have, 1447
  mortal p., 865
  new instruments of public p., 1455
  no undefined residuum of p., 1511
  of administrative bodies, 582
  of defence, 412
  of government, 1567
  of impeachment, 893
  of Kings and Magistrates, 1453
  of removing [his subordinates] from office, 1500
  of the legislature is strictly limited, 1040
  of the thought to get itself accepted, 1835
  over a man’s support, 1446
  over his will, 1446
  parallel p. which defies the elected p., 445
  Political p. grows out of the barrel of a gun, 1451
  political p. is primarily an illusion, 1415
  preclude the exercise of arbitrary p., 789
  resist the concentration of p., 1458
  resorted to p. because our politics has failed, 1445
  resorting to p. in order to make our politics succeed, 1445
  shortcut to international p., 1258
  should be derived from the people, 765
  superior in p. to kings and tyrants, 1022
  tends to corrupt, 1443
  they sought to tame, 1456
  to begin the world over again, 2035
  to declare an Act of Congress void, 938
  to destroy, 1792
  to impeach and remove the President, 894
  to interpret the people’s will, 1711
  to make money, 1207
  to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world, 545
  to tax is not the p. to destroy, 1792
  to tax is the p. to destroy, 1798
  to the executive, 1044
  to which it is for their good that they should be subject, 742
  true corrective of abuses of constitutional p., 491
  war-making p. to Congress, 1495
  was turned back to the people, 1617
  which dominates in the United States does not understand being mocked, 362
  which knowledge gives, 969
  will ever be liable to abuse, 1450
  worthy of our p., 662Powerful
  Who is p., 1146Powers
  accumulation of all p., 790
  avoiding in the exercise of the P. of one department to encroach upon another, 791
  depository of the ultimate p. of the society, 491
  the distribution or modification of the Constitutional p., 339
  full use of your p. along lines of excellence, 567
  lose by degrees their separate p. the parts, 1867
  wherever these two p. [making and enforcing laws] are united together, there can be no public liberty, 788Powers, David Francis (1911–  ), 1095Pox
  die on the gallows or of the p., 372Practicability
  realm of p., 1784Practical
  exercise of the art of self-government, 1425
  kind of politics, 1424
  politics, 1421Prairies
  glistening in the sun, 350Praise, 14591461
  him when he does right, 1507Praised
  [Senate has been] extravagantly p., 296Praises
  of sincerity, 1459
  who p. every body, p. nobody, 1461Pray
  cream, and live skim milk, 1111
  I look at the Senators and p. for the country, 289
  to the God that made us, 53
  To where the people go to p., 1239Prayed
  for victory, 1950Prayer
  that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side, 704
  This is my wish, my goal, my p., 65
  unspoken part of the p., 1950Prayers, 89, 106, 703, 1462–1480, 1636, 1950
  unspoken p. were answered, 1477Prays
  to the human form divine / Love Mercy Pity Peace, 1464Preach
  a better sermon, 1780
  what they practise, 1314Preaching
  most of us enjoy p., 1508Precedent
  establishes a p. that will reach to himself, 1072Preconceived
  notion, 263, 583Predatory
  plutocracy and predatory poverty, 1249Prejudice, 14811484
  last socially acceptable p., 1483
  not swayed by passion and p., 267
  oppression of bias and p., 1615
  party p., 119
  Sex p., 1483Prejudices
  merely rearranging their p., 1266
  more ready to lay down lives than p., 811
  most folks educate their p., 1266
  of the few, 314Presbyterians, 897Present
  breaking away from the p. moment, 1195
  in dealing with the p., thought is steadily taken for the future, 312
  inadequate to the stormy p., 1300
  past may rob the p. of much joy and much mystery, 1093
  which is already dying, 2095Preservation
  of life, & liberty, 396
  of our political system, 894
  of the spirit which prizes liberty, 1069Preserve
  duty is to p. what the past has had to say, 1295
  For every good that you wish to p., 1605
  Reform, that you may p., 1584
  a republic in vigor, 1337
  what is good and fruitful in our national heritage, 1420Presidency, 14851519
  burdens of the office outweigh its privileges, 1501
  burdens of the P., 1513
  high and lonely office, 1494
  is not merely an administrative office, 1504
  offers a chance to do something, 1501
  splendid misery, 1493
  terms of office, 14881489, 1569President
  ability of the P. and the Congress to govern this Nation, 526
  can exercise no power which cannot be fairly and reasonably traced to some specific grant of power, 1511
  choose for its P. anybody that it wants, 1489
  countrymen did not want any of them for P., 1485
  even more important to tell the truth … about him, 1507
  first P. to preside over an American defeat, 1885
  if the P. in the recess of Congress [acts] … without the possibility of a check, 1931
  is merely the most important among a large number of public servants, 1507
  is the Chief Executive of the nation as well as a party leader, 1512
  leading figure in a small group of men, 1485
  legislative job of the P., 1516
  must be greater than anyone else, 1509
  [not] wise in a nation to commit interests of so delicate … a kind [to the] p., 615
  opinion of the P. not the facts & proofs themselves, 1931
  owes his election to … labors of a political party, 1380
  places our P. where kings have always stood, 1495
  rather be a one-term P., 1885
  rather be right than be P., 1503
  rather have that medal, the Congressional Medal of Honor, than to be P., 1949
  reigns … and Journalism governs, 1524
  sometimes the P. has won, 272
  there must be no criticism of the P., 1507
  to invade a neighboring nation, 1495
  to-night had a dream, 1339
  two-term P., 1885
  what I should do as P., 1486
  whether or not their P. is a crook, 1564
  while I remain P., 1683
  whose religious views are his own private affair, 669
  would very much like to be P., 1499Presidential
  nomination, 349
  slip of the tongue, 1509Presidents
  do make mistakes, 749
  great P. were leaders of thought, 1504
  take them [ex-P.] out and shoot them, 1488Press, 15201524
  abuses of the p., 935
  freedom of the p., 676
  If in other lands the p. … are censored, 654
  is free, 492
  liberty of the p., 677, 1060
  on [slogan], 1355
  quits abusing me, 1523
  To the p. alone, chequered as it is with abuses, 1521
  why our p. is still subject to no censor, 737
  Without an unfettered p., 671Pressure
  courage to resist public p., 1604
  groups, 1039Pressures
  special interests and the p. that are always at work, 1567Pretense
  Nothing chills p. like exposure, 610Prevail
  man will not merely endure: he will p., 1145
  pillars to help him endure and p., 1145Prevails
  spirit of national masochism p., 1876Prevarication
  Fraud and p. are servile vices, 1082Price
  of liberty, 1073Pride
  costs us more than hunger, 1116
  My high-blown p. / At length broke under me, 1103
  say with p., 274Priest
  hath his fee, 2072
  or Senator, and remain fit for anything else, 287
  strangle the last king with the guts of the last p., 965Priest’s
  plait the p. guts, 965Prime Minister
  chief power in the State, 1419
  room for only one P.M., 912
  top of the greasy pole, 1778Prince
  is not equal to the healthy son of a peasant, 554
  should a P. form himself by this book, 1457Princes
  still go on their knees to address the successors of those p., 1598
  wise p. avoid as much as they can being in other men’s power, 1449Princes’
  wretched / Is that poor man that hangs on p. favours, 1103Principle
  brethren of the same p., 1596
  common bond of p., 1706
  comradeship of thought and of p., 2081
  difference of opinion is not a difference of p., 1596
  He [an Englishman] does everything on p., 535
  moderation in p., 1199
  mother p., 1597
  politics without p., 1697
  quarrel which has already been settled in p., 2050Principles
  are unyielded and unyielding, 101
  business p., 535
  easier to fight for p. than to live up to them, 1311
  I care little who lays down the general p., 582
  ignore some of the basic p. of Americanism, 61
  imperial p., 535
  of a free constitution, 324
  of free speech and free assemblage, 1711
  of Jefferson, 1719
  of self-government, 1975
  patriotic p., 535
  pursue his p. unto death, 356
  that gave her [America] birth, 2049
  whether you have abandoned good p., or whether you ever had any, 1976
  will carry you to very illogical and absurd results, 1975
  your Lordship’s p., or your Lordship’s mistresses, 372Printing
  press, 1536Priorities
  As long as Congress does not revise its p., 806
  with respect to … allocating our steadily decreasing resources, 811Prison
  go to p., 1671
  had no knowledge of the brightness outside, 1526
  house of the spirit, 18
  keep him in p. because he is unpopular, 1525
  taint was on everything there, 1526Prisons, 15251528
  society can be judged by entering its p., 1527Privacy, 15291531
  age of no p., 1529Private
  Handing money back to the p. sector, 17
  his conversations, his correspondence, and his personal life are p., 1530
  interests are represented 1588
  languid indifference of p. life, 1647
  life is to be preferr’d, 1565
  opinion creates public opinion, 1558
  rights and public happiness, 82
  views of p. interest, 1551Privilege
  individual p., 759Privileged
  and the People, 1631Privileges
  most delicious of all p., 805
  of high office, 1522
  special p. to none, 1573Problem
  cannot be an American solution to every world p., 1735
  easy solution to every human p., 1736
  one p. after another presents itself, 1096Problems
  great unsolved p., 1661
  not only the p. of America; they are the p. of men everywhere, 621
  sharp and clear-cut solutions of difficult and obscure p., 253
  Some p. are so complex, 390Prodigal
  son, 635Profane
  fight for things sacred / And things p., 100Profession
  for which no preparation is thought necessary, 1427Profit
  making a p. is a sin, 138Profits
  capitalists are so hungry for p., 246
  day of large p. is probably past, 1541Profusion
  and servitude, 381Progress, 15321541
  far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness, 1292
  from east to west, 658
  idea of p., 182
  If there is no struggle there is no p., 443
  illusion of p., 1539
  in the arts, 97
  in the usual p. of things, 1791
  institution which rejects p., 184
  intellectual and moral p., 1663
  is possible, 182
  must be slow, 44
  never rolls in on wheels of inevitability, 1693
  of reason, 1932
  of the human mind, 178
  ravages of industrial p., 16
  timekeepers of p., 1537
  We want p., 1615
  without concerned citizen action … we shall look in vain for p., 866
  without free speech p. is checked, 672Progressed
  not p. morally as much as it has scientifically and technically, 1538Progressive
  who is prudent, 1396
  without getting both feet off the ground at the same time 1396Prohibition
  This country is for temperance and p., 37Promise, 1542
  do not p. to consider race or religion in my appointments, 1577
  faithfully to keep every p., 629
  If you make a p., the thing is still uncertain, 1543
  a jay will go back on his solemnest p., 305
  little, 629
  make real the p. of democracy, 1693
  of America, 68
  party which gives the best p., 1670
  prefer a false p. to a flat refusal, 1543
  still untried, 1542
  to build a bridge even where there is no river, 1398
  what we ought not, 1544Promised
  land, 572
  to give us large presents, 1545Promises, 15431546
  and bonds I undertook when I ordered the armies of the United States to the soil of France, 698
  and Pye-Crusts are made to be broken, 1546
  gained office by any secret p., 1492
  Great Father [President] made us many p., 1545
  to other politicians than to God, 1408
  voters never grow weary of illusory p., 1391Properties
  which belong to honorable men, 185Property, 15471550
  as its prey and plunder, 1549
  banks and corporations … will deprive the people of all their p., 1204
  belongs to man and not man to p., 867
  destruction of p., 46
  free to acquire p., 1633
  hard money represents p., 359
  helplessness of p. holders, 46
  in few hands, 1549
  in his rights, 1548
  inequality of p., 1549
  is the fruit of labor, 1547
  judiciary is the safeguard of our liberty and of our p., 328
  magic of p. turns sand to gold, 1550
  man’s p., is surely that which is the result of his mental activity, 1197
  may be regulated to a certain extent, 1586
  men of some p., 1629
  no dangers to the value of p., 46
  No man’s life, liberty or p. are safe while the Legislature is in session, 1041
  of all, 2080
  [pollution] reduces p. values, 544
  preserve p., 314
  regard of the law for private p., 997
  right of p., 1068
  rights are fundamentally and in the long run, identical, 867
  rights must be carefully safeguarded, 867
  rights of p., 1549
  their lands and p. shall never be taken from them [the Indians], 55
  Without p. of any kind he cannot educate himself, 1698
  would be saved by a strong military government, 421