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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

Languid to Lick

  indifference of private life, 1647Last
  best hope of earth, 1701
  to lay the old aside, 2021
  the very l. one [war], 1938Last words, 988990
  Frohman, Charles (1860–1915), 988
  Lawrence, James (1781–1813), 990
  Stein, Gertrude (1874–1946), 989Latin America
  peoples of … L. A. and other regions can destroy it piece by piece, 1927Laugh
  and the world laughs with you, 1707
  time to weep, and a time to l., 1810
  too old to cry, but it hurt too much to l., 399Laughter
  God, human folly and l., 1095Law, 9911013
  and order, 155, 445, 1042, 1868
  breeds contempt for l., 707
  cannot give to depravity the rewards of virtue, 783
  change the l., 303
  Constitution is the l. and not the decision of the Court, 338
  decisions …, become l. by precedent, 940
  determine for himself what is 1., 1005
  distinctions of the l. are distinctions of degree, 2013
  earth shall slumber, lapt in universal l., 2038
  every time they make a joke it’s a l., 271
  every time they make a l. it’s a joke, 271
  give the Devil benefit of l., 434
  government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the l. scrupulously, 793
  If the l. is wrong, 303
  is a ass—a idiot, 1002
  is a bachelor, 1002
  is a Bottomless-Pit, 992
  is a causeway, 998
  is always about to be, 999
  is behind the times, 1006
  is not a “light” for you or any man to see by, 998
  is not an instrument of any king, 998
  is only a memorandum, 1004
  is right reason in agreement with nature, 1000
  it takes ultimate shape in a l. of physics or a l. of the land, 898
  keepeth the l. of the Lord, 995
  never is, 999
  no better reason for a rule of l., 1007
  no constitution, no l., no court can save it [liberty], 1059
  No mans error becomes his own L., 555
  no, nor from the l. and the Constitution, 280
  of my political life, 723
  one eternal and unchangeable 1., 1000
  One with the l. is a majority, 1138
  pusillanimous pussyfooting on the critical issue of l. and order, 1042
  saves the republic, which is the first and supreme l., 926
  school belongs in the modern university no more than a school of fencing or dancing, 504
  secures equal justice to all alike, 1568
  stay within the l., 143
  to prevent a man from getting rich, 1633
  Too much l. was too much government, 759
  two [useless men] are called a l. firm, 273
  which will make fair for me and foul for another, 115
  [who] can guess what it [the law] will be to-morrow, 1012
  who knows what the l. is today, 1012Lawbreaker
  Government becomes a l., 707Lawlessness
  is lawlessness, 1895Lawmaker
  of today is a man wholly devoid of principle, 1039Lawmaking
  greatest l. body in the world, 267
  where l. falls exclusively to the lot of the poor, 812Laws
  and institutions must go hand in hand, 178
  and sausages, 996
  are made by a process of blackmail and intimidation, 1039
  as shall in the years to come be of service to human kind yet unborn, 267
  be so voluminous that they cannot be read, 1012
  can embody standards, 1746
  empire of l. and not of men, 991
  enact such wise and just l., 267
  for themselves and not for me, 1008
  founded in justice and humanity, shall from time to time be made, 55
  frequent changes in l. and constitutions, 178
  Good men must not obey the l. too well, 1003
  government of l. and not of men, 991
  governments can enforce l., 1746
  have need of good morals, 1011
  no learning so excellent … as knowledge of l., 1001
  observance of the written l., 1009
  observe the established l., 100
  of God, the laws of man, 1008
  of humanity, 864
  of necessity, 1009
  of the several States, 938
  the particle and the planet are subject to the same l., 972
  respect for the l. of the land, 363
  right both of making and of enforcing l., 788
  strict observance of the written l., 1009
  that are the most operative, 994
  vast restructuring of our l. is essential, 442
  which protect life, 994Lawyers, 10141017
  America is the paradise of l., 1014
  are apt to speak as though the legislature were omnipotent, 1040
  let’s kill all the l., 1017
  Men are men before they are l., 1150
  produce good l. for Americans, 1015Lazy
  [rules are] for the l. to hide behind, 1649Lead
  State must follow and not l. 1004
  their country by a short route to chaos, 1764Leader
  atheist could not be as great a military l., 1729
  follow the people for I am their l., 1021
  must help create that [moral] tide, 1025Leaders
  appear sporadically, 1030
  great Presidents were l. of thought, 1504
  [have] an obligation to be fair and keep in perspective what we are and what we hope to be, 418
  of the republic, 1018
  political l. replacing moral imperatives with a Southern strategy, 444
  should keep their ears to the ground, 1554
  who are detected in that somewhat ungainly posture, 1554Leadership, 10181025
  place of moral l., 1504Leads
  man who l., 1024
  who l. us is less important than what l. us, 107League of Nations, 72, 871, 1026–1027, 1346Leagues
  two loving hearts divide, 2034Leap
  in the dark to our success, 1786
  one giant l. for mankind, 1738Learn
  give up every preconceived notion … or you shall l. nothing, 583
  never cease to l., 1799
  some men l. quicker than others, 301Learned
  Institutions, 496Learning
  how incapable must Man be of l. from experience, 574
  Liberty and L., each leaning on the other, 497
  no jewel in the world comparable to l., 1001
  seats of l., 66Lebanon
  I have my L. and its people, 1366
  You have your L. and its people, 1366Lee, Robert Edward (1807–1870), 65, 223, 820Left
  criminal l., 154
  nondemocratic l., 153Legal
  Men’s indignation … is more excited by l. wrong than by violent wrong, 909
  plunder, 993
  process is an essential part of the democratic process, 1005
  revised l. structures [are necessary], 147
  victims of l. prostitution, 1210Legend of the Dogwood, 918Legislate
  Don’t hurry to l., 2025
  be in a better temper to l., 510Legislation
  Art of L., 481
  cash on the barrel for every piece of l., 986
  committee will not permit doubts as to constitutionality … to block the suggested l. 337
  foolish l. is a rope of sand, 1004
  Give administration a chance to catch up with l., 2025
  In l. we all do a lot of “swapping tobacco across the lines,” 260
  is a series of compromises, 257
  is the result of compromise, 251
  to apply the principle of equal pay for equal work, 550
  we pour l. into the senatorial saucer to cool it, 294Legislative
  greatest l. body in the world, 261
  no longer listened to in the l. halls, 222
  power, 324
  power to the executive, at the expense of the l. branch, 1044Legislator
  best l. is the one who votes for all appropriations and against all taxes, 299
  is an indispensable guardian of our freedom, 1030
  people is the true l., 1029
  understands that no measure of importance could be passed without this give-and-take policy, 257
  who has given stability and continuity, 1030
  See also PoliticianLegislators, 10281032
  are elected by voters, 1032
  represent people, 1032
  wisdom of patriots and l., 839
  See also PoliticiansLegislature, 10331041
  [is the] creature of pressure groups, 1039
  [is the] creature of the people, 1039
  may … lend its potential weight to the cause of virtue and happiness, 786
  No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the L. is in session, 1041
  plural l. is as necessary to good Government as a single Executive, 1036
  right of electing members of the L., 1904
  should be divided, 1036
  vested the question of war in the L., 1931
  were omnipotent, 1040
  Wisdom is the specific Quality of the L., 1036Legislatures
  are ultimate guardians of the liberties and welfare of the people, 1037
  some l. that bring higher prices, 274Legitimate
  government, 779
  object of government, 780Lend
  a Hand, 1434
  him money that he can’t pay back, 385Length
  of service, 285, 301Lenin, Vladimir Ilich (Ulyanov) (1870–1924), 244, 917Less
  government which is likely to perform l., 781
  you are entitled to no l., 513
  You should never wish to do l., 469Let
  them eat cake, 1347
  them eat hay, 1347
  the word go forth, 77Let’s
  kill all the lawyers, 1017Letter
  present l. is a very long one, 2078Letters
  quick comradeship of l., 2081Lettuce
  can still be distinguished from the chicory, 49Lexington, Massachusetts
  before a drop of blood was shed at L., 1619
  inscription on marker on the Green, 1940Liar
  blackguard, a coward, and a l., 1447
  murder the l., but you cannot murder the lie, 1893Liberal
  community, 1330
  education, 168
  fought to take the power away from kings and the emperors, 1044
  governments have been wrecked on rocks of loose fiscal policy, 480
  is a person whose interests aren’t at stake at the moment, 1043
  views exclude no branch of science or literature, 1663
  with people, be l., 801Liberals, 10421044
  anti-Semitism of the l., 166
  who are anxious to give more and more power to the executive, 1044Liberties
  guardians of the liberties and welfare of the people, 1037
  in such eminent danger as at present, 525
  of the people shall be perpetuated, 1852
  Rome’s l. were not auctioned off in a day, 1648
  safeguard of our l., 333
  shackles for the l. of the people, 1455
  too strong for the l. of its own people, 733Liberty, 10451081
  and Learning, each leaning on the other, 497
  and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable, 1855
  at l. to vote as my conscience and judgment dictates, 262
  bulwark of continuing l., 750
  bulwark of our own l., 1069
  civilisation or l. must perish, 334
  connected with order, 1050
  consists only in the power of doing what we ought to will, 1055
  danger that l. should be undervalued, 904
  dangers to l., 1048
  Decency, security and l. alike demand, 793
  definition of the word l., 1070
  deserve neither L. nor Safety, 1056
  economy and l., 381
  encroachments on the public l., 496
  enlargement of l. for individual human beings, 901
  essential l., 1056
  eternal vigilance is the price of l., 1073
  Extremism in the defense of l. is no vice, 581
  fall of British l., 1067
  fight their way to many a l., 1076
  first and Union afterwards, 1855
  give me l., or give me death, 1061
  God who gave us life gave us l., 1062
  great and arduous struggle for l., 1834
  history of l., 1080
  hope of L., 1854
  inconveniencies attending too much l. than those attending too small a degree of it, 1063
  institutions purely democratic must, sooner or later, destroy l., 420
  is a gift of the beneficent Creator, 1058
  is meek and reasonable, 1075
  is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts, 1053
  judiciary is the safeguard of our l., 328
  lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public l., 1623
  lies in the hearts of men and women, 1059
  lost because its possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand, 1077
  Love of l., 347
  make his own l. secure, 1072
  meaning of l., 414
  means responsibility, 1074
  memory of a vanished l., 1077
  monstrous idol which you call L., 1771
  most men dread it [liberty], 1074
  nation that loves l., 1081
  no such Thing as publick L., without Freedom of Speech, 674
  of Ethiopia, 1721
  of one man to be absolutely nothing, 1068
  of thought and action, 671
  only to those who love it, 1079
  plague America with misery in the name of l., 1047
  preserve that l. inviolate, 1050
  price of l. 1073
  Proclaim l. throughout all the land, 1046
  rescue L. from the grasp of executive power, 1078
  resist invasions of it, 1064
  sentinel on the watch-tower of l., 307
  spirit of l., 1059
  struggle between L. and Authority, 1071
  survival and success of l., 1066
  that precious jewel, 1060
  that we do not even miss, 1076
  they are more or less unfit for l., 741
  Those who would give up essential L., 1056
  to abundance, 1238
  to be the secret of happiness, 1049
  tree of l., 1065
  true aim of government is l., 785
  two different and incompatable names—l. and tyranny, 1070
  Union, next to our l., most dear, 1849
  valued l. both as an end and as a means, 1049
  Where l. is there is my country, 1057
  which is freedom and the right of power to live one’s own life, 1364
  will look easy by and by when nobody dies to get it, 1045
  without l. of speech, 671
  would perish, 421Liberty, Statue of. See Statue of Liberty.Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, inscription, 1046Libraries
  should be open to all, 132Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 603
  Consultant in Poetry at the L. of C., 1589
  experts at the L. of C., 1999
  James Madison Memorial Building
    Madison Memorial Hall, inscriptions, 496, 552, 738, 782, 1450, 1548, 1854, 1932
    main entrance, inscriptions, 497, 969
  Main Reading Room, inscription, 1251Lick
  the boot that kicks them, 906
  I will l. ’em, 1987
  If you can’t l. ’em, 257