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Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

American to Bacon, Sir Francis

  as cherry pie, 1889
  as great an A. as ever lived, 830
  average A., 83
  blood shed in the field, 2047
  boys 9 or 10,000 miles away from home, 1881
  built, American owned, and American manned, 1687
  by his mother he [Churchill] is A., 1352
  cannot be an A. solution to every world problem, 1735
  city, 210
  divergence of A. life from its starting point, 1018
  Dream, 463
  duty to give him the full rights of an A., 883
  fights against natural obstacles, 2045
  first President to preside over an A. defeat, 1885
  free man first and an A. second, 1396
  make, 617
  my country is the great A. Republic, 1641
  name of A., 1312
  no. A. is held down by race or color, 1343
  society is covered with a layer of democratic paint, 64
  solution to every world problem, 1735
  sympathy, 2047
  values upon which our [A.] system is built, 1868
  wants to preserve his dignity and his equality, 1671
  what it means to be an A., 71
  What then is the A., 48
  will build a house in which to pass his old age and sell it, 86American Constitution. See Constitution of the United States.American people, 7188
  are a very generous people, 84
  business of the A. p. is business, 140
  compatible with the mission of the A. p., 796
  energy will test the character of the A. p., 526
  forgive almost any weakness, with the possible exception of stupidity, 84
  glory of the people of America, 82
  into one common mass, 1762
  long-term common sense of the A. p., 1489
  not what I intend to offer the A. p., but what I intend to ask of them, 769
  talk sense to the A. p., 52, 85
  what we are and what we hope to be, 418
  will prove themselves, 1641
  See also Americans; PeopleAmerican Revolution. See Revolutionary war (1776–1783).Americanism
  basic principles of A., 61
  means the virtues of courage, honor, justice …, 58
  shout the loudest about A., 61Americans
  all that A. want is security, 1671
  are appalled by the ravages of industrial progress, 16
  assess the cost of war in terms of human lives, 2070
  cleave to the things of this world, 86
  combine to give fetes, found seminaries, build churches, 99
  dreams of these earlier generations of A., 621
  feel threatened by runaway technology, 16
  generation of A. has a rendezvous with destiny, 1607
  hurry after some new delight, 86
  I want them [Adam and Eve] to be A., 1259
  little A., 72
  most creative statesmen in modern history, 1622
  never quit, 80
  Put none but A. on guard tonight, 1629
  recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven, 53
  truths to the Americans’ attention, 362
  [unwillingness] to identify themselves with something as vast as the United States, 50
  We [England] do not intend to part from the A., 531
  when they die, go to Paris, 75
  whether A. are to be Freemen, or Slaves, 1627America’s
  conquests are made with the plowshare, 2045
  everlasting, living dream, 67
  finest hours, 1884
  One of A. most priceless assets is … idealism, 2096Amnesty
  Thou Shalt Demand A. for Them, 441Amplification
  is the vice of modern oratory, 1283Anarchy
  is anarchy, 1895
  is loosed upon the world, 454
  where does a. exist, 1623Ancestors
  barbarous a., 178
  never boast, 121
  remember your a., 1732
  toils, and sufferings, and blood of their a., 63Anchor
  sail, and not drift, not lie at a., 5
  Your constitution is all sail and no a., 334Angel
  mother, 1225
  of light compared to that of man, 1457Angels
  If a. were to govern men, 739
  If men were a., 739
  ten a. swearing I was right would make no difference, 110, 1490Angle
  of vision, 1086Anglo-Americans
  two great nations in the world … the Russians and the A., 2045Angry
  refuse to become frustrated and a., 524
  When a., count ten, before you speak, 1116Animal
  political a., 1390
  soft spot in their heart for an a., 90Animals, 8990
  all a. are equal, but some a. are more equal than others, 553Animosity
  pretext for still deeper hatred and a., 224Annihilation
  triumph of scientific a., 1258Anno Domini, 1569Annoying
  to be honest to no purpose, 862Answer
  comes from the graves of our fathers, 506
  What is the a., 989Antarctic
  some men are stationed in the A., 1092Antarctica
  “off limits” to military preparations, 1739Antichrist
  is he who turns the wine of an original idea into the water of mediocrity, 874Anti-Semitism, 166Anvil
  be an a.—or a hammer, 494Apathy
  to dependence, 1238Apes
  like friendly a.,… pick the fleas from each other’s fur, 2079Appeal
  no successful a. from the ballot to the bullet, 1903Appears
  to have appeared to me then, 1263Appointed
  course with all speed, 1439
  swift completion of their a. rounds, 1439Appointments
  cabinet a., chargeships and foreign missions, 1313
  do not promise to consider race or religion in my a. 1577
  short duration of their a., 765Appomattox Court House, inscription, 223Appropriation
  of public money is always perfectly lovely until some one is asked to pay the bill, 797Appropriations
  votes for all a., 299Approve
  I do not at present a., but I am not sure I shall never a., 321Archers
  prudent a.,… take an aim much higher than their mark, 825Architect
  of decay, 184
  would you consent to be the a. on those conditions?, 432Architects
  of consummate skill and fidelity, 63
  one of the greatest of English a., 458Architecture, 9194
  aims at eternity, 93
  has its Political use, 93
  worth great attention, 92Are
  begin where you a., 817
  By how much we know, so much we a., 1086
  conjecture where we now a., 1286
  If we could first know where we a., 936
  what we a. and what we hope to be, 418
  what we a. is what becomes of us, 1676
  what you a. stands over you, 186Arena
  Bullfight critics row on row / Crowd the vast a. full, 14
  Caesar and Christ had met in the a., 206
  cattle of the political a., 1566
  for men from the West and men from the East, 1366
  man … in the a., 10
  met upon the a., 1019
  of life one may meet the challenge of courage, 355
  political a., 494, 1566Aristocracy
  monied a., 101Aristocrat
  in morals as in mind, 188Aristocratic
  colors breaking through, 64Arizona
  When I come back to A., 298Arlington National Cemetery, inscriptions
  Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 7, 77, 516, 661, 769770, 1066
  Kennedy, Robert Francis, 8, 1864, 1995
  Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1734Arm
  yourselves, 402Armament
  must be adequate to the needs, 409
  tremendously deadly a., 1538Armaments
  deplore expenditure on a., 784
  world-wide reduction of a., 655Armchair generals, 1928Armed
  might is worthless if we lack the brain power to build a world of peace, 493Armies
  All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, 406
  number itself in a. importeth not much, 1176Arms
  clash of resounding a., 1061
  not as a call to bear a., though a. we need, 516
  not willing to bear a., 1191
  world in a. is not spending money alone, 403Army
  attend to all the details of the a., 1180
  Courage and Conduct of this a., 1627
  discipline, more than numbers, 1182
  general was doing more for victory by writing a poem than … by commanding an a., 1589
  General Officers of this a., [make me] tremble, 1184
  it won’t be a bit like the A., 1514
  No a. has ever done so much with so little, 2060
  of monkeys, 2076
  only difference between a mob and a trained a. is organization, 1375
  trusted for their defence to a mercenary a., 1647
  See also Military affairs; Military service; SoldiersAroma
  is mixed with the grosser air, 1228Art
  minimal the a., 95
  of politics, 1422
  of self-government, 1425
  processes and fulfillments of a., 98
  study the works of a. and literature, 658Artist
  imaginative a., 2082Artistic
  standards of a. accomplishment, 96Arts, 9598
  advancement of the a., 1532
  [architecture] among the most important a., 92
  progress in the a., 97
  reward achievement in the a., 96Ashamed
  doing something he is a. of, 472Ashes
  burn my body to a., 1638
  mother’s a., 1067
  new national life springs greenly, luxuriantly, from their a., 1594Asia
  All the armies of Europe, A., and Africa, 406
  American frontier has been on the coasts of … A., 2064
  cultures of A., 182
  if we lose the war to communism in A., 247
  In A., the masses now count for something, 1618
  land war in A., 1887
  peoples of A. … can destroy it piece by piece, 1927
  See also Vietnam ConflictAsian
  Western nations and the A. peoples, 235Ask
  counsel of both times, 1997
  Life … gives you what you a., 1099
  not just what government will do for me, 771
  not what I intend to offer … what I intend to a., 769
  not what your country can do for you, 769
  ourselves what we can do for our country, 768
  What can I do for my city, 767
  what can I do for myself, 771
  what you can do for your country, 769Asleep
  one-third of the world is a. at any given time, 2037
  See also Sleep; SleepingAsphalt
  You could cover the whole world with a., 542Ass
  law is a a., 1002Assassination
  recourse was had to a., 891Assateague Island, 308Assets
  one of America’s most priceless a. is … idealism, 2096Assistance
  to foreign lands should be curtailed, 795Association
  in the United States you are sure to find an a., 99Associations, 99Astor, Nancy Witcher (Langhorne) (1879–1964), 2004Asylum
  too large to be an a., 1969Atavistic
  barbaric and a. forces will stand in awe, 1861Atheist
  could not be as great a military leader, 1729Athenian
  citizen does not neglect the state, 1552
  not an a…., but a citizen of the world, 216Athenian Oath, 100Athenians, 1404Athens
  greatest and richest of all cities, 1022
  possessed of great wealth and riches in which all citizens had a right to share, 643
  there will not be different laws at Rome and at A., 1000Atlanta Journal, 1244Atom
  beginning to imagine the force and composition of the a., 111Atomic
  brink of a. war, 1657
  Effect of the A. Bomb, 125
  first a. bomb, 123
  hydrogen bomb releases a greater amount of energy, 126
  powerful [a.] bombs of a new type, 124
  secret of a. energy does not belong to America, 1254
  worst is a. war, 403
  See also Bombs and bombingAtrophy
  slow a. of a life, 183Attitude
  awareness of the public a., 1406
  in an American citizen, 1507Attlee, Clement Richard, Earl (1883–1967), 1276Auntie Mame, 1094Australia
  from Corregidor to A., 2059Authority
  bow to no a., 1748
  corruption by a., 1443
  Dress’d in a little brief a., 1159
  struggle between Liberty and A., 1071Autobiographies
  Great nations write their a., 1236Autocracy
  save the people from a., 789Automaton
  Man is about to be an a, 1144Automobiles, 108Average
  American, 83Avowal
  abject, squalid, shameless a., 2089Awaken
  a sleeping giant, 2069Away
  this, too, shall pass a., 1221Babies
  If a legislature decided that all blue-eyed b. should be murdered, 1040Baby
  is God’s opinion that life should go on, 1100Back
  All that we send … comes b. into our own [lives], 136
  struck it [dagger] into the b., 113Bacon, Sir Francis (1561–1626), 119